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School Sucks BUT...
Education is important. Grades are definitely an indicator as to what kind of student you are but they don't define your success.
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Reasons Why You're Single
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Are you single and ready to minggg... er i mean laugh about it? Here are some reasons you might be playing hard to get w/o even knowing. Stalk Me: ig: swoozie TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@swoozieftw Art by: Bandit Additional art by: Zeurel Zeurel Song by: OSRSBeatz plclip.com/video/HbbGCld47mA/wideo.html&start_radio=1&rv=Yh5um9M7Xzs His channel: wwwi.plclip.com/user/OSRSBe...
Rating Celebrities I've Met pt.2
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Rating my encounters after meeting the cast of Stranger Things, Back to the Future, some rappers, and a football player. Stalk Me: ig: swoozie Art by Bandit: xbandit210 Thumbnail by Zeurel Zeurel
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Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle of entanglement: (relation)ships disappear- some resurface, some don't. Stalk Me: ig: swoozie Threads: www.threads.net/@swoozie Art by: Senor Bandit Thumbnail by Zeurel Zeurel The Ryu art in the back I got from: two.five.d?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA The jacket and pants are sold out. The shoes are: Nike Blazer Mid Off-White All...
Roommate Drama
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Stalk Me: ig: swoozie Art by: Bandit Thumbnail by Zeurel Zeurel
Reasons Why Girls Ghost
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When you start dating, hide and seek becomes a game called ghosting... only nobody comes to find you. Stalk Me: ig: swoozie TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@swoozieftw Art by: Bandit
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A candid look at some of the complications that come along with modern relationships. Stalk Me: ig: swoozie Art by: Bandit Thumbnail by: Zeurel Wardrobe: poshmark.com/listing/Disney-Expression-Zip-up-Jacket-641f0af032c1dcddd56df476?campaign_id=19859818241&ad_partner=google&gskid=pla-1980677371179&gcid=651902656459&ggid=150099867591&gdid=m&g_network=g&enable_guest_buy_...
🚩5 Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore When Dating Someone New
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Stalk Me: ig: swoozie Art by: Bandit Background song: "The Builder" by Kevin MacLeod Mystery Link: plclip.com/video/79sYmxCWQQc/wideo.html
Overthinkers be like...
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Stalk Me: ig: swoozie Art by: Bandit Thumbnail by: Zeurel Outro song: On Top of the World // Harry Gettings plclip.com/video/pKWgnOkJS44/wideo.html Mystery link: plclip.com/video/luQSQuCHtcI/wideo.html
Disney Cast Member Party at Vista Way
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Disney Cast Member Party at Vista Way
Main Character Energy
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Main Character Energy
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Problematic People
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Problematic People
Strip Club Situation
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Strip Club Situation
Simpin' IS Easy!
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Simpin' IS Easy!
My Tinder Story
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My Tinder Story
Chat Rooms 👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨
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Chat Rooms 👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨
Girlfriend Fights
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Girlfriend Fights
Worst Theme Park "trip" EVER
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Worst Theme Park "trip" EVER
My first Music Festival
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My first Music Festival
Australian Girl Gamer
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Australian Girl Gamer
Anti-Social Club
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Anti-Social Club
Fast and Curious 3
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Fast and Curious 3
School Bully 2
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School Bully 2
Why she doesn't like you back...
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Why she doesn't like you back...
Confessions of a Disney Employee 3
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Confessions of a Disney Employee 3
Rating Celebrities I've met at Parties/Events
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Rating Celebrities I've met at Parties/Events
Toxic Relationship Signs
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Toxic Relationship Signs
Confessing my Embarrassing L's
wyświetleń 3M2 lat temu
Confessing my Embarrassing L's
Simpin' ain't Pimpin'
wyświetleń 8M2 lat temu
Simpin' ain't Pimpin'


  • @malikmiller4059
    @malikmiller4059 23 godzin temu

    bro i eat EVERYTHING and still dont get fat like whaaaatttttttttt

  • @matthewhiebert694
    @matthewhiebert694 Dzień temu

    It kinda looks like cheating😅

  • @mintdoo5137
    @mintdoo5137 Dzień temu

    Bros eating a leaf

  • @idunno7989
    @idunno7989 Dzień temu

    Im single cuz why the fuck would i want to be in a realtionship

  • @goldensnail8849
    @goldensnail8849 Dzień temu

    As someone who is is nursing school and stressed about the NCLEX thank you swoozie for the love

  • @caycemccarthy3714
    @caycemccarthy3714 Dzień temu

    For real! 🥲

  • @parker6589
    @parker6589 Dzień temu


  • @parker6589
    @parker6589 Dzień temu


  • @parker6589
    @parker6589 Dzień temu


  • @pr0l0gue
    @pr0l0gue Dzień temu

    I’mma be real with you Swooz, anybody would think it understandably likely that you were ABOUT to open those Cheez-Its but just didn’t get to them in time. Should have left them where they were. Party foul buddy, love ya tho

  • @sigpi222
    @sigpi222 Dzień temu

    Fudge Rounds and Oatmeal Creme pies sold for $.25/ea in the cafeteria.. boxes of 8 were $.79 at the grocery store. I walked past the grocery store every day to get to school. I could easily sell 6 boxes/day by being willing to walk around to the tables so kids didn't have to go wait in line. $5 for the supplies, $12 gross sales, $7/day profit.. for maybe half hour of work, as a middle schooler in the 90s. It's all about finding the hustle.

  • @moonstonepearl21
    @moonstonepearl21 Dzień temu

    Especially when I was younger, I was that thin girl with the fast metabolism, always eating a ton of food.

  • @ditzydoo0560
    @ditzydoo0560 Dzień temu

    Your dog literally like Alcatraz escaped her way out of the laundry room bruh…

  • @SourSensei
    @SourSensei Dzień temu

    Judgement Day more like Ass Whopping Day for me. So I learn to hack it frfr

  • @alfredychicken9370
    @alfredychicken9370 Dzień temu

    Studying is a waste of time. Haven’t studied once since 6th grade

  • @Darkwolf651
    @Darkwolf651 Dzień temu


  • @Shadowdemo
    @Shadowdemo Dzień temu


  • @ringadingdong4198
    @ringadingdong4198 Dzień temu


  • @EditorYeetmidas
    @EditorYeetmidas Dzień temu

    I’m just living the dream

  • @ryansitxdxdyyxffxfxhdxxdxb4603

    Ronnie is my dad‘s name

  • @ajaraeriggins124
    @ajaraeriggins124 Dzień temu

    High school grades don't matter unless you're going to college. However, elementary through high school definitely matters because it is the bare minimum, and if you can't do that, you can't handle life.🤷🏾‍♀️

  • @Slantt
    @Slantt Dzień temu

    I dont think ive ever had lower than a B on a report card and still have insane stress with anything report card related 😭

  • @Not.Creative
    @Not.Creative Dzień temu

    “Myles who’s the rock paper scissors champeen? WHO IS THE *C* *H* *A* *M* *P* *E* *E* *N* ? ME.”

  • @LotusFlowerBmb
    @LotusFlowerBmb Dzień temu

    And don't forget to trust Jesus! 🙌🏽🤗 Whatever path you find yourself on on the way to the 10, He's got you! 1000% ✨❤

  • @jeylidonis543
    @jeylidonis543 Dzień temu

    Do yk how much you’re helping kids and adults mentally

  • @christinastepanian7064

    Thank you sWooZie <3

  • @flightmode2x
    @flightmode2x Dzień temu

    What that girl said is not true at all, people only tell themselves things like that when they’re failing. Grades obviously do matter🤦🏾🤦🏾

  • @jerica2432
    @jerica2432 Dzień temu

    School is only designed for one or two types of students. So anyone that learns differently is just left behind.

  • @Monks-wx1sn
    @Monks-wx1sn Dzień temu

    The skinny one is me

  • @jansebek5971
    @jansebek5971 Dzień temu

    School should teach us how to process information first, information itself second or in combination with the first.

  • @SKippySounds
    @SKippySounds Dzień temu

    In the 8th grade I remember crying to my science teacher because I failed on a test I studied really hard for. Shit hurts

  • @_Woo
    @_Woo Dzień temu

    Damn I hope karma doesn't give her a doctor who flunked out of med school.

  • @skhumbuzogumede6694

    Shoutout Swoozie all the way from South Africa 🔥 please post more often

  • @matejancsek
    @matejancsek Dzień temu

    These open mouth cartoons not really my fav. they look weird

  • @jonassch4223
    @jonassch4223 Dzień temu

    the way a lot of people think its okay to ghost anyone is the worst to happen to human interaction, except for the invention of social media, ofc Just talk to the people around you, tell them whats on your mind and what your reasons are!

  • @anthonyalarcon4965
    @anthonyalarcon4965 Dzień temu

    Awesome and Encouraging words of encouragement of love and care!

  • @oniyasmith4717
    @oniyasmith4717 Dzień temu

    Swoozie really went and dropped some nuggets on us. Appreciate you so much!

  • @LeTrioMen
    @LeTrioMen Dzień temu

    damn I've been watching you since I was 13 and you still blend comedy and philosophy in unique and subtle ways that still resonates with 23 y.o. me. your content is a testament to your consistency and dedication and love for this

  • @roastedbeanz149
    @roastedbeanz149 Dzień temu

    I don’t need this video when I have a mirror,

  • @Cedarium
    @Cedarium Dzień temu

    Lowest effort video in a while bruh

  • @keepitfashion
    @keepitfashion Dzień temu

    🇹🇹🇹🇹 telling a Trini mom Grades don't matter 😭😭😭😭 cutass

  • @chrissyr8387
    @chrissyr8387 Dzień temu

    The one thing about test especially math and science ones that will never not piss me off. Is the fact we had test WITHOUT THE FORMUKAS WRITTEN DOWN. If you have a test with 20 different formulas...there's no way in hell you can remember them all. The point of the test is should be to see if you know how to use the formulas themselves. Not go through the ridiculous challenge if remembering the formula off the top of ur head. Also the whole bs teachers say that no job or college professor gives you the formulas you have to know them ahead of time. Yeah total lie. Open book and note tests throughout college. Heck one class used a program that each question also provided the formula they wanted to use. Any task given to you during the training period or and new task the employer requires that has a formula has to be provided. So that part of tests is totally ridiculous.

  • @chellastation
    @chellastation Dzień temu

    Doctors work very hard ⚕️🙏

  • @green_eyed_goblin
    @green_eyed_goblin Dzień temu

    Hate those days so much that test day and the book is not shows that same on the test

  • @narognossrep401
    @narognossrep401 Dzień temu

    How about society stops assuming success only comes with gaining capital. To me, a successfull person is someone who practice unconditional love. Takes care of their own mental and physical well being AND THEN take care of others physical and mental well being. Someone whos passionate about actually something rather than wanting more monkey papper (i.e. Helping People, providing needed product and services. Creating art. Etc). Thats some stuff a successfull person has TO ME

  • @The_Real_Slender
    @The_Real_Slender Dzień temu

    Advice you can not be aurgument against girlfriend.Youncan be an argument ignoring her

  • @The_Real_Slender
    @The_Real_Slender Dzień temu

    Whats summers instagram 😂😂😂

  • @Go-T0-Profile3
    @Go-T0-Profile3 Dzień temu

    My mom once called me down to the living room after reading my report card in grade 4, when i got down she gave me the biggest death stare but then went IM SO PROUD OF YOUUU and I got a hug. Biggest feeling of relief in my damn life.

  • @stxrshipdesigns
    @stxrshipdesigns Dzień temu

    Studying and failing is bad? How about studying and failing by 1 point, currently doing ged and math did that to me twice 😭🤚🏻

  • @Brant1995
    @Brant1995 Dzień temu