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Komentarze • 3,8K

  • @1rk1n
    @1rk1n Rok temu +1926

    I only check the internet for New episodes of Better Call Saul, Raised by Wolves & Swoozie vids.

  • @Psych2go
    @Psych2go Rok temu +2550

    More of these videos pls! :)

    • @wolfofumbra8332
      @wolfofumbra8332 Rok temu +41

      Yo!!!! Hi!!!

    • @tbelj
      @tbelj Rok temu +8


    • @Plexi84
      @Plexi84 Rok temu +45

      Yoo what you doing here

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +546

      Really appreciate the tip Psych! I had something else planned for this vid and now u guys want more… decisions decisions

    • @packnetadaija
      @packnetadaija Rok temu +10

      Oh snap look at you! It’s so random seeing you here

  • @joeclark6413
    @joeclark6413 Rok temu +2473

    you know I think swoozie's dating problems largely come down to the fact that he constantly dates people that have to get a flight just to see him again, this man cannot do long-distance

    • @dannyboyzuniga9378
      @dannyboyzuniga9378 Rok temu +198

      As my grandfather used to say, “Amor de lejos amor de pendejos.”

    • @Jkizzle
      @Jkizzle Rok temu +25

      @@dannyboyzuniga9378 beautiful

    • @dwightPhoenix
      @dwightPhoenix Rok temu +8

      I agree. Said the same thing

    • @dwightPhoenix
      @dwightPhoenix Rok temu +21

      @sWooZie You should focus on finding someone nearrerererere to you location. That's how I got my wife bro.

    • @brolydlegend1102
      @brolydlegend1102 Rok temu +6

      @@dannyboyzuniga9378 Your grandfather was a wise man.

  • @lalalalaaAa123
    @lalalalaaAa123 Rok temu +1201

    This is a perfect example of why "situationships" don't work. If she's not your official girlfriend, she has no reason to be loyal. If he's not your official boyfriend, he has every right to entertain other women! If you like her enough to feel jealousy, ask her to be your exclusive girlfriend. If you don't, a "Damian" will come around and do it first 😩

    • @gabrielcutler631
      @gabrielcutler631 Rok temu +29

      learned that and agree

    • @3dler954
      @3dler954 Rok temu +9

      Wise words Nikki

    • @spacetacos7574
      @spacetacos7574 Rok temu +6

      Words of the saints advice right there damn that was facts

    • @Gh0stFaceSplitta
      @Gh0stFaceSplitta Rok temu +3

      True to an extent. Like swooz said he did have a girlfriend and the same thing happened🤷🏾‍♂️

  • @ELISHA690
    @ELISHA690 Rok temu +150

    10 years later and Swoozie is still dealing with the exact same woman problems😂😂😂😂😂

  • @TheTalkingT-rex
    @TheTalkingT-rex Rok temu +1516

    I don't have any friends to talk about these girl/relationship stuff. So whenever I watch a Swoozie upload, it lowkey kinda makes you feel like you're there, listening to the actual conversation IRL.

    • @Gold-Entertainment
      @Gold-Entertainment Rok temu +14

      I'll be your friend, one piece style.

    • @Mikoto13
      @Mikoto13 Rok temu +7

      You know girls can be friends too

    • @jeremiahjeffery4587
      @jeremiahjeffery4587 Rok temu

      Chasing women is crazy I understand when u simp is SAD and u become desperate this happened to Me during the events leading to prom I dame their got played by three fine girls two at work and one at school they played me but still wanted to star at me eventhough they had boyfriends my cousin said if they look at u that want u that just ain't it though I literally blew this girl phone thought she was going to be my prom date and it felt like I ended up developing feelings for her because I still continue to think about her to this day I will however get over her when I can and to think they have boyfriends I feel bad I did that to her that's I decided to stop chasing women because of that because I get desperate and sad over someone I wasn't going to get then when I say I don't want women I'm gay but little do they know I ain't gonna get hurt I don't wish anyone to get hurt like I did or played like I did it isn't worth it

    • @ZeroiusProduction
      @ZeroiusProduction Rok temu

      @@Mikoto13 what, no way

  • @ghettoazn4628
    @ghettoazn4628 Rok temu +72

    Hey Swoozie you’ve literally made me actually get out of bed and do morning routines and get over anxiety, you be giving us advice but for me your helping me get over with morning routines, Keep up the great work Swooz!

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +18


    • @ambivert1749
      @ambivert1749 8 miesięcy temu +1

      I exactly know what you mean. I love that for you 🥰

  • @Coupi
    @Coupi Rok temu +7942

    swoozie is that one guy not in a relationship that everyone goes to for relationship advice

    • @Hi_411
      @Hi_411 Rok temu +145

      That’s me bro it’s so annoying but I like to help ppl with their problems

    • @christopherantoine9657
      @christopherantoine9657 Rok temu +123

      That is me I’m like red skull I guide people to a treasure I can’t possess

    • @hypergogeta_7822
      @hypergogeta_7822 Rok temu +7


    • @Purplel0tuss
      @Purplel0tuss Rok temu +7


    • @sean8852
      @sean8852 Rok temu +8

      here before this comments gets 1000 likes

  • @TheDebater94
    @TheDebater94 Rok temu +465

    So not to sound mean... but I first became a fan of swoozie back in 2011 when my high-school girl friend broke up with me. I thought his relationship stories and advice were so insightful and relatable.
    11 years later, I'm married with a child. And Swoozie seems to still be having the same relational issues.
    I'm not saying you need to settle Swooze, but maybe it's time to start dating women, instead of girls.

    • @Guestownedu
      @Guestownedu Rok temu +123

      he goes for very attractive women that can attract alot of men just like him, seems like they just use him for attention.
      You're right, he should stop going for attractive girls that are in their prime finessing men and stop thinking ''I wanna find someone who likes me back for me and I like them for them.'' That's very rarely if ever going to happen.
      He's very successful and has done extremely well for himself, but his approach at dating is just horrendous, I don't think he knows how women think and their psychology.

    • @bobertyang7606
      @bobertyang7606 Rok temu +22

      you're married with a child? sus bro (jk I know what you mean)

    • @KingBobXVI
      @KingBobXVI Rok temu +100

      That, and also locality. Most of his dating stories involve a flight and extended texting from a long distance.

    • @valeriealessia6618
      @valeriealessia6618 Rok temu +44

      I think it’s more of his Internet personality 😂 plus less people would watch a guy making cartoons about being married with kids I guess? Not sure tho

    • @lenc3231
      @lenc3231 Rok temu +68

      Pretty much the same, I found him years ago when I had no real experience with women and Swooize was like this door to this other world. Then I grew up, realized women are people and there are people that care about you and people that don't and you find that out through friends, family, coworkers and past relationships. Then you start making smarter choices.
      I'm in a long term relationship and we have our issues but we don't have "drama".
      It kind of makes me sad seeing him still have these problems, it's like he hasn't made any real change in this part of his life. This is something I wish would get addressed. He's having the same issues as he did a decade ago. There's something he's not letting go of or realizing and it's pretty sad.

  • @cloverhollister
    @cloverhollister Rok temu +200

    Just to put out there, there are actual good wholesome women out there …. yes they do exist. being honest, real and vulnerable is one of the greatest strengths to ever have.. knowing the type of character you are and what you want in someone definitely helps with healthy boundaries, etc. super cheesy, but be true to you and know what kind of company you want around, makes all the difference

    • @ItsGooseIsland
      @ItsGooseIsland Rok temu +6

      This is terrible advice bro I can't even hold you

    • @Nymess
      @Nymess Rok temu +15

      @@ItsGooseIsland how? u trippin

    • @XHaloMaster345X
      @XHaloMaster345X Rok temu +25

      @@ItsGooseIsland You sound traumatized. Heal.

    • @Yamichou
      @Yamichou Rok temu +12

      Great advice for men and women-anyone- because if you truly know what you want and what you deserve you will NOT ever settle for less. You can be vulnerable and honest and upfront but the millisecond you feel you can't trust the other person you're investing in it is time to move on! Respect yourself 1st and the rest will follow

    • @KingBobXVI
      @KingBobXVI Rok temu +4

      @@ItsGooseIsland - it's fine general advice. Being open and vulnerable is important, but the timing is also important. Don't be weak when she needs you to be strong, and don't be shut off and closed down when she needs you to be open.
      At any rate though, Swoozie's problem seems to come much more from the fact that he near exclusively dates girls who need to take a flight to see him again. Dating within your county, state, or at least country would help.

  • @elijah2596
    @elijah2596 Rok temu +201

    as soon as she said “its been a year i’m still not completely over my ex” i would have been out SO FAST

    • @Kaidez
      @Kaidez Rok temu +2

      yeah exactly

    • @vivasoloidol
      @vivasoloidol Rok temu +10

      She will punish you for not being someone else. Men, respect who you are.

  • @Brem_Hydeist
    @Brem_Hydeist Rok temu +562

    Swoozie: "so i meet this gurl..."
    Me: *starts giggling while grabbing my dinner*
    Narrator voice in my head:
    Oh shit, here we go again ..

  • @missmagenta4978
    @missmagenta4978 Rok temu +26

    I've watched your PLclip for, like....11 years. And you still give that positive comforting vibe that helps my anxiety melt away. Thank you for bringing a smile to this night shift nurse aides' face! :D

  • @bassfishingspecialist8976

    Swoozie ain't ever been caught lacking with his fits, they on point every time

  • @tevinanarchy774
    @tevinanarchy774 Rok temu +307

    Even someone as big as Swoozie has relationship issues like this. Eye opening.
    Swoozie seems to have both forgotten some of his past advice and needs to be willing to confront more and get into arguments if needed. He keeps trying to act okay and push on but he tells us openly his heart hurts. He needs to let go of his reluctance to confrontation.

    • @busyrand
      @busyrand Rok temu +12

      That, and break the playful touch barrier early on. Plan out his telephone and in person conversations to include stories that involve adult situations. Make seggual innuendos because you need to be clear that you are a full grown adult and women need to serve a full purpose if they are around you. Never hesitate to kiss the girl once you've established rapport and you've already touched each other comfortably. Pace things so that the escalation takes two steps forward, then one step back. Show involvement with other women. Establish an expectation that she needs to be beneficial to you and have the ability to do things simply because you asked her to do it. Limit your verbal compliments to one per day and tell her when she's earned it, and that the rest is downhill from there... Learn female intimate anatomy and have a proven system of how to get the results you wish to have behind closed doors... Just a few things I had to learn the hard way cuz women expect you be proficient at this stuff and they don't want to teach you.

    • @beachesandcream27
      @beachesandcream27 Rok temu +45

      @@busyrand yikes. I can’t speak for all other women but this is not the way

    • @masochistic_lele4414
      @masochistic_lele4414 Rok temu +4

      I’m going to say something controversial I don’t think Swoozie is “looks”attractive like he has money he has popularity he looks like he smells good. But his looks doesn’t work and if you’re trying to find girls in places like LA Miami party cities is all about looks most of the time and if it’s about money you have to have a lot of it.
      Because realistically everybody got money in LA

    • @thelegacyofgaming2928
      @thelegacyofgaming2928 Rok temu +4

      @@masochistic_lele4414 Yea, he doesn't have the "bad boy" look. No tats or rough around the edges look

    • @machinaowl910
      @machinaowl910 Rok temu +15

      @@busyrand These are all incredibly huge red flags. No one needs to go to THIS much effort for you whether your a guy or girl.

  • @Eskyler
    @Eskyler Rok temu +637

    Life tip for both guys and girls: if the person randomly brings up someone without any reason that’s who they will mess with or leave you for. You’re welcome

    • @senorbongo4975
      @senorbongo4975 Rok temu +106

      She’s gonna cheat on me with her nephew? Damn 😔

    • @captsnuggles9224
      @captsnuggles9224 Rok temu +62

      dude this literally happened to me, we were just chilling watching a movie and she brings up this random guys ig dm cause she thought it was funny and I was lol what a goofy guy hitting on you, we broke up 3 weeks later then 1 week later she's with him LOL

    • @GhostOfZion
      @GhostOfZion Rok temu

      Facts bro, needed this FDB 😤

    • @mateozavala1444
      @mateozavala1444 Rok temu +2

      Ain’t this the truth😐

    • @echovecho5724
      @echovecho5724 Rok temu +11

      Damn she gonna cheat with her dead relative damn g 😭😭😭

  • @OurKindofEntertainment

    Man, your cousin gave you a Kevin Samuels-like message when it comes to knowing your 'value' and it was on point! I love it!

  • @jesseashton1269
    @jesseashton1269 Rok temu +286

    "Sometimes you have to be a lion to be the lamb you really are"
    I think this better applies to gentler dudes to remind them that you gotta stick up for yourself sometimes, so ppl don't take advantage of your kindness, I don't like being confrontational, but that's sometimes necessary in order to send a message that your boundaries have to be respected, and I'd rather be respected than nice

    • @yokoandkamina4837
      @yokoandkamina4837 Rok temu +3

      This is so true.👍💯 You will not get what you want out of a relationship if its not reciprocal

    • @idunnodoyou
      @idunnodoyou Rok temu +2

      Ay the first time I heard that was from Dave Chappelle quoting his mother in an acceptance speech. Is that what you're also quoting or is that a common turn of phrase ? lol

    • @spacetacos7574
      @spacetacos7574 Rok temu +1

      Definitely what I would class swoozie as back in the day of these stories

    • @jesseashton1269
      @jesseashton1269 Rok temu

      @@idunnodoyou yessir I got that from Dave Chappelle lol love that quote

  • @Queef_Storm
    @Queef_Storm 8 miesięcy temu +1

    Swoozie chooses the women he chooses purely for their looks and then gladly ignores all the red flags.

  • @Plexi84
    @Plexi84 Rok temu +1336

    Swoozie out here giving us real life advice that will stick. Keep up the amazing work!

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +173

      Sending the elevator back down to you!

    • @Taxevader777
      @Taxevader777 Rok temu +6

      Thank you I don’t like walking

    • @pocketmon4509
      @pocketmon4509 Rok temu +5

      Nah dude. 100000% sure she was clapping her ex while she made this dude wait 😂

  • @cacjad
    @cacjad Rok temu +40

    Swoozie is the type of man to let you know even of his simp situations. Swoozie, This is absolutely so comforting to hear that even you go through this. You’re the best!

  • @galre7702
    @galre7702 Rok temu +59

    I'm feeling you swooze honestly. I just kinda roll with the flow or energy put out now. Never be afraid to pull back. If the person pulls back, you just roll with it and get on with your life. Gotta keep those emotional attachments in check. Makes life and social shit easier tbh. Full jumping and investing can be addicting because your hit your brain with all these chemicals, but you gotta remember, that's just you making yourself feel that way, based on the other person.

    • @MorphinGaming
      @MorphinGaming Rok temu +2

      This has been me for the past year and it’s been easy to let shit go now. Had multiple situations where I felt people pull away and instead of attaching myself and trying harder to make it stay like I would 10 times out of 10, I just let it be and it feels better honestly

  • @islamhassan7337
    @islamhassan7337 3 miesięcy temu +1

    Nothing makes me laugh more than your videos

  • @rpgreseller
    @rpgreseller Rok temu +3

    Mad credit for being so wholesome. I think that matters, and for the right person, it's going to win them over.
    Don't do long distance relationships.

  • @kaniday9438
    @kaniday9438 Rok temu +2

    As a lady who has been Team Swoozie™ for almost 10 years now (gosh!) I think your friend gave some good advice. So important to know your value, and always approach every situation with respect and compassion. Life is messy and we are all trying our best out here. I'm glad you had a genuine connection with that girl and I hope she finds what she is looking for, but I hope you can find someone that wants the same things you do soon! I love your stories, but the story I look forward to the most is the story of you getting that dream girl! Always rooting for you dude

  • @relm
    @relm Rok temu +2122

    When Swoozie shows up in the video, you know it's gonna be extra🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +269

      Playtime... OVER

    • @DopeDevastation
      @DopeDevastation Rok temu +30

      @@swoozie bro that "i don't have time for this" after getting called out hits to close to home 😔💔

    • @paulwaltersheherfeministvl521
      @paulwaltersheherfeministvl521 Rok temu

      NO, NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME! why should i waste my time at school? i am super famous on youtube. tell me, dear mike

    • @daddyyjoker692
      @daddyyjoker692 Rok temu

      @@DopeDevastation you don’t even know bro

    • @DopeDevastation
      @DopeDevastation Rok temu +3

      @@daddyyjoker692 oh ik, dealt with it so many times its unbelievable

  • @shadex3736
    @shadex3736 Rok temu +81

    If a girl tells you, she broke with her boyfriend a year ago and she hasn't gotten over it but expects you to be patient....RED FLAG!!!!!

    • @machinaowl910
      @machinaowl910 Rok temu +3

      It depends. If she was mistreated by her ex then you can't expect her to get over that sort of thing in a year. But I guess "im not over my ex" implies that there is some sort of lingering affection there?

    • @MsCatfish4
      @MsCatfish4 Rok temu +1

      They coulda been together a long time and been very close. U don’t know the situation

    • @Walker-ow7vj
      @Walker-ow7vj 10 miesięcy temu +5

      @@MsCatfish4 nah bro just find a dif gal

    @CHITUS Rok temu +1

    Swoozie is great at explaining his experiences to us in a way that we can relate and thats what makes me admire his content even more

  • @xFarce
    @xFarce Rok temu +1

    These are my favorite type of Swoozie vids, it's so personal but still hilariously relatable. Knowing your worth comes with no compromise! Great vid, hopefully we get more lmao

  • @motizukilucas
    @motizukilucas Rok temu +5

    His storytelling is out of this world

  • @nameunlisted002
    @nameunlisted002 Rok temu +2

    Y'know when i first saw this video i thought i'd be enjoying it for laughs but, damn did this hit closer to home than anything else. Almost exact same thing happened to me couple of months ago. She still to this day lingers in my mind, but, after hearing the ending i legitly broke into tears. Thankfully now i'm doin better, but i'm glad this acted as an eye-opener to me, maybe now this'll help me improve.

  • @AwkwardlyKatie
    @AwkwardlyKatie Rok temu +294

    I can't believe it's been 12 years I've been watching this MAN. And I still get just as excited when he drops a video.

    • @Mimlou
      @Mimlou Rok temu +2

      Same!!! Lol

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +70

      I would ditch hanging out w/ co-workers at the pier for you Kate. Thanks for the years of support!

    • @Punkyemoking
      @Punkyemoking Rok temu

      Oh preach been there !

    • @Bino-zo8oj
      @Bino-zo8oj Rok temu +3

      Yea I just realized I've been watching since "High school Girls and Back rubs"😅😅

  • @paigehansen8944
    @paigehansen8944 Rok temu +3

    Man swooze you deserve better man best of luck to you!! I keep picking the wrong people too, at this point if I’m excited about someone I don’t bother cause clearly I’m always wrong lmao! I’ve been scammed out of money too many times now tbh

    • @paigehansen8944
      @paigehansen8944 Rok temu +1

      Oh good GOD I just got to the part of the video where swoozie starts throwing out PUA bs…. Maybe there’s a reason why you keep winding up with the wrong ones? Fuuuuuck damn dude RETHINK, RETHINK ITS NOT TOO LATE!

  • @shanikebeckford4489

    I came here looking to laugh and get my mind off some heavy stuff but I NEEDED to hear this. Always coming through with the facts Swoozie. Such a blessing 🙏

  • @alexanderredmon9210

    man swoozie is the man we all need to help create our image, and not to let things overwhelm us and bring us down, thanks for making this content and just voicing your opinion

  • @ladyalmathea7610
    @ladyalmathea7610 Rok temu +5

    I'll always be simping for you, Swoozie ;) I wish I could find a nice guy like you, who can make me smile and laugh and cheer me up on my worst days.

  • @jazjunaid9081
    @jazjunaid9081 Rok temu

    You're awesome and hilariously effortlessly funny 🤣

  • @tessyliz7062
    @tessyliz7062 Rok temu +605

    This man could make a trip to the grocery store sound interesting

    • @JayInTheGreen
      @JayInTheGreen Rok temu +4

      Alr Swoozie, you got a head start on what your next video gonna be about

    • @tessy4018
      @tessy4018 Rok temu +3

      Random but haven’t met someone else called Tessy before that’s cool

    • @theonlykjkng
      @theonlykjkng Rok temu

      Agreed 😂💯🔥

  • @sirbond400
    @sirbond400 Rok temu +102

    Me personally, wouldn’t of gone past the “I’m still not over my ex” I respectfully would have jus let her deal with that on her own time.

    • @meyeneetuks4680
      @meyeneetuks4680 8 miesięcy temu

      The minute thats leaves her mouth
      Recreational use only. No gf material

  • @sonic6714
    @sonic6714 Rok temu +2

    This is on point. I'm also gonna give advice too. This is bound to happen if you are out in the market of dating. So this isn't woman or man only..both sides can play this "game" which if any of them do this game they deserve to kick rocks. They are going to say along the lines of "I think we should see other people." When they do this accept it and agree, no emotion, no nothing. They'll do one of two things either they will 180, or they will separate. If they 180 and try to get you back you tell them to kick rocks. This game should not be played and if you are going to play it you deserve to kick all the rocks.

  • @c3p034
    @c3p034 Rok temu +3

    Swoozie, you always take care of everyone! When was the last time someone took YOU out on a date and paid for you? You deserve to be taken care of too !

  • @TommyTallNose
    @TommyTallNose Rok temu +5

    I love the new camera angle, Swoozie! Really gettin' experimental with it!

  • @mysticajacob6921
    @mysticajacob6921 Rok temu +5

    If you wanted some advice: You can't change the other person but you can change yourself. If they're doing sketch stuff that infringes on your boundaries, let them know and also honor your boundaries if they continue to infringe on them and let them know and if needed back out of that relation (whether romantic or platonic)

  • @ninjajack6457
    @ninjajack6457 Rok temu +337

    The day Swoozie gets a perfect mutual married relationship is the day the world gets the good ending and the credits roll

  • @tineraloves3943
    @tineraloves3943 Rok temu +25

    Honestly Swoozie, one of the reasons I enjoy watching your videos is because you are a nice guy. Your cousin’s advice is fine for someone who wants to hookup with alot of women but not for a guy looking to be in a committed relationship with one person. You may have to reevaluate your preference list. I know the right woman is out there for you. Good luck!

    • @isaacsmith6482
      @isaacsmith6482 Rok temu +1

      Not necessarily. Someone who wants to be in a committed relationship with one person does need to "know their value." In short, if they sense that they're not receiving the same amount of affection that they are giving, then they need to address that with their partner. The effort that one puts into a relationship (quantified by affection given) is going to strengthen *that person's* feelings in the relationship, *not* (consistently) their partner's. So both people need to be willing to put in effort. One person can't always be on the receiving end or they will get bored.

    • @MiaChanzz
      @MiaChanzz Rok temu +3

      @@isaacsmith6482 I think that the advice given by the cousin just really radiates that "Alpha male" mindset that's honestly just really toxic masculinity- of course it's good to know your value but the specific terms "high value" and "low value" male almost always pertain to this really toxic mindset, which is why I think OP is saying it's not good for long term relationships- Sorry if I couldn't explain properly I tried

    • @ItsGooseIsland
      @ItsGooseIsland Rok temu +3

      @@MiaChanzz And this is why you don't ask females for dating advice smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • @ItsGooseIsland
      @ItsGooseIsland Rok temu +2

      @@MiaChanzz But that's what you are...

  • @stargalacirose9133

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    Granted, all of this is what I see on the surface level and there's shit I don't see behind the scenes, but I felt this needs to be said and isn't said enough. Your content is amazing and I wish you the world~ 😊

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    • @filleswe91
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    • @cruetusnex
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      @@filleswe91 @Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet agree with both of you. It does seem that way. The advice was awful and definitely pushed incel energy.

    • @filleswe91
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      @@cruetusnex Yeah I had to do a double take on what he wrote. But anyone using the words "Rex" (king in Latin) or "King" the way he did is not based anywhere in reality. Almost like he believes he's above others, which never gives anyone any lasting healthy relationships with other human beings.

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    Understand that you will NEVER be good enough for the wrong person. Thinking like a lion means that you choose her second as you're primary. If I receive something so easy, I won't value it as much, but if I worked for it, I know not to play with it by throwing away something of high value.

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    And it's hard when you know you heard something fishy but instead of addressing it right then and there and letting whatever happens happen then, you just take it in that information in and either call them out on it at a later date or never.

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    • @mario125ww
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      @ROYALTYSWAG1 Rok temu


    • @jesseashton1269
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      At the very least I can respect that she was vocal about that before they became official, she's better than a lot of ppl who hide their baggage from their previous relationships.

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  • @missmel9246
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    She sounded toxic. If you gotta play games she's toxic. Not many but some chicks are like the nice guy in that scenario. I got there in my 20s like "I'm done all dudes are the same" then I met my guy. He was like me a nice person who was just looking for the one to settle down with. It was so refreshing how open & vulnerable we spoke. We appreciated each other's commitment. Toxic people get bored with people like us because toxic craves drama. And to us drama is exhausting. I literally drove away the 2 exes before my man because I wanted to work hard & save for a home to have kids in but they didn't want to grow up. And now when I tell you how much I love my Good Guy. It wouldn't even get to the "coworker gave me a massage" part because I literally don't want any attention from any dude. Don't want to be close buddies. And any friend of my dudes I treat like a distant bro, but all the while gushing annoyingly about my man. Maybe it's cause we're married, been together for 9 years, & are about to have our first child. But since the beginning even when dudes look at me in traffic I'm just staring straight ahead ignoring them like "Eww yeah right" because no dude could measure up to my man. We once had these friends who were also a couple but then later found out they were swingers & were interested in us. The second I realized they were trying to flirt with me I shut it down. Told my man, & had an awkward but honest talk with them. I hope you find a serious lady that doesn't want drama but just wants to genuinely get to know you & appreciate your time. I'm now looking for chick friends & it almost seems like dating back in my late teens-early 20s. Like they just want drunken drama at the club/bar & to bitch about everything & here I am like "I just want to chill & play video games but also I just want a nice girl to be friends with" but everybody has this competitive bad bitch energy that it's difficult finding a friend like me. So I kinda get it in a different way.

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    Communication is the key to any relationship, and it takes a level of maturity that (probably going to get a lot of downvotes for this) most people just don't have. It's hard to be fully open with a spouse, much less someone you just started dating. But that's what it takes to make things work, and most people would rather take the emotionally "easy" path of staying quiet or dancing around the other's feelings because we favor short-term payoffs over long-term ones. I wholly agree that just coming out and saying what happened, owning it, and moving on is the proper adult way to handle things.
    But I will say this: at first she might have been testing you (something that I wholly disagree with) and seeing if she can make you jealous, and then when you were cool with it and weren't physically there, she went along with this other dude's advances. Not saying it's your fault, but that's almost assuredly what happened.

    @SHAWNJX Rok temu +49

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    If I’ve learned one thing from the goat that is swooz is that we can wear our hearts on our sleeves but still radiate king behavior! It may hurt like hell but like swooz said don’t give them 100% if they give you 10%
    Know your worth and move on to better futures !:) thanks for reminding me bro you a real one !

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