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Simpin' ain't Pimpin'

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  • Opublikowany 13 kwi 2021
  • Simping doesn't just happen at the beginning. Your POI's energy can shift even in the 4th quarter.
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  • @yeaboiii3057
    @yeaboiii3057 2 lat temu +13365

    “It’s always for some other duuuudeee Lana..”

    • @joshualee7655
      @joshualee7655 2 lat temu +210

      Head up king Swoozie 😔 You are worth more

    • @bastardasinglorias
      @bastardasinglorias 2 lat temu +76

      "Video Games" by Lana del Rey most be one of the heart breaking songs out there, good thing he wasn't humming "Dark Paradise" or else... rip NYC girl, u won't be missed...

    • @nikolasbattiloro5754
      @nikolasbattiloro5754 2 lat temu +20

      I sit on the toilet 👍

    • @i.n329
      @i.n329 2 lat temu +22

      Archer be like

    • @Black_Gabe
      @Black_Gabe 2 lat temu +16

      that one really hits home

  • @hermans6971
    @hermans6971 2 lat temu +2449

    I really respect him for talking about crying so openly

    • @samanthapoole212
      @samanthapoole212 2 lat temu +65

      for sure so many guys don't wanna cry or talk about expressing their emotions honestly and openly, :(

    • @victorsantos7599
      @victorsantos7599 2 lat temu +7

      Better him than the guy sitting back to back wit him

    • @parrisnia72
      @parrisnia72 2 lat temu +2


    • @derrick8629
      @derrick8629 2 lat temu +3

      I mean what’s a couple more million people am I right

    • @sarcoz9080
      @sarcoz9080 2 lat temu +9

      Imagine being that girl. You do something and then you see the whole story on yt.

  • @woahjuice.
    @woahjuice. 2 lat temu +1034

    can we like appreciate this man swooz openly admitting his mishaps and simpin and ain't afraid to admit it this man got CONFIDENCE

    • @scientificbrony
      @scientificbrony 2 lat temu +7

      That's not confidence, just realism. He's a gross thirst monster, he's so brave for openly admitting it

    • @katkat895
      @katkat895 Rok temu +1

      This guy was spamming this comment lol.

  • @stuffedanimalpowers.a.p361
    @stuffedanimalpowers.a.p361 2 lat temu +4975

    He acts like he’s our therapist when it more seems we’re his 😅

  • @shanellvioletslecarr2689
    @shanellvioletslecarr2689 2 lat temu +763

    His body language is telling me so many things in this story. The way swoozie owned his part in keeping someone in the maybe zone is admirable.
    I have come to like this story the best out of all his stories. Because I feel like I can relate to the topic and feel like a friend

    • @bensoncheung2801
      @bensoncheung2801 2 lat temu


    • @StupidBadITCH
      @StupidBadITCH Rok temu +2

      It’s telling me that anytime she go back to NYC, she with her main dude getting her back beat in. Only used him for the free trips and money

  • @local_.hippie
    @local_.hippie Rok temu +119

    I love how even thought he was hurt, he still gives her a voice. That's true respect. W Swoozie.

  • @YoungDonAnimations
    @YoungDonAnimations 2 lat temu +2092


    • @roserose109
      @roserose109 2 lat temu +29

      omg young don noooo

    • @Guddd
      @Guddd 2 lat temu +11


    • @josiahfredericks2990
      @josiahfredericks2990 2 lat temu +13

      Red pill you join the Mafia
      Blue pill you never watch Swoozie make your choice

    • @evilwizardtherapist
      @evilwizardtherapist 2 lat temu +9

      Hey essay!
      "You got the good sauce?"
      I'm talking about drugs. 💉💊

    • @krisparra4313
      @krisparra4313 2 lat temu +3

      I think I would have to be a little late to max my internet with internet internet and internet internet is not working on internet internet and internet internet is so good and internet internet is not working so I don’t have internet internet and internet internet is not working

  • @CloudStudiosPhoto
    @CloudStudiosPhoto 2 lat temu +3029

    You’re not a simp for showing emotion bro, you’re human.

    • @marlom7882
      @marlom7882 2 lat temu +16

      Yea but at least cry when you’re alone. I know he was too crushed to hold it in while he was out but… crying in public is a mistake

    • @x3Lalalax3
      @x3Lalalax3 2 lat temu +112

      @@marlom7882 Anyone can cry whenever and wherever they want to. There's no shame in crying in public, it just makes you human if you got something going on.

    • @marlom7882
      @marlom7882 2 lat temu +9

      @@x3Lalalax3 I say don’t let other people see you have a moment of weakness or vulnerability. At least do it when you’re alone

    • @llaqiafrim6450
      @llaqiafrim6450 2 lat temu +49

      @@marlom7882 fam how does it matter if he is showing weakness at the airport?

    • @noiwontsignyourarmpit5263
      @noiwontsignyourarmpit5263 2 lat temu +50

      @@marlom7882 Why? There's nothing wrong with expressing emotion in public.

  • @harmonytynia
    @harmonytynia 2 lat temu +424

    It’s not being a simp, it’s called being a grown man with feelings

    • @doubled2586
      @doubled2586 2 lat temu +13

      big cappa

    • @davyjoneslocker4859
      @davyjoneslocker4859 2 lat temu +17

      Stop the cap

    • @elissm5349
      @elissm5349 2 lat temu +14

      the biggest cap ever

    • @truthbearer7891
      @truthbearer7891 2 lat temu +15

      Men are waking up these manipulation tactics don’t work no more. We not letting y’all get over on us by playing all these games talking to all these guys while wanting to have the benefits of a relationship

    • @bluebellcrushedvelvet
      @bluebellcrushedvelvet Rok temu +7

      Yes!! Agree!
      As a woman I say, he wasn't simp'ing! Or a simp!
      No no no! He just tried, kept it dignified I feel and it didn't work out!

  • @kittychesh
    @kittychesh Miesiąc temu +1

    It's been a hot minute since this video came out, but I wanna thank Swooz for making these videos. They gave a fresh pair of eyes, a new found perspective on my romance situations this past year. I really liked this guy, we never dated, but we definitely had the feels for each other. When one day he just..stopped all effort to get to know me, he became inconsistent. I was left like, "what happened??" I came to the conclusion he lost interest, and was talking with other girls based on what our mutual friends were saying. I was devastated over a guy whom I never even dated. It was a mess, I was mess. I realized that I may or may not have simped for this guy. (girls are simps too) Anyway, I'm over it and as Swooz had said, "simpin' ain't pimpin'"! ! Love you Swooz

  • @low-keydrama1260
    @low-keydrama1260 2 lat temu +900

    The audacity of this girl…omg. I hope things turn up for you man. You’re a great guy and I’m sure you’ll find someone

    • @jzhvaeduh
      @jzhvaeduh 2 lat temu +87

      Bruh he strung her along for a year

    • @navisakura7374
      @navisakura7374 2 lat temu +70

      She could have at least talked to him about it and told him why instead of just ghosting him and then being like “we’re done” and just leaving.

    • @clownfromspongebob3979
      @clownfromspongebob3979 2 lat temu +23

      As a female, we do not claim this girl

    • @SirTropical
      @SirTropical 2 lat temu +57

      @@jzhvaeduh As a dude - if a girl assumes interest in me, I immediately lock up and think she's joking. Years of being caught out and made fun of for thinking a girl held mutual feelings has lead to me (personally) assuming every female moving forward has an interest in me is either A. doing it for a laugh B. attempting to lead me on or C. Choosing me as a last resort.
      Obviously, there are some deep-seated insecurities that I need to personally address but in Swoozie's case, he didn't really catch feelings with her until after a certain point. Before then, I'm sure he must've simply assumed that him and girl who got away were just friends cause it didn't seem like she made it clear on what HER feelings were. Maybe that's just me.

    • @rock2946
      @rock2946 2 lat temu +6

      @@jzhvaeduh tbf, she should've confronted him and asked him what's going on between them so she could've found out if it was worth her time or not.

  • @breevans5219
    @breevans5219 7 miesięcy temu +2

    This video came out not too long after I was in a similar situation of single but not single and no actual closure and this is exactly how I felt. Looking back now I can laugh at it especially through this video but damn it hurt like how Swoozie got hurt. After that and this video I learned forreal that "Simpin' Ain't Pimipin' "

  • @NeroMai
    @NeroMai 2 lat temu +1587

    "For a little over a year I've been single, but taken, but single, but taken" - _every Swoozie video I've ever seen since 2011_

  • @musicxelf
    @musicxelf 2 lat temu +1862

    Plot twist: it was HIS therapy session, not ours 😭 real talk though, that shit hurts and I hope posting the video helped get through/ease some of that pain.

  • @BlyzExile
    @BlyzExile 2 lat temu +74

    The day swooz talks about his actual wedding is the day I'll admit that marriage is worth it

  • @LloydVerner
    @LloydVerner Rok temu +12

    This story was pretty tough, but you never managed to fail making me laugh Swooz. Especially when you started singing Close To Me.

  • @ronaldwilkinsii8752
    @ronaldwilkinsii8752 2 lat temu +109

    Swoozie, forgive me, I laughed so hard when it got to the part when she came back to say ya'll were done. I saw it coming and I felt that, and your internal reactions to hearing that too was too real!

  • @GSEleven
    @GSEleven 2 lat temu +87

    I have never been left like that, but I felt that. "It's alWAys For AnothER duuuuuuude!" That legitimately sent a tremor through my soul and I couldn't help but feel a lil sad about that. You should write a book idc if it's an autobiography or not but you've clearly got some good character development if you could put that on a page or even emulate it on a page and sell it, I'm a buyer. And from all of your other stories that are doing better or worse in terms of views, I can tell you're good at tying loose ends, writing from several perspectives, and wrapping it up while calling attention to something you've done or said in the beginning.

    • @nickieBurke
      @nickieBurke Rok temu +2

      Heh, it wasn't another dude for me.
      It was another girl ☠️☠️☠️☠️

    • @GSEleven
      @GSEleven Rok temu

      @@nickieBurke Welcome to modern times.

  • @gabegresham9447
    @gabegresham9447 2 lat temu +872

    This video hits deep on so many different levels... you ain't nobody's plan B Swoozie

    • @ImaHacker5
      @ImaHacker5 2 lat temu +1


    • @ccondelli
      @ccondelli 2 lat temu +10

      Either you choose him or you lose him!

    • @randomperson7309
      @randomperson7309 2 lat temu +1

      Your right hes plan c

    • @lg1603
      @lg1603 2 lat temu +4

      To be fair it seems like he made this girl his plan b or c for over a year. She's over it. She still sucks for letting him fly out though.

    • @go2ministries848
      @go2ministries848 2 lat temu

      It isn’t too late to make the right decisions in life!❤️ Repent of your sins and seek God that you might be saved🥺!

  • @spinjitzumasterfalcon
    @spinjitzumasterfalcon 2 lat temu +20

    I know this is heartbreaking, but dude, you're hilarious. I know you're hurting, but if you're able to put this out in the public, then it shows how strong you are.

  • @killedward2882
    @killedward2882 2 lat temu +489

    When he said, he had ample time to lock her down and he goes on to say “everybody is not on your timeline”... I felt that 😪

  • @eddies839
    @eddies839 2 lat temu +959

    “What’s her last name” “what’s her last name all I need is her last name” WHAT WAS SHE FINNA DO!

  • @itz_ricardo3280
    @itz_ricardo3280 2 lat temu +11

    Ya know, you are one of the most wholesome people on PLclip. Im glad you are able to talk to us as a community bruv.

  • @sharonyae-jinha9863
    @sharonyae-jinha9863 2 lat temu +8

    You seem so cultured. Sometimes I doubt the value of art and animation and then I see ya intelligent-ass delivery keep it up brotha.

  • @samv4486
    @samv4486 2 lat temu +921

    Am I the only one that wants to hear a wholesome story about him going to see his cousins?

    • @dallassteel625
      @dallassteel625 2 lat temu +7

      Guessing by the fact that you have almost 80 likes, I’m going to safely assume no. I also want that story. Also he ❤️ your comment! 👍👍

    • @scol9194
      @scol9194 2 lat temu +9

      Deadass he was talking about putting this girl above friends and family. I halfway expected him to go secretly surprise them lmao

    • @mariadelcarmenmedinasdias8983
      @mariadelcarmenmedinasdias8983 2 lat temu

      @@dallassteel625 bu

  • @minecraftdude11
    @minecraftdude11 2 lat temu +25

    Swoozie my man, been watching you since 2009. Been and will forever love your content. From Valsayn. Proud of the person you are now and how far you’ve come

  • @katiaTaylor
    @katiaTaylor 2 lat temu +29

    No closure needed, she walked away and chose someone else that should be close enough for you, you deserve better. Love yourself enough to understand that. We love and adore you Swoozie!!

  • @swerzy7521
    @swerzy7521 9 miesięcy temu +2

    Watchin this a year later again and this story is still so real☠️

  • @arnavtalwani3091
    @arnavtalwani3091 2 lat temu +551

    I didn’t believe he had the Mickey Mouse Beats headphones until he actually whipped them out irl 💀

  • @Nezuko_yoyo
    @Nezuko_yoyo 3 miesięcy temu +1

    I respect you for openly talking about the HORROR that is dating

  • @JellyJessYT
    @JellyJessYT 2 lat temu +15089

    That Mr. Bean cosplay lookin *FRESH*

  • @taliax349
    @taliax349 2 lat temu +981

    “i’m crying over a girl i didn’t even date.”
    i felt that Swo. ❤️‍🩹

  • @LithraLuv
    @LithraLuv 2 lat temu +21

    The therapy session where the therapist is the one telling you their problems lol.
    Glad you are feeling better Swooz

  • @selmabahy9027
    @selmabahy9027 2 lat temu +12

    Already one of my favorite vids from you sWooZ. That seems really painful. I don't think you were simping honestly. I hope you're starting to feel better after everything that happened :)

  • @lovelylove8207
    @lovelylove8207 2 lat temu +36

    Can't believe I've been watching swoozie since I was a 5th graders 😭❤️ and now I'm a whole third year college student 😂 time flies

  • @katiaTaylor
    @katiaTaylor 2 lat temu +6

    Also thank you for always being honest and opening up about things we all go though in life!! It’s amazing that we get relate with you in that way, most creatives don’t do so. Thank you.

  • @marcieom
    @marcieom 2 lat temu +47

    12:02 …. That hit me so hard in the gut but at the same time …I laughed SO HARD (rip to Whitney) but the WAY YOU SANG IT! Love you swoozie 😂❤️

  • @Shadowcam00
    @Shadowcam00 2 lat temu +573

    _"Wasn't technically dating."_
    _"Flying out for ten days and planning to put a ring on it."_
    That's not normal simping; it's *advanced simping.*

  • @cozywanderer
    @cozywanderer 2 lat temu +257

    "i'm definitely not crying over somebody I didn't even date" *while crying* STORY OF MY LIFE

  • @savethebeez
    @savethebeez 2 lat temu +183

    the fact that she hung out with her roommates all day i would’ve been in that hotel room TORN UP

  • @baibuks1998
    @baibuks1998 2 lat temu +7

    Love how honest you are with your feelings , swoozie 😍

  • @elites339
    @elites339 2 lat temu +3

    i always come back to swoozie and binge watch videos for like a week. never disappoints.

  • @spinjitzumasterfalcon

    Honestly, Swoozie's videos are what I need to get through this painful Holiday known as Valentine's Day.

  • @Ethan_moon5710
    @Ethan_moon5710 2 lat temu +5403

    Aight everyone, our weekly meeting to figure out who New York Girl is will be held this Friday at five pm. Bring your own snacks.

    • @WeAreTheBentusi
      @WeAreTheBentusi 2 lat temu +691

      We've got a state and a timeframe. We can probably track Swoozie's movements down easily enough. Once we have the right Hotel we'll just need to start checking security cam footage and we'll have her!

    • @monzerfaisal3673
      @monzerfaisal3673 2 lat temu +355

      I'm ready to hack into the mainframe

    • @Chirp331
      @Chirp331 2 lat temu +183

      I'm already there 😭 How you do our mans like dis??!!

    • @msen5030
      @msen5030 2 lat temu +169

      I have hacked into all NYC camera database

    • @noreaction9180
      @noreaction9180 2 lat temu +48

      @@msen5030 good

  • @saltwaterpeony3573
    @saltwaterpeony3573 2 lat temu +13

    Bro, I would've been bawling as soon as the first four notes of video games came through the speakers, you are so strong for holding it together for so damn long.

  • @stacyfire
    @stacyfire 2 lat temu +132

    Poor swoozie. At this point i feel like girls only come to him so that one day he can animate a story about them and show it to their girlfriends

  • @kittythejackson
    @kittythejackson 2 lat temu +5

    This story was so well told. Great content.

  • @Zzzsleepzzz
    @Zzzsleepzzz Rok temu +1

    Swoozie kicking the bear is comedic gold! Thank you for the laughs

  • @FlareToga76
    @FlareToga76 2 lat temu +2

    All the shit you've been through, you deserve better. I'm not from the streets, I'm an emotional person. I cried while watching an anime and this girl who was thought to be dead, was alive and got reunited with her friends and family. I don't know how you're able to not cry after a rejection. When I get rejected, I start to cry and listen to sad songs and only think about killing myself. You're a strong dude. You deserve way more happiness and shouldn't get taken for granted. All the chicks who are like that, they don't deserve you. They're probably gold diggers or some other shit.
    14:21 I can't even make it through this video without crying. Being heartbroken sucks. If only we had the ability to create anything we want with our imagination (except money and illegal shit), I would 100% be your Perfect Girlfriend Generator. I'd fuckin work all day, all night, just to make sure you're happy.
    Back at it again, tears sponsored this comment.

  • @BrooksHolt
    @BrooksHolt 2 lat temu +6614

    When Swoozie droppin a 17min vid *grabs popcorn* 🍿

  • @MissKabamba
    @MissKabamba 2 lat temu +35

    I love that he mentioned how he was a lifeguard so he knows how to read the room it just reminded me of his old lifeguard storytimes omg time flies 🥺

  • @MagicTrollz12
    @MagicTrollz12 2 lat temu +1

    You can tell this guy is tryna make this video as light and funny as possible but you can reallyyy feel his pain especially the part where swooz says “it’s always for some other dude” and “I’m never good enough” damn hope you’re doing better Adande

  • @zee2479
    @zee2479 Rok temu +1

    This was both funny and sad at the same time, my God.

  • @itsme2599
    @itsme2599 2 lat temu +2

    This guy is great! My man! Proves that you can go anywhere and talk to anybody anywhere in the world, just being nice. We all need a little of this fellow in our lives. God bless all and just be happy to each other.

  • @lucasbaker2527
    @lucasbaker2527 Rok temu +2

    I love how swoozie always looks good in a video

  • @moonlight_sparkle6659
    @moonlight_sparkle6659 2 lat temu +964


  • @oreokush5393
    @oreokush5393 2 lat temu +6

    Ive been avoiding this video for 5 days....this video hits so deeep. I feel you Swoozie. Sorry this happened to you brother. Heres to our futures man!!!!

  • @sleuth2077
    @sleuth2077 2 lat temu +4

    I always get certain vibes from this guy and his stories always seem to back them up.

    • @dionshadow
      @dionshadow 2 lat temu

      what type of vibes?

    • @sleuth2077
      @sleuth2077 2 lat temu

      @@dionshadow closeted vibes

    • @dionshadow
      @dionshadow 2 lat temu

      @@sleuth2077 ahhhhhh yeah, I was thinking slightly narcissist vibes, but I've also been getting gay vibes from him for years as well.

  • @tnobasi
    @tnobasi 2 lat temu +2

    love you swooz, they don’t know what they have until they lose it🖤

  • @kujo4205
    @kujo4205 2 lat temu +10

    Swoozie getting too comfortable telling us these stories😂

  • @ondreatorrence4322
    @ondreatorrence4322 2 lat temu +1

    You are awesome for sharing this. Don't worry man , we have all been had by some jerk . You are awesome so keep your head up !

  • @juliosanchez3954
    @juliosanchez3954 2 lat temu +675

    Damn, if Swoozie is out here going through it too... ain’t nobody safe .-. 😂

    • @haifamansour24
      @haifamansour24 2 lat temu +10


    • @watchumeann
      @watchumeann 2 lat temu +42

      @@Jeseabell you alright ? Seem a little angry and judgmental there

    • @raisaa1537
      @raisaa1537 2 lat temu +27

      @@watchumeann did you watch the video? He said they were talking for over a year, and she told him multiple times that she wanted something more. No one is going to wait 1+ years for someone.

    • @JacksonCanales
      @JacksonCanales 2 lat temu +2

      It ain’t safe it ain’t safe 🤣

  • @michellelee8933
    @michellelee8933 2 lat temu +68

    I love how the girl doesnt even show up after like, halfway through, the latter half is just dealing with it. Very accurate.

  • @koawolfquestmod
    @koawolfquestmod 2 lat temu +2

    i’ve been watching you for a long time and this is the hardest i’ve laughed at one of your videos. thanks for sharing sorry you went through all of that

  • @JazzyJsworld
    @JazzyJsworld 2 lat temu +5

    Going through my own heartbreak and this just brought my spirits up. Thank you. I needed this.

  • @suzycue303
    @suzycue303 2 lat temu +4

    Swoozie not aware that he be out here making videos that are like therapy to his watchers. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  • @Lucy4WasTaken
    @Lucy4WasTaken 2 lat temu +2

    Yo Swoozie homie I know how it feels, I went through something extremely similar and trust me it hurts as hell but it gets better, sometimes us pimps become simps accidentally and we learn from our mistakes, hope you feel better dude

  • @Anonymous-du4gb
    @Anonymous-du4gb 2 lat temu +414

    “Simpin ain’t Pimpin” will forever be an iconic line in history

  • @thesaltysailor8035
    @thesaltysailor8035 2 lat temu +6

    I was just in a situation similar to this, didnt fly a distance for a girl, but I was simping super hard over a girl, I did all sorts of things for this girl, I unironically would have layed out in the street and died for this woman she meant everything to me. Almost more than some of my family if not as much, but she was never on the same wifi as me. I had long drives to nowhere, walked the lakes, just sat and stared into space for nothing to show for it.
    I had already almost taken my own life after my girlfriend who I intended to marry decided to cheat on me in bootcamp. I planned on coming home and bringing the wrath of god upon her and her new dude both, I let anger and frustration get the better of me. I never fully healed from that. So I vowed to never allow that sort of pain to afflict my actions again. Same with the girl I was hardcore simping over, if I was busy doing something and she needed help or a shoulder to cry on, I was there every single time, on the dot. None of it meant anything to her, she got her ex back that she wanted so deeply but never gave a look in my direction for what I did for her. After that I learned to accept that you can give a girl the world, in the end if she never had anything for you, she never will. Ever since she got what she wanted I havent heard from her. Anytime she hits me up it's never to hang out, it's always cause she needs something or wanted help for her ex that she was trying to win back.
    In the end she was happy and I couldnt argue it, I couldnt fight it. Just learned to accept it, and that's shows the true merit of someones character.

  • @fulinelite3163
    @fulinelite3163 2 lat temu +1

    You seem like a really chill and a great guy, anyone who dates you will be lucky to be with you. We live, we learn, and we grow. Kids these days think that being a respectful guy is simping when these guys are the same people who have the emotional maturity of a rock lmaooooooo.

  • @jackie10107
    @jackie10107 Rok temu +1

    Periodt. Reciprocation when they match the same amount of being a simp as you and they match you is 100%%%

  • @shadowarena
    @shadowarena 2 lat temu +350

    It's always a Whitney Houston song that brings out the emotions.

  • @OneTwo-dl4ix
    @OneTwo-dl4ix 2 lat temu

    Brotha!! You are so DAMN FUNNY! Keep up the good work.

  • @kc.21k
    @kc.21k 2 lat temu +539

    “Your bringing 90% and they are bringing 10%”
    My guy Swoozie is both the therapist and the patient in this vid. But facts are coming from both ends 💯💯

  • @bryceholbert6015
    @bryceholbert6015 2 lat temu +1

    Love you Swiozie ❤️ thanks for sharing and take the time you need to heal :)

  • @Kimi260
    @Kimi260 2 lat temu +1

    Keep your head up Swoozie you deserve to be happy ❤️

  • @user-vq6wu2bp1e
    @user-vq6wu2bp1e 3 miesięcy temu +1

    I know that feeling where you want to listen to the music you want to hear, and it doesn't give you the vibe you want. Also, 11:27 I have had those days where my day is horrible and the universe makes it worse for me. It sucks!

  • @joinks8309
    @joinks8309 2 lat temu +2

    Okay but Swoozies 10+ min videos are THE BEST

  • @andylaundrik
    @andylaundrik 2 lat temu +1

    She did all that to get back at you for having her on the waiting list for so long. Fully conscious she was doing it too based on your story.
    After 3-4 months of "talking" (foreign concept for me as a Cuban girl) I asked this guy what are we n he said "friends" after treating me like a gf and doing everything couples do. I told him that would be the last time he saw me, and it was. A year after that he started to text me and simp, but I had already met my current bf so I blocked him. When I met my bf we both knew, we just did, did not take much at all to fall for each other. And from the first date on we knew we were serious about each other, and we are currently still together.
    Basically don’t keep a girl in the waiting list for toooo long, like a year is too long even for someone that is familiar w this dating culture.
    I didn’t take revenge on that guy, but I cut him off and I knew that would hurt him, bc he hurt me in my perspective.
    We can be vindictive creatures :/ but I’m glad you can admit where you went wrong and that you have your own way to process this. Still, not to justify her actions, that was 100% fuckd up. I’m only offering some insight on our behavior.

  • @laurenare2184
    @laurenare2184 2 lat temu +894

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  • @geebolesgaming
    @geebolesgaming 2 lat temu +8

    Man I've never wanted to be swoozies friend more than this video. I feel u bro. I have been there

    @K1NKYN1NJA 2 lat temu +1

    Mate, i feel swoozie on a spiritual level when it comes to trust issues and not opening yourself up, only to regret everything when you do lol

  • @VideoGameStupidLC

    Two thing's I always think of whenever a dog is mentioned in these newer videos now
    1.The dog that gave Swoozie the "thumbs up" in that video with the cute co-worker girl that he helped on her moving day.

  • @noisyboy1085
    @noisyboy1085 2 lat temu +3

    SWooZie you really help me with my depression and always put a smile on my face

  • @remding3342
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  • @eat-your-cereal
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    • @I_like_fruit_too
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    • @AxxLAfriku
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      I HATE people that HATE other people. The comment I respond to did not spread HATE. That is good. BUT! I get a lot of HATE comments on my amazing videos and I HATE it. Please don't start spreading HATE. Do I have to HATE you too, dear ea

    • @falcon1378
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      @@AxxLAfriku bruh Y u always saying random stuff lol.

    • @PushTheTalk
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  • @lak1ss
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  • @legendaryyetunknown6973
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  • @LaMariposaAzul94
    @LaMariposaAzul94 2 lat temu +2

    Man I went through an almost exactly the same situation 😕 It was super toxic though, and I even wound up going into a mental health facility (for other reasons as well, but the situation pushed me over the edge) over it. I never got closure from the guy, no real reason why or anything, so I just accepted the outcome and learned you don't always get closure (which was kind of closure in it's self for me) But I got better with therapy, loved ones and just learning I deserved better and learning from my mistakes. Now I'm way better emotionally and mentally and I even got married to my childhood friend who is a way healthier man 😌

  • @wesleypatterson2989
    @wesleypatterson2989 Rok temu +10

    "IM NEVER GOOD ENOUGH, ITS ALWAYS SOME OTHER DUDE" Damn, who gave swoozie my high school journal?

  • @BazarUnique
    @BazarUnique 2 lat temu +1

    Been there done that Swoozie. We all have been on a situation like that but remember you are love by 7.4 million people here in youtube ONLY plus for all of us you are not only good enough but outstanding human and influencer who we look up to for years. Needless to say I would date you if I was in US :)

  • @killstacy8088
    @killstacy8088 2 lat temu +1

    Crying your eyes out and using it as a lesson isn't simp shit, it's the most king shit ever.

  • @OurKindofEntertainment
    @OurKindofEntertainment 2 lat temu +2360

    The WORST part about situations like this is that you can only be mad at yourself for choosing someone who you're suspicious about regarding their interest and intention with you instead of choosing the person who is clearly matching your energy.
    A similar situation happened to me a couple of years ago. The girl told me that she wasn't looking for a relationship right now, ghosted me shortly after that and then changed her FB status from "single" to "engaged" less than two weeks later.
    I was doing a live here on PLclip and checked my Facebook news feed for something, and I cried ON CAMERA when I saw her engagement popup on my screen. Not one of my proudest moments...

    • @jgoodz6485
      @jgoodz6485 2 lat temu +59

      Bro this hit me, just got axed last week after dating this girl for four months after she hit me back up (after bad communication after first date last year). High-key they weren't good for us it will take me a while but have to move on stronger :)

    • @alexbarajas5895
      @alexbarajas5895 2 lat temu +74

      Not finna lie, I fell hard for this girl who I ended up being protective over. I was a simp before the word became mainstream and it was terrible. Eventually when I found out that she was a very toxic person it was too late, as she left me emotionally beatned and scarred to the point where I had trust issues for almost 3 years.

    • @weird9167
      @weird9167 2 lat temu +8

      O O F

    • @marble228
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      Another damn verified comment, every one gets just insane likes

    • @psychonaut1502
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      I was dating this girl years ago and she said we needed to break up so she could focus on God. I'm a Christian, too, and I understand. A month later, she's dating some other guy and they were together a year. Now, she's married.

    @PHARAOHLOVECHILD1 2 lat temu +2

    damn bro i missed you! I know this actually happened so laughing at your pain is not ideal but you have to admit this is golddddd lol

  • @laelmartin3095
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