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My Tinder Story

Umieść na stronie
  • Opublikowany 19 mar 2022
  • My attempt at online dating.
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Komentarze • 1,4K

  • @tsg2830
    @tsg2830 Rok temu +5048

    “You need to find a good girl on tinder” aged perfectly

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +859

      lolll as i was editing I thought the same exact thing

    • @Tommo3756
      @Tommo3756 Rok temu +22


    • @meow-vk7uq
      @meow-vk7uq Rok temu +73

      @@swoozie just wanted to say that your videos helped me cope through some depressing times in my life. You’re the best Swoozie

    • @lorel747
      @lorel747 Rok temu +10

      What do u mean

    • @abdulbabalola5255
      @abdulbabalola5255 Rok temu +61

      @@lorel747 sarcasm, there's like a 0.0000000000000000001% chance that you find a "good girl" on Tinder

  • @nonofyobusinessboi
    @nonofyobusinessboi Rok temu +1871

    I feel like Swoozie gets in these type of situations on purpose for the sake of these amazing story telling videos.

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +772

      Haven't had to 'do it for the vine' just yet. This one took a few years to finally have an ending so now I can share ^_^

    • @nonofyobusinessboi
      @nonofyobusinessboi Rok temu +53

      @@swoozie Sigma male grindset ❤️

    • @mattheston9132
      @mattheston9132 Rok temu +21

      @@swoozie I live in your walls

    • @phoneguy4637
      @phoneguy4637 Rok temu +8

      conspiracy confirmed...

    • @orakhoza325
      @orakhoza325 Rok temu +6

      @@swoozie what's up bro✌

  • @eggie1978
    @eggie1978 Rok temu +1905

    "If somebody wants to do something, they will find a way. If they don't want to do it, they'll find an excuse." - Swoozie 2022. Once again, good dating advice. Yo, when are you writing a book? Come on, man.

    • @raymondjames4594
      @raymondjames4594 Rok temu +29

      That’s good life advice in general tbh

    • @airforce1328
      @airforce1328 Rok temu +6

      So true.

    • @MercShanks
      @MercShanks Rok temu +28

      That’s a pretty common quote… Swoozie didn’t invent it haha

    • @MisaelMatute76
      @MisaelMatute76 Rok temu +15

      Considering he dates all this sketchy girls he shouldn't be giving advice 🤣

    • @xiguaw9566
      @xiguaw9566 Rok temu

      Your comment is so incisive

  • @phoneguy4637
    @phoneguy4637 Rok temu +2850

    "if somebody wants to do something, they will find a way. if they don't wanna do it, they will find an excuse.". bruh, my whole life experience with me hood put into one cool two-parter!

    • @ReniTube
      @ReniTube Rok temu +7


    • @fettuccinewater8992
      @fettuccinewater8992 Rok temu +5

      Omg that’s what happened to me most recently 🤦🏾‍♂️. This quote is powerful though.

    • @alexlovehall7796
      @alexlovehall7796 Rok temu +3

      Man this gem is real real

    • @VergilLover69
      @VergilLover69 Rok temu

      Bruh I don't use excuses. If I don't want to see someone I don't want to see them🤦🏿

    • @vaporeon987
      @vaporeon987 Rok temu


  • @blurplepie
    @blurplepie Rok temu +1164

    Even the phrase 'good girl on tinder' got me with a lil side snicker, lol. Great video, your friend who got a hubby on that app got lucky, that's all imma say. 😂

    • @kengy1991
      @kengy1991 Rok temu +15

      Exactly. The one couple I know that met on Tinder that got married got divorced after less than 3 years.

    • @abby1709
      @abby1709 Rok temu +16

      My husband and I met on tinder 😂 we’ve been together for 4 years now

    • @Murhuedur
      @Murhuedur Rok temu +5

      My fiance and I met on tinder! We've been together for about 2 and a half years. Engaged for a month

    • @jayclearmen411
      @jayclearmen411 Rok temu +4

      facts total sausage fest on there lol 90% of them gals…are there for attention validation an free food.. No 🧢 an that’s not count the *catfishes & Bots* am i right fellas…

    • @v6953
      @v6953 Rok temu +1

      I got lucky too 🍀

  • @DiutoAjoku
    @DiutoAjoku Rok temu +982

    I didn’t expect it to END the way it did... quite short lived
    Btw, appreciate you dropping a new video for us, Swoozie!💃🏾☺️

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +168

      Trying to be the citizen Gotham needs rn

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks Rok temu +636

    his storytelling is amazing

    • @greennumberthree
      @greennumberthree Rok temu +1

      he would be amazing writer for romantic movies or creating romance between characters in any type of movie or tv-show, not only because of his expierence and his empathy in understanding people... a lot of people have that... but solely because he's a great story teller.

    • @divyasree8835
      @divyasree8835 Rok temu


    • @dolatramgomani2670
      @dolatramgomani2670 Rok temu


    • @morellatovar4151
      @morellatovar4151 Rok temu +1


  • @christopherantoine9657

    I actually have much respect for people that can find a marriage on a dating app. Or any relationship at all.

    • @allisonlouie3624
      @allisonlouie3624 Rok temu +9

      Same. I feel like it's hard to find/connect with someone who actually wants a relationship online and not something else (i.e. a hookup or wanting to catfish someone else)

    • @christopherantoine9657
      @christopherantoine9657 Rok temu +2

      @@allisonlouie3624 it’s online so there are more options accessible, but we still have the real world to connect with people

    • @allisonlouie3624
      @allisonlouie3624 Rok temu +1

      @@christopherantoine9657 true. This is the nice thing about life. We’re able to connect with people in a lot of ways online and in real life

    • @v6953
      @v6953 Rok temu +6

      It’s all about intention, if you put your intention out there then someone else will connect to it

    • @christopherantoine9657
      @christopherantoine9657 Rok temu +6

      @@v6953 Facts and if someone doesn't, that doesn't mean you have to change your intentions it just means that you have to find someone that agrees with you

  • @DangoDani
    @DangoDani Rok temu +360

    Someone get this man a woman who knows how to communicate intentions clearly

    • @madelynzeigler7730
      @madelynzeigler7730 Rok temu +22

      Or maybe he's mainly just met girls who just don't care enough to 🤷🏼‍♀️ cus like he said "if they wanted to they would find a way if they didn't want to they would find an excuse"

    • @MisaelMatute76
      @MisaelMatute76 Rok temu +14

      @@madelynzeigler7730 Yeah, plus none of them seem like girls that want something serious either. He just wants to have fun and is always talking to multiple girls at the same time.

    • @lxlPhishlxl
      @lxlPhishlxl Rok temu +1

      Hell nah, then what he gonna post about? It’s the spin of his situations that are hilarious! He doesn’t come here and slap the successful stories on us. They not as funny

    • @jayclearmen411
      @jayclearmen411 Rok temu +1

      nah that would mean that these pretty girls would need have to be self aware an self reflective..an that’s a hard enough trait to find in people let alone pretty women. if it’s one thing i notice about the gals around swoozie that he’s attracted too anyway they tend to *NOT* have those qualities, I mean most of the pretty looking ones in the U.S generally don’t. Especially in places like Miami & La

    • @MisaelMatute76
      @MisaelMatute76 Rok temu +5

      @@jayclearmen411 Yeah, its actually partly his fault for going after this type of girls...

  • @kaylas717
    @kaylas717 Rok temu +91

    I'm convinced that Swoozie is a major part of the problem on why he has so many crazy female experiences. Only took me 50+ of these videos to come to this conclusion. 😆

    • @dragonflarefrog1424
      @dragonflarefrog1424 Rok temu +10

      lol i came to this conclusion years ago

    • @momaid9283
      @momaid9283 Rok temu +13

      you attract what you put out

    • @jasonhuntorhees8246
      @jasonhuntorhees8246 Rok temu +16

      Swoozie is too much of a NICE GAME almost beta and these are super cute "IT GIRLS" that he always befriends and they are so superficial and lack serious relationship skills.

  • @elephanty8857
    @elephanty8857 Rok temu +284

    My sister met her husband on tinder. They dated for a few years, got married and they just had their first baby 🤷‍♀️

    • @alexandriatrenier7366
      @alexandriatrenier7366 Rok temu +14

      Awe that’s amazing

    • @RuNZiT1
      @RuNZiT1 Rok temu +32

      I think Tinder has a success rate of like 4%. My cousin met his now Fiancé on Tinder so I respect

    • @Y0SH1zzzz
      @Y0SH1zzzz Rok temu +8

      Just found girls that plays with ur feelings and dating a bunch of other guys at the same time

    • @ArgyleApple
      @ArgyleApple Rok temu +7

      I met my fiancé on Tinder as well, and I've also made good friends through the app, but I've also had a few hook ups through it over the years. 😆 It is what you make of it.

  • @mcmaschio
    @mcmaschio Rok temu +185

    Love when swoozie uploads … his storytelling is amazing and inspiring … creators can learn alot from this dude … thanks Swooz … appreciate these amazing videos 💯🔥

  • @angelaplays
    @angelaplays Rok temu +625

    The dude is back with another vid. These always make my day, man you’re hilarious 🔥

    • @AxxLAfriku
      @AxxLAfriku Rok temu

      ORORORORO!!! I spend half of my day sleeping! ORORORO!!! Then I sometimes get up and tell you that I am a famous content creatorORORORORO!!! Please don't sleep while driving, dear ange

    • @iknowwhatyouare102
      @iknowwhatyouare102 Rok temu +3

      @@AxxLAfriku I see your comments everywhere-
      Wtf are you smoking and why aren’t you sharing?

  • @jouletolland8468
    @jouletolland8468 Rok temu +120

    "Good girl on tinder"
    "Good food on airplanes"
    "Good weather in England"
    "Intellectualism on Twitter"
    "Good wifi at McDonald's"

    • @Frazier16
      @Frazier16 Miesiąc temu

      Airplane food can be good just too expensive

  • @SuperICEMAN15
    @SuperICEMAN15 Rok temu +67

    My man has the top tier gift of turning the most simple stories into a hilarious plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat 😂

  • @spinjitzumasterfalcon

    "If somebody wants to do something, they'll find a way. If they don't, they'll find an excuse."
    This man needs to write a book

  • @TishaTheBrave
    @TishaTheBrave Rok temu +33

    Dude, I hope one day we get a story were things actually work out for you!

  • @awsomegamer5237
    @awsomegamer5237 Rok temu +296

    How in the hell does Swoozie even need Tinder???

    • @shanikebeckford4489
      @shanikebeckford4489 Rok temu +43

      I ask the same thing lol. Guess no one wants to date him because once you’re “known” everyone believes you’re a player

    • @LinealNgannou
      @LinealNgannou Rok temu

      I was thinking that

    • @sucyshi
      @sucyshi Rok temu +36

      Swoozie keeps talking about all these toxic people in his life, both girls and guys. Clout circles get wild and even if Swoozie himself don't have his own personal problems or toxicity, he's swimming in a pool of it so it's hard to find anyone not there for the money or clout. Dating apps are overwhelmingly made up of the bottom of the barrel though. He really should find a hobby he can do anonymously and meet people that way, under another identity.

    • @kingofgrim4761
      @kingofgrim4761 Rok temu

      @Crack Shot sad

    • @hellishcyberdemon7112
      @hellishcyberdemon7112 11 miesięcy temu

      @@sucyshi Hey makes sense

  • @googleitlol6590
    @googleitlol6590 Rok temu +75

    I imagine Swoozie aggressively jotting down notes whenever he gets done dirty

  • @zsahihall4655
    @zsahihall4655 Rok temu +78

    "This isnt rocket surgery or brain science" had me rolling and laughing at the same time

  • @AnimatedPJ
    @AnimatedPJ Rok temu +59

    Give this man a girlfriend already.

  • @ItsAnubi
    @ItsAnubi Rok temu +4

    My tinder story is like this. Found one woman ghosted me the next day. Meet another one played me for a fiddle. No money sent or spent but she basically said i was the worse choice blah blah blah. I had the nerve to message her so she decided to basically prank me while with her boyfriend. And then maybe a month in i got permanently banned on tinder. I have no really good dating app story.

  • @GothiQhaQer
    @GothiQhaQer Rok temu +29

    I’d be way too paranoid on a dating app. If the dating pool is this murky in real life, imagine.

  • @real_neeon
    @real_neeon 6 miesięcy temu

    This man just deserves love at this point.

  • @henahh0tgirl-c0me0verlve7

    It's crazy how much time and effort you put into these videos. Huge respect. Keep up the good work.

  • @TyToClean24
    @TyToClean24 Rok temu +52

    Swoozie never disappoints when he uploads

  • @BSJ-Unparalleled
    @BSJ-Unparalleled Rok temu +15

    I’m just gonna say it, Swoozie is too good for Tinder.

  • @xiuwen5519
    @xiuwen5519 Rok temu +3

    Your animation and stories just get better and better. Love the vibes. Feels like im just listening to a friend talk about smth. My social needs fulfilled in a short

  • @mehdiachouri4371
    @mehdiachouri4371 Rok temu +1

    I just love and respect this huge effort that you put into your videos from the animations and their animation style all the way to your storytelling with your interesting personality, bro! You're really rocking it out here! And i can kinda relate to this when it comes to girls but not necessarily from a Tinder perspective but dating in general!

  • @enigmaoftheechidna6279

    "If you wanna do something, you'll find a way. If you don't wanna do something, you'll find an excuse." - Swoozie 2022
    Wiser words have never been spoken!

  • @TheQuestionmarkstudi

    So Tinder can either give you good vibes or trust issues. Got it.

  • @dallassteel625
    @dallassteel625 Rok temu +3

    Can we all agree that Swoozie is one of the best story-tellers on PLclip? Also, Swoozie: you don’t need Tinder. Just my personal 2 cents. Hope you and the rest of y’all have a great and blessed day.

  • @dusty7155
    @dusty7155 Rok temu +6

    Swoozie never fails to make an amazing video. When he uploads, everyone’s day gets better

  • @shanks5393
    @shanks5393 Rok temu +1

    There's always that funny plot twist in your story , really thanks your videos are stress-relieving.😆

  • @MrErik052005
    @MrErik052005 Rok temu

    So nothing really happened in your story. But the way you tell it, I’m loving it.

  • @sharonsangel2
    @sharonsangel2 Rok temu +33

    Perfect Sunday when Swoozie posts! 💜

  • @Eee081
    @Eee081 Rok temu +3

    I love how much effort you put into you videos

  • @sm00ps65
    @sm00ps65 Rok temu +10

    These videos brighten up my day so much. Thank you❤

  • @amandauponhigh
    @amandauponhigh Rok temu +1

    I love swoozie but it hurts to see him want so hard to be with someone and it never happens. 😟

  • @Angelchick70
    @Angelchick70 Rok temu

    you give these girls way more benefit of the doubt than what you should my dude. It is what it looks like, that's what ive learned

  • @kingofthe_humanz8285
    @kingofthe_humanz8285 Rok temu +11

    You would think being built like a comic book character would get you a lot of options but swoozies’s luck just aint it

  • @optimistickrishiv843

    Swoozie you always make my day better with your videos, MUCH LOVE

  • @TCt83067695
    @TCt83067695 3 miesięcy temu

    Been on PLclip all these years and T1J just mentioned you and here I am just fascinated by these great stories and the animations too.😅

  • @champ2.546
    @champ2.546 Rok temu +20

    Tinder is not the same from back then, went from finding a soul mate to a Craigslist app for prostitution, 3 some participants, and one night stand enthusiasts lol

  • @qtrureborn
    @qtrureborn Rok temu +1

    Swoozie is the ultimate storyteller. I could listen to his voice for days

  • @diaryofsarahmargaret4590

    I've been a fan of your videos for yeeeears!Binge watched your videos all week cause they're that good! Never a disappointment!

  • @mirza2874
    @mirza2874 Rok temu

    Even the phrase 'good girl on tinder' got me with a lil side snicker, lol. Great video, your friend who got a hubby on that app got lucky, that's all imma say.

  • @spinjitzumasterfalcon

    Gotta say, it's nice seeing upload consistently. It really helps me get into a good mood before starting my homework

  • @pugz2857
    @pugz2857 Rok temu +17

    always a good day when Swoozie posts!

  • @blah4268
    @blah4268 Rok temu +5

    I swear Swoozie is like the best story teller

  • @logeyperogi1805
    @logeyperogi1805 Rok temu

    “You need to find a good girl on Tinder”
    If you hadn’t followed this up with “This is when tinder was still new” I would’ve lost my crap laughing

  • @br__uh
    @br__uh Rok temu

    Swoozies vids always here to numb our own pain. Love this mans

  • @kapalotofficial1267

    You know it’s gonna be a good day when swoozie uploads

  • @master0fthearts894
    @master0fthearts894 Rok temu +16

    I guess there’s a moral to this-There’s two types of people: Those who marry people on tinder, and those who do not.

  • @VoltageMarvel
    @VoltageMarvel Rok temu +6

    I'm convinced swoozie is the Taylor swift of men. Homie gets in so many scenarios with women, just to have content to show us.

  • @jayhansen4918
    @jayhansen4918 Rok temu +1

    I had a 3 year relationship from tinder that turned sour recently. But I am a tinder vet lmfao. First thing I did after we broke up was hop back on tinder 😂😂😂

  • @KingLeaf_707
    @KingLeaf_707 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie makes every video Entertaining and fun to watch !

  • @TrigTrag24
    @TrigTrag24 Rok temu

    Swoozie is by far the funniest story teller on PLclip

  • @_Mamba
    @_Mamba Rok temu +2

    this weeks video was lowkey made for me…. going through a similar situation right this instant, Swoozie u giving me signs for this one

  • @lightspeed7229
    @lightspeed7229 Rok temu +1

    I never thought I'd ever hear the phrase "good girl on tinder", but here we are

  • @Rawrishface
    @Rawrishface Rok temu +5

    I think we’ve reached a point where you should know that you shouldn’t take advice lol …but you give great advice! 👀

  • @butterflyamberly1138

    I hollered at the end of the video. Love these dating videos definitely inspiring😊

  • @Dog-Lover36
    @Dog-Lover36 Rok temu

    Swoozie was mixing up expressions, which are actually rocket science and brain surgery. I’m guessing the best Tinder girl choice would be both numbers 2 & 3 because they have
    the same skin color as thatPLclipr.

  • @user-Jay178
    @user-Jay178 Rok temu

    Great video and love your stories. You are hilarious Swoozie and you are awesome

  • @HappyKittyShop
    @HappyKittyShop Rok temu +1

    Tinder is just a app for people looking to hook up. It's super hard to find someone actually looking for a serious relationship nowadays, but I didn't give up and found my husband! I hope your luck turns around all these ladies are crazy!

  • @fatmanvidz
    @fatmanvidz Rok temu +2

    The fact that you're STILL making videos bro!!! I remember when the cheating in high school stuff was coming out. Congrats!!!

  • @justalpha9138
    @justalpha9138 Rok temu +8

    I'm totally not one of those guys that does dating apps so I have props to anyone who is brave enough to venture on them. XD

  • @StevoUniverse
    @StevoUniverse Rok temu

    Swoozie never disappoints with the bangers

  • @MikeJr9284
    @MikeJr9284 Rok temu

    Swoozie has better luck on Tinder than I do.

  • @TheElementsAreWithMe

    One day, Swoozie. One day, it will happen.

  • @packnetadaija
    @packnetadaija Rok temu +37

    The face I made when you said “you need to find a good girl on tinder” hahaha

  • @ReniTube
    @ReniTube Rok temu +4

    "If someone wants to do something they'll find a way, if they don't want to do it they'll find an excuse." - Swoozie 2022

  • @PhatomWarrior
    @PhatomWarrior Rok temu +3

    At this point, whenever I hear friends talk about Tinder, it's really just for hook ups and that's it lol. So I think you did well by deleting it. Dating is rough!

    • @sydneycho7290
      @sydneycho7290 Rok temu +1

      That’s best the way people sleep around makes me want to get them STD tested every time I meet someone new

    • @PhatomWarrior
      @PhatomWarrior Rok temu +1

      @@sydneycho7290 Facts!!

  • @gabrielshay9640
    @gabrielshay9640 Rok temu +1

    I like Swoozie going through the comments. Giving us some insight on stories.

  • @krystofer4605
    @krystofer4605 Rok temu

    i love u swoozie. your videos make my day 10000x better

  • @frankz3908
    @frankz3908 Rok temu

    I know a chick from the other side that also flew to US to meet people from tinder, unfortunately they didn't find her marriage material so she packed and went back home.

  • @RuNZiT1
    @RuNZiT1 Rok temu

    You know what’s funny.. girls really be having options BECAUSE of their looks. You can say same goes for guys, but I think more so females than males. That being said, I truly do believe that if she wanted to see Swoozie she would’ve. On the bright side, now you know she viewed you as an option.. and I believe the quote goes “either you use me, or lose me - I ain’t no plan B”. Something like that 😅

  • @imilumines5419
    @imilumines5419 Rok temu +2

    Can’t be a bad day if swoozie uploads

  • @neilwalker1498
    @neilwalker1498 Rok temu +2

    Swoozie I've been watching for years and I never comment, just a faithful viewer. I don't think these girls are crazy, I think it's just you lol let me elaborate. Your too nice of a guy and not aggressive enough with showing your interests- Which leads you to being taken advantage of and being friend zoned. Talking everyday and never moving the conversation forward, not even sexually at that, is leading you to disaster each and every time. You have to be clear, you have to more firm with your intentions.

  • @jhddakid
    @jhddakid Rok temu +2

    A wise man once said, "When we needed him the most, he came back"

  • @mikaelaraymond4690
    @mikaelaraymond4690 Rok temu +2

    I admit I clicked so fast because I was hoping this was finally his success story

  • @aqiubabdullah3574
    @aqiubabdullah3574 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie out here making our days better 🤣😭

  • @chillinwithcuddy

    As always great one. Statue, much respect. Always waiting on more. Appreciate it swoozie

  • @sirbobla1737
    @sirbobla1737 Rok temu +2

    I used to use tinder, met a girl i thought was nice and got cheated on. That pretty much sums up most of the people on that app

  • @ethanIsMyDaddy
    @ethanIsMyDaddy Rok temu +46

    I’ve never clicked so fast, till I saw Swoozie + Tinder.

    • @ecclips4
      @ecclips4 Rok temu

      What you mean when you a swoozie video you click fast

  • @frostbiteonyoutube8924

    Swoozie always makes my day when he uploads

  • @Delijume
    @Delijume Rok temu

    I met a guy on tinder, he just wanted to be friends. He invited me to his house where I met his roommates. One of his roommates liked me. I liked him back. We kissed. Been inseparable ever since. Gonna marry him.

  • @dwarvesta1132
    @dwarvesta1132 Rok temu

    Shoot at least you got some conversations that may have turned into something. I tried Tinder for about a year and a half and got a cycle of matches that wouldn't respond to my message or would unmmatch with me within an hour. With one exception. A girl I talked to back and forth for a couple of weeks who never wanted to do anything so I peaced out from that situation.

  • @Lafalot54
    @Lafalot54 Rok temu

    I was just watching the tinder swindler on Netflix and I was expecting something more like that lol. Good story either way, but too bad you couldn't have met up IRL

  • @zmaley1324
    @zmaley1324 Rok temu +8

    Swoozie dating stories. I’m here for it.

  • @keenanlewis2500
    @keenanlewis2500 Rok temu

    It's a great day when swoozie posts a new video

  • @stifledvoice7603
    @stifledvoice7603 Rok temu +1

    I can relate to that. Good animation is a tough nut to crack.

  • @Secarious
    @Secarious Rok temu +1

    Oh I've never heard something as beautiful as "Find a GOOD girl on tinder."
    Dating apps are such a joke XD

  • @SoldierSpiderx
    @SoldierSpiderx Rok temu +1

    "if somebody wants to do something, they will find a way. if they don't wanna do it, they will find an excuse." that hit home so much, cause if someone it feel you, they would do anything to see you and the girl seem she only contract you when she was either bored or want attention

  • @parthmistry7862
    @parthmistry7862 Rok temu

    Bruh swoozie just KNOWS how to make us cheer up when we having a bad day

  • @shakenbake1464
    @shakenbake1464 Rok temu +11

    She could’ve gotten fleewed out if she played her cards ri🤷🏾‍♂️

  • @nicolebeck3807
    @nicolebeck3807 Rok temu

    Swoozie is one of the few PLcliprs that can go MIA for months, and I’ll still watch all his videos

  • @Narra0002
    @Narra0002 2 miesięcy temu +1

    It sucks that it didn’t work out between you and the girl, but good for your friend. She’s very lucky her husband wasn’t a creep or fuckboy

  • @akatsuki8647
    @akatsuki8647 Rok temu

    It's Ben a while since I watched you swoozie, it's nice to see you haven't changed a bit 🔥✌️