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Toxic Relationship Signs

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  • Opublikowany 14 cze 2021
  • There are a few ways to tell if you're in a toxic relationship. Here are some quick tips and story about a toxic situation that I was involved with.
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Komentarze • 7K

  • @Vitaminbriy
    @Vitaminbriy Rok temu +3257

    Your “portion control” explanation >>>

  • @BrodyAnimates
    @BrodyAnimates 2 lat temu +5315

    I haven't been in too many relationships but 100% the biggest killer is both people being at different stages or having different ideas of where it's at. YET ANOTHER GREAT VID SWOOZIE this guy actually has such good advice

  • @anasmumin2405
    @anasmumin2405 2 lat temu +5582

    "Relationships should ADD to your happiness, not be the cause"
    I'll remember that 👍

    • @Kaiden-9226
      @Kaiden-9226 2 lat temu +14


    • @everythingpony
      @everythingpony 2 lat temu +10

      Relationship should be a cause of happiness bruh

    • @anasmumin2405
      @anasmumin2405 2 lat temu +68

      @@everythingpony Not the MAIN cause*

    • @gwenethp511
      @gwenethp511 2 lat temu +43

      it's a red flag if your partner says you're the only reason they're happy. like bro, you don't have any hobbies? any friends? yikes.

    • @pissflavoredskittles9622
      @pissflavoredskittles9622 2 lat temu +3

      Maybe I should say that to my obsessive ex, if I didn't had to block their number because it was that bad

  • @captaincharlie_
    @captaincharlie_ 2 lat temu +4923

    "if you're not happy single, you're not going to be happy in a relationship."
    _That just changed my whole perspective. Im-_

    • @CrowOfDemise
      @CrowOfDemise 2 lat temu +32

      Im-...... what? Tell me

    • @captaincharlie_
      @captaincharlie_ 2 lat temu +96

      @@CrowOfDemise "I'm-" = speechless

    • @CrowOfDemise
      @CrowOfDemise 2 lat temu +11

      @@captaincharlie_ Ok thank you

    • @Roadent1241
      @Roadent1241 2 lat temu +21

      I keep seeing this and as a disabled person I feel so stupid about it. I can't be happy because of it, and it would be selfish if I got into a relationship because govt dictates they are now my carer so... Not allowed happiness either way and I've no idea what to do. It's nothing to with 'PMA'.

    • @captaincharlie_
      @captaincharlie_ 2 lat temu +35

      @@Roadent1241 I'm disabled too so ik what you mean. I think it means there's a lot about our lives we're unhappy with. And if we got in relationships, having a partner would only change a small percentage of that.
      And yes, once someone finds out you're "sick" they don't treat you as a person, but a patient. And I want a partner, not another doctor taking constant care of me.

  • @raydog0483
    @raydog0483 11 miesięcy temu +167

    I once had a toxic gf who was almost exactly like "Ann's" bf. She would hit me, racist parents(she was white I'm hispanic), and she cheated on me yet I was always the one she was suspicious of. I did so much for that girl and regrettably took her back several times. Luckily I got my shit together and got out of it but even though I saved myself I still have lasting trauma from her

    • @doctorcorgi3134
      @doctorcorgi3134 6 miesięcy temu +7

      Sorry to hear that hope you’re doing better.

    • @Nano-yy2rk
      @Nano-yy2rk 23 dni temu

      Hope u are doing better!!!!

  • @simoncurtis6491
    @simoncurtis6491 2 lat temu +1068

    haven't watched sWooZie in years, I missed how positive and motivating he his.

  • @fenrir4552
    @fenrir4552 2 lat temu +123

    On the black eye thing, it is really telling that she was upset about it.
    I had a similar thing with my gf. We were playing around with a door, I'm pushing lightly, she's pushing, she stops pushing, I don't notice it and smack her with the door accidentally.
    A: She laughed it off. B: I immediately got concerned and helped her get some ice, no black eye. To this day we joke about her buying me a wifebeater. The fact that it got this swollen and that your friend was upset tells me that there may have been a bit more than an accidental door push.

  • @stunned1321
    @stunned1321 2 lat temu +2339

    Swoozie is like a variety pack PLclipr he talks about everything, and that's what I like about him

    • @mustyHead6
      @mustyHead6 2 lat temu +23

      He mostly talks about relationships though

    • @blxvkmugengaming2736
      @blxvkmugengaming2736 2 lat temu +3

      Word word

    • @zerozone5848
      @zerozone5848 2 lat temu +4

      When's the talk about "The Great Filter" or "The Fermi Paradox" in this channel? That would be dope

  • @crimsonornge8820
    @crimsonornge8820 2 lat temu +1556

    “Know your value and add tax” -sWooZie that is the best quote I have heard in a while

    • @slevinchannel7589
      @slevinchannel7589 2 lat temu +10

      Tbh, all friends with benefits relationships are toxic,
      at least in the sense of ‚This is super pathetic, duh’.

    • @Hikarol-chan
      @Hikarol-chan 9 miesięcy temu +1

      I needed this ✨

    • @vergilmontiero2558
      @vergilmontiero2558 6 miesięcy temu

      I've gotta start writing a few of these down.

  • @dwightk.schrute5559
    @dwightk.schrute5559 2 lat temu +4365

    “ I was just laying in bed thinking, humans don’t have flat faces” 😂😂😂

  • @PilloTheStar
    @PilloTheStar 7 miesięcy temu +8

    The more swoozie vids I watch, the happier I am to be single. It seems the only plus side to dating is having an interesting story to tell when it's over.

  • @taffysquirts9265
    @taffysquirts9265 2 lat temu +1063

    “Relationships should add to your happiness not be the reason why your happy”
    That hits hard

    • @slevinchannel7589
      @slevinchannel7589 2 lat temu +4

      Tbh, all friends with benefits relationships are toxic,
      at least in the sense of ‚This is super pathetic, duh’.

    • @cadethumann8605
      @cadethumann8605 Rok temu +8

      "If you're nothing without this (advanced) suit, you shouldn't have it" -Tony Stark/Iron Man to Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Spider-Man Homecoming

    • @paxton360
      @paxton360 11 miesięcy temu

      you are right

  • @supremecurmuncher8398
    @supremecurmuncher8398 2 lat temu +569

    Her: “I’ll get out of your hair in 30 days
    Swozie: *B A L D*

  • @mattfigueroa8761
    @mattfigueroa8761 2 lat temu +4128

    I’m convinced Swoozie has been in 100 relationships

    • @MrRBond007
      @MrRBond007 2 lat temu +42

      @Jack Pruett and tax

    • @zojirushi1
      @zojirushi1 2 lat temu +66

      Honestly bruh Swoozie is pulling Wilt Chamberlain numbers lol.

    • @Mister_Jay_Tee
      @Mister_Jay_Tee 2 lat temu +76


    • @maiden5427
      @maiden5427 2 lat temu +2

      He is still in some of them,

    • @maiden5427
      @maiden5427 2 lat temu +17

      @Cartoonist Louis Even flings, its too many. This man has had more flings than I have Knocked one out

  • @bekahpar-lar8549
    @bekahpar-lar8549 2 lat temu +752

    I think the term "toxic relationship" underplays what's happening here - These are literally classic signs of domestic abuse. Restricting her contacts, controlling every aspect of her life, chasing her and abusing her..? She could be seriously hurt if it escalates

    • @Nsmnsd197
      @Nsmnsd197 Rok temu +19

      It prob already has he talks about what’s happens years after the event actually took place so she should’ve left while she could but look at bozo now

    • @purplehaze4942
      @purplehaze4942 Rok temu +11

      titling a vid about domestic abuse would not get through the algorithm

    • @Arifumii
      @Arifumii 6 miesięcy temu +1

      I just wanna ask- (based on my experiences) Is guy who's pursuing you "toxic" if he keeps stalking you and following you everywhere and gets upset when you hug your friends? And is like pushing and pulling you away? That you're always left confused in the end? That's what happened last year with me and my almost-bf but I cut him off cause I didn't feel happy. I just wonder if I did the right thing.

  • @OfficialMayzeYo
    @OfficialMayzeYo 2 lat temu +2906

    “ if you break up with me you’ll never find anybody else like me” BRO THATS THE POINT-

    • @purplehaze4942
      @purplehaze4942 2 lat temu +89

      if its a kid then... *FBI OPEN UP!*

    • @ozyisgoated
      @ozyisgoated 2 lat temu +18

      @@purplehaze4942 *AAAAA-*

    • @aazhie
      @aazhie 2 lat temu +27

      RIGHT? Like man I don't want yet another DUMPSTER fire, k, thx!

    • @jorgetexidor2061
      @jorgetexidor2061 2 lat temu +11

      "Better" is the key word, that messes up with some people's minds

    • @Meloria6969
      @Meloria6969 Rok temu +2

      why you dating a kid?

  • @thethingsyoucanthink1469
    @thethingsyoucanthink1469 2 lat temu +420

    "know your value... AND ADD TAX"
    Best advice I've heard in a while 💯

    • @Agent-8
      @Agent-8 9 miesięcy temu +2

      Don’t forget the transport fee

  • @xXMoonkiXtx
    @xXMoonkiXtx Rok temu +19

    The bottleneck analogy actually makes a lot of sense to me. You’re a great storyteller!

  • @shoyuramenoff
    @shoyuramenoff 2 lat temu +1057

    A lot of women who act like her were probably raised in dysfunctional households and don't actually know what it's like to feel loved or respected, let alone safe. You feel comfortable in what you know, and if you're comfortable being abused, it's difficult to leave. That's why it's so difficult for people to get out of some toxic situations.
    I saw a "nice" guy in the comments who said women like being abused, so I figured I should say something.

    • @time2livelife
      @time2livelife 2 lat temu +72

      Yes, THIS!

    • @skailyralexander8935
      @skailyralexander8935 2 lat temu +25

      Thank you!

    • @piglover5474
      @piglover5474 2 lat temu +31

      @@goonk6149 stop

    • @Rena1302996
      @Rena1302996 2 lat temu +30

      People want to stay in a comfort zone so familiar suffering vs unknown healthy relationships where you dont have experience in dealing with them, tend to override our chances at real happiness.

  • @VirginiaDowdy777821
    @VirginiaDowdy777821 2 lat temu +249

    I remember being in this girl's shoes, it took me so long to realize my self worth isn't determined by a dude and I shouldn't stoop my standards so low because I just wanted somebody to love me... Because I didn't love myself. I hope this girl realizes the same and gets out of that toxic marriage.

    • @-Chrome-
      @-Chrome- Rok temu

      How's that going, I feel the same right now.

    • @papalonglegz3421
      @papalonglegz3421 Rok temu +1

      @@-Chrome- do you still feel the same today or did it get better?

    • @-Chrome-
      @-Chrome- Rok temu +2

      @@papalonglegz3421 Much better to be honest my ex was a person that drained a lot of energy from me, it's so amazing all the things I got to do besides I see tried to get back, hahahahaha it feels amazing!

  • @christylee9376
    @christylee9376 2 lat temu +161

    As someone who has been around alot of toxic guys, i really appreciate you talking about this. To this day, im still recovering from them. Abuse and manipulation are very much real and it can affect you. It may not affect you right away, but it could hit you later on and it comes on strongly
    Update: i just recently left a relationship that became toxic once i broke up with him

    • @slevinchannel7589
      @slevinchannel7589 2 lat temu

      Tbh, all friends with benefits relationships are toxic,
      at least in the sense of ‚This is super pathetic, duh’.

    • @christylee9376
      @christylee9376 2 lat temu +6

      @@slevinchannel7589 I never understood friends with benefits; it messes with the heart and mind

    • @N.I.A23
      @N.I.A23 Rok temu

      We only abuse you if you asked for it tho. Are you sure you didn't do anything wrong?

    • @christylee9376
      @christylee9376 Rok temu +3

      @@N.I.A23 nothing justifies abuse

  • @jetgalaxy9465
    @jetgalaxy9465 3 miesięcy temu

    I had a friend that was and is still in a toxic relationship. His gf acted a lot like the bf in your story, she would force him to isolate from all his friends and take control of his social media accounts. Not to mention, over time, he would show up to squad hang outs less and less often until it was like a twice a year thing. My friend and I haven't heard from him for MONTHS and I got a bad feeling he won't return.
    The saddest part is, he knows she's controlling but he keeps crawling back, even when they got into a fight and she threatened to leave. Now he's also blocked me on socials, so it's like yeah dude we clearly ain't friends. If he ends up unhappy with her in the future that's no one's fault but his (I hope that's not the case though).

  • @micki3056
    @micki3056 2 lat temu +1150

    The only explanations for the door giving her a black eye I could come up with were:
    1. He rammed her head into the doorknob
    2. She "Tripped into the doorknob"
    3. She was eye level with the doorknob
    4. She did it to herself
    5. Fist to face
    But hey, maybe he had a broken door that had been curved inwards and the broken wood jabbed her in the eye...
    edit: I've never had this many likes and replies one one of my comments, I know it's a small thing but the fact that so many people actually enjoyed this makes me happy.

    • @SaritaWolf
      @SaritaWolf 2 lat temu +111

      The edge of the door could have caught her cheekbone or something too. I got a black eye from putting a saddle up on a horse and the stirrup falling back onto my face. Only the edge of it caught me right under my eye but it immediately swelled up. Everyone thought I was in an abusive relationship for like 3 weeks. Even the person who literally watched the stirrup hit my face said that if she hadn’t seen it happen she’d think a guy punched me.

    • @micki3056
      @micki3056 2 lat temu +29

      @@SaritaWolf that makes sense, never thought of that happening. But are you okay now? Hope the damage was only minor!

    • @user-lx6fj3kf3j
      @user-lx6fj3kf3j 2 lat temu +28

      @@micki3056 depending on the angle the door can deffo catch you in the face

    • @lizzyrank5405
      @lizzyrank5405 2 lat temu +7

      @@SaritaWolf yes but you weren't met at and chased by that saddle were you? The guy went at her and chased her with intent. Idk if he did really hit her cause I wasn't there but maybe it was lucky that the fight did stop when the door(maybe) hit her in the face.

    • @SaritaWolf
      @SaritaWolf 2 lat temu +16

      @@lizzyrank5405 Oh no I’m not excusing what the guy did at all! I’m just saying it is probably possible to get a black eye from a door if maybe the nob or the corner hits you at the right angle. But whether the dude hit her with his fists or a door it’s still inexcusable.

  • @jules9747
    @jules9747 2 lat temu +3588

    If I had a dollar every time Swoozie said "I need wife this girl", I could afford PLclip premium. 🤣🤣

  • @Weakest_sailor
    @Weakest_sailor 2 lat temu +513

    “oh didn’t you hear they just got married”
    Ann’s IQ points just dropped by 100

    • @edenisok894
      @edenisok894 2 lat temu +59

      Toxic people can be very manipulative, don’t blame the victim. (Not saying you are but it does sound like that, i know it’s a joke but idk. Doesn’t sit right with me sorry)

    • @Weakest_sailor
      @Weakest_sailor 2 lat temu +19

      @@edenisok894 So you’re telling me if she was a genius she would’ve still married him

    • @edenisok894
      @edenisok894 2 lat temu +19

      @@Weakest_sailor not saying that but I mean, maybe. Someone can be knowledgeable and not wise. Also, idk if ur trolling or not lmao

    • @Weakest_sailor
      @Weakest_sailor 2 lat temu +2

      @@edenisok894 Why did you copy and paste your comment three times

    • @edenisok894
      @edenisok894 2 lat temu +9

      @@Weakest_sailor ? Oh, youtube is bugging

  • @s6hizo
    @s6hizo 2 lat temu +36

    I love this guy, he gives us amazing animations, nice story’s and gives us life long advice.

  • @yungwheezy253
    @yungwheezy253 Rok temu +13

    Just got recommended to me. The toxicity isn’t apparent to most people until it’s in hindsight. For me, I was in a relationship with someone I was toxic with, and toxic towards, I never realized how bad things were until it was over. And then I met someone amazing. She broke me out of my shell and the habits I formed from the past relationship. It took time and understanding, and a lot of reinforcement. But once I was brought back from that place and understood how to healthily talk about issues, everything became okay. 2 years strong, and pretty happy with where I’ve ended up. I’ll end this with the “best” you can do, isn’t the best for you. Just find someone you can be happy with.

  • @sagenebula
    @sagenebula 2 lat temu +43

    "Know your value, and add tax" words of pure wisdom. Also hope Anne is all right, that situation just sounds yikes all around.

  • @PrincessOfTheNight01
    @PrincessOfTheNight01 4 miesięcy temu +4

    During this last school year/my junior year of college I had a toxic roommate similar to this where she only thought of herself and made it seem like I was the bad guy whenever I stood up for myself and it was horrible. I’m very happy I no longer have to deal with her anymore after just living with her for a couple of months, I can’t imagine being in a whole relationship with someone like this.

  • @7aMza.
    @7aMza. 2 lat temu +6304

    When Swoozie gets in a relationship he doesn't post on Instagram like: "Hey i'm in a relationship"
    He waits until the relationship goes down till it hits rock bottom and makes a video about it
    One word: "GENIUS"

  • @cornelius98
    @cornelius98 2 lat temu +46

    14:06 This is some great advice and definitely something I needed to hear. It seems that a lot of people, including myself at one point, think that a relationship is what they need to fix all their problems. It really is important that people find happiness with themselves, since a relationship is at most time, never going to be perfect. Treating people as an end goal, instead of using them as a crutch towards an end goal, is necessary for any good relationship to be strong and solid :)

  • @Kallixoxo
    @Kallixoxo 2 lat temu +66

    “Know your value.. and add tax.” I love it that’s my new life motto. Swoozie’s got his values figured out 100% a great role model 💖

  • @katelynmoore937
    @katelynmoore937 2 lat temu +6

    The best reason I can think of for why she didn't take your offer is that she doesn't want to be alone. People with great personalities like you explained that she had tend to also struggle mentally and it may be the reason why she stayed and didn't want to move to a place without someone. Besides that, not knowing an area can also cause more stress if you don't have a roommate. I totally get why you didn't want her to come in, but I think that she might have needed more support than financially. Just me though because I struggle with abandonment PTSD, so there are some things I can't handle well on my own.

  • @microzoftvamiraculousash1663

    Thanks for the story and lesson Rachel, I learned a lot today!

  • @FlowerItzel18
    @FlowerItzel18 2 lat temu +37

    I’ve been so caught up on PLclip drama that I forgot that swoozie gave some great advice even though I’m already married with kids it’s always good to know 😌😄

    • @slevinchannel7589
      @slevinchannel7589 2 lat temu +1

      Tbh, all friends with benefits relationships are toxic,
      at least in the sense of ‚This is super pathetic, duh’.

  • @yakiraj6481
    @yakiraj6481 2 lat temu +243

    Swoozie's literally the only PLclipr that's been on here for over 10 years thats not problematic, like i dont think he's even had a scandal. He just chills, tells stories and minds his business

  • @echojaxx8550
    @echojaxx8550 2 lat temu +5

    My first relationship was toxic af. She was a horrible person, but what I gained out of it was what to look for and what not to look for in a person, and in a relationship.

  • @thealvatar6181
    @thealvatar6181 2 lat temu +137

    Swoozie: “so I’m a simp…”
    Swoozie one video later: “so there’s a gorgeous gamer girl who likes me so I told her to go live by herself…”
    The lord Swoozie’s wisdom knows no bounds…

  • @blhblab9108
    @blhblab9108 2 lat temu +11

    Going through the BIGGEST break up of my life. Feel absolutely worthless and remotely suicidal, but Can always count on swoozie to make me feel just a little bit better.

  • @alexanderloi5194
    @alexanderloi5194 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Sounds like a girl i had a crush on, i get crushes easily , but she was not clingy. But she would basically have dramatic stories regularly about a few guys she was interested in. The wake up call to me was when she told her ex or current boyfriend at the time she was having a potentially lethal sickness (a lie). Later the boyfriend told her parents and they were genuinely worried and want to help her. She would tell me and few friends she will not admit it was a lie.

  • @yari-chan7471
    @yari-chan7471 7 miesięcy temu +1

    I’ve always been that friend who’s seen the signs of toxic relationships and wanting/helping my friends in these problems has been so exhausting and frustrating because they always crawl back. The good thing is that since I’m in high school I don’t have to deal with friends who are in toxic relationships/wanting advice just to crawl back but something I do wish and want people to take more seriously is that you shouldn’t find happiness in relationships. I can understand that we all want comfort and affection but if you keep finding happiness in relationships to be the cause in being happy that’s not helping you that’s hurting you more and most of the time people don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t mind giving advice but it’s up to you if you’re going to take my advice and be useful with it or just bluntly throw it the window and crawl back if somebody’s there to help at the end of the day it’s up to you if you want to help yourself or hurt yourself.

  • @samanthavivian4059
    @samanthavivian4059 2 lat temu +3436

    “i have to wife this girl” *fast forward four years* “we’re still friends” 💀💀

    • @beachesandcream27
      @beachesandcream27 2 lat temu +240

      And he wonders why some of his love interests get impatient 😂

    • @infiltretor287
      @infiltretor287 2 lat temu +113

      🤣🤣 exactly. They probably get tired of being baited for content.

    • @bloodyrose1995
      @bloodyrose1995 2 lat temu +67

      Yeah I didn’t understand why he didn’t try with her… like I guess she came on too strong? But they’d been friends for a long time… If I was her I’d consider that a rejection and try to move on.

    • @BonesDMS4life
      @BonesDMS4life 2 lat temu +52

      @@bloodyrose1995 idk swoozie comes off as confused to me

    • @zenssa6686
      @zenssa6686 2 lat temu +37

      @@infiltretor287 dudes got trust issues from past relationships. I think he said that in a video

  • @cobrakass4240
    @cobrakass4240 2 lat temu +4

    swoozie is like a free therapist.... I love it

  • @patriciapink4985
    @patriciapink4985 2 lat temu +12

    I just got out of a toxic relationship a few months ago. We we're together for a year and a half. I just couldn't handle it anymore and realized I should be treated better than that. I still don't have any regrets and happy with my decision to leave.

  • @jamiegdubois
    @jamiegdubois Rok temu +21

    Wow, I gotta say I feel for Ann. Obviously her relationship with Swoozie wasn’t great, but this second guy? It reminds me so much of one of my former friends (I’ll call her Julie) and her boyfriend, now husband (who I’ll call Drew). When they were dating, “she” slowly started cutting people out of her friendship group. I say “she” because the types of people and the way it would happen was highly suggestive that it was his idea. For example, she was still close friends with her exes because they ended on very good terms, but they were “cut out” first, then came the other members of the friend group who were still close friends with said exes. They only other friends it seemed like she was “allowed to keep” were the ones she’d met in uni with Drew and any of Drew’s friends. However, Julie would still hang out with a lot of us when Drew (before they were married) would occasionally take an out of town business maybe twice a year; idk if she was lying to him, but it was like the only time she felt safe. Any other time I asked her to hang out she’d say something like, “Not today because Drew is in town and he said he likes spending as much time together as possible.” Oh, he’s in town? You mean in the same apartment where you both live together and see each other every day (this is directed towards the SO, not my friend). From the moment they started dating-especially after she got engaged-, she’s changed her appearance because “Drew liked it better that way”, changed parts of her dream wedding because “Drew didn’t like that idea” (although that I kinda understand, I do think the groom should have some input on the wedding, but maybe not SO much), and suddenly moved her halfway across the country, which even further isolated her from her friends, and now her family. She hasn’t talked to me since her wedding, so I have no idea how she’s doing but I think of her everyday. I know she loves him and I know she is happy in her own way, it’s just so hard to watch. If you’re out there Julie, I miss you and I hope you’re okay. 💞

    • @BlueBino_
      @BlueBino_ Rok temu +2

      This is quite sad especially when you know theres nearly nothing you can do. My best condolences to you and Julie’s friends and family.

    • @vergilmontiero2558
      @vergilmontiero2558 6 miesięcy temu +1

      Hopefully you're able to meet your friend again and she's safe while out of a relationship with that other person.

    • @ciarafant1729
      @ciarafant1729 5 miesięcy temu +1


  • @unknownvalor9755
    @unknownvalor9755 2 lat temu +188

    Been there, She's trapped by her love. She's the warden of the prison love built for her. Sadly there will be days when this guy will be awesome and she'll feel the relationship is getting better, that it's finally turning around.(course that's the lie giving false hope). When blinded by love it's almost impossible to escape that situation. For me I wrote out unforgivable sins, that if she committed any of these sins the relationship is dead. Which of course she did, committing that unforgivable sin gave me the strength to end the relationship. Best way to realize your in a toxic relationship is with your friends. They got your back and when they say run, you RUN!. Anyway my advice to anyone trapped in a "Toxic Relationship" draw a line and stick to it. You deserve better! Trust me when you embrace the next love of your life the old toxic one will be a distant memory.

    • @PDjargon
      @PDjargon 2 lat temu +1

      Uh still got that list? Would be useful to get an idea if I end up in a relationship myself as to what to look out for and make up my own list of yours, if all good to do so.

    • @will_9910
      @will_9910 Rok temu

      I 2nd would like to see this list as well. If you ever come back to this comment that is.

    • @UnlimitlesslyFunnyDude
    • @Flairis
      @Flairis 10 miesięcy temu

      Must reveal the list 😩

  • @BrendonPatrickWatts

    I was going through something similar a few years ago. I wish I had this video then. People were kinda telling me what you were, but they framed it in a horrible way. Making it seem like I was the one that didnt deserve that person. However, they all told me since then that they were trying to get me help away from them. They just framed it wrong and that made me feel like I had to cling onto that relationship for as long as i could because that was the best it would ever get for me. I'm in a much healthier place now though years later.

  • @mozax8118
    @mozax8118 2 lat temu +2639

    Now that Swoozie confessed his embarrassing l's, let's see him now confess his amazing W's!!!

    • @uzkzowz9412
      @uzkzowz9412 2 lat temu +111

      He kinda does every other video

    • @zyclo
      @zyclo 2 lat temu +50

      I love it when I get the notification “Someone subbed to you” and “Someone liked your comment 👍.”

    • @astrowyrm6871
      @astrowyrm6871 2 lat temu +31

      @@zyclo good for you bud

    • @kitnkindlin683
      @kitnkindlin683 2 lat temu +27

      Im more curious how he’s dated all these people the stories are endless.

    • @johnlewis8934
      @johnlewis8934 2 lat temu +1

      Yes that would be a great video

  • @chuy8hansolo
    @chuy8hansolo 8 miesięcy temu

    Ever since the breakup that was a hard hit, emotionally, I told myself I won't ever display jealousy again. I was bad. Now, I keep it controlled nicely. My wife actually wished I show a bit of jealousy but I got it on locked lol

  • @anneliesew4853
    @anneliesew4853 Rok temu +8

    I just got out of a relationship 3 months ago. And I’m still trying to somewhat recover and get over it. The thing is, I see him a lot since we’re in the same band.
    He was very very emotionally dependent on me, in fact he was dependent on me for almost everything. Before getting into the relationship, he already didn’t love himself and relied on me for most of his self-worth and saw no problem with that. I was basically his mother and his therapist. He was way too physical with other people and most of his friends were girls. There was one in particular who I honestly hated. She was clearly into him the entire time, but he always denied it. 2 months after I leave him, he gets with her, and the next day, breaks up with her over Discord. Yeah, over Discord. Then they get back together 2 days later. He says I have jealousy issues when I’ve been told repeatedly by friends that I was just setting boundaries. He just makes me feel like a terrible person and doesn’t see any problem with not taking care of himself and blaming everything he does on other people.
    Never be afraid to leave someone.

    • @faadumoahmed
      @faadumoahmed Rok temu

      Girl tell me how it went!!!!

    • @anneliesew4853
      @anneliesew4853 Rok temu

      @@faadumoahmed we didn’t confront him. We thought it was best to leave it alone and I need to move on.

  • @tehilagrunebaum-lake6982

    My toxic ex was super egotistical (he wasn't a terrible person just a bad partner). Anyway both of us at the time were planning to leave for a program in another country and when we started dating we began making plans on possibly even living together (we'd only been together for 3 months, i know it was really stupid but i was 19 and this was my first serious relationship). Anyway the one day we were on a date and we talked about going into the army together and he turns to me and goes
    "Yeah you know the army can get really stressful and things happen and I dont know if I can stay faithful to you"
    .....I broke up with him about a week later.
    There were other things that prompted the breakup but that was the moment that the rose-colored glasses shattered for me.

  • @Christylove2000
    @Christylove2000 6 miesięcy temu

    I feel when a relationship starts to get serious, voices everything basically what makes you feel comfortable and uncomfortable and just talking and getting to know each others boundaries so things get smoother when getting deeper into the relationship. It helps with a lot 😎✨

  • @gacha_army1389
    @gacha_army1389 Rok temu

    I used to have this best friend but I ended the best friend relationship due some reasons , but the girl and I were still close friends. Then a time came where she'd be so rude to my friends and I, if we were like hanging out. Basically she said she was jealous or so. She would say or do stuff that I would tell her I didn't like but she still kept on doing them, it got to a point where I slowly distanced myself away from her and she'd be like oh do u have a grudge on me? (now by this point, she said she wasn't jealous anymore and has accepted the fact that I don't want to be besties anymore)
    And that made me feel more worse, thinking that I was the one making wrong choices or so.
    And she continued with her indirect insults to me, and that was when I finally stopped like having those friend conversations to her. She'd be the one to come and talk to me, but in a forceful manner and i wouldn't even have the energy or mood to talk to her cause I'd be so angry or just upset at how she was behaving. (at times I even felt like I had to just force a smile so she can leave me alone, or I'd force myself to answer her questions)
    If she asked me like oh give me reasons why you don't want to be my best friend and I would literally give out like five or more reasons and the only reply I would get was like, is that all? Or like you aren't fair, blah blah blah. (she said I wasn't fair because I refused to do our handshake or fist bump or even accept a hug from her). So it went on like this for like... Idk some months (3 or 4 months), I feel really, tbh I'm not sure, but when I see her, I'd feel like just letting her not to see me. And she'd try to get my attention.
    So one day, I was talking to one of her friends who she'd probs say is her bestie now (cause I heard her say it out loud). So I was talking to this girl and my ex bestie calls her from across the class and she goes there and I hear my ex bestie telling her friend, out loud, why am I hanging out or talking to her, I should be hanging out with my own best friends cause I have them or so (I don't, I have just been making new friends) . Basically it made me feel upset, because I wasn't even trying to steal anyone here.
    Then the friend comes back and I ask if I am disturbing or affecting their friendship and she's like no. Then this my ex bestie comes, (don't wanna lie abt some parts so Imma skip). Then I tell her she isn't being nice because she's now trying to be competitive and she goes like u rnt being fair as well cause a hug is a hug from everyone (I didn't like how she'd make the hugs so uncomfortable ). And I was like but I don't feel comfortable and u r being too forceful and she tells her friend that yeah, she can be forceful but I too am not being fair. It made me sad realizing that she doesn't even try to at least understand my point of view.
    So the next day, I decided to end the friendship after getting some advice from someone the day before. Cause she literally made me cry (don't want hate, just came to get advice. And yes I can be emotional at times). So I gave her a paper that stated I am ending our friendship and she's like so I shouldn't talk to you? And I'm like we can but our relationship is classmate.
    And surprisingly... She actually backed off. She stopped trying to get my attention, she stopped forcing me to "talk" to her, basically she wasnt giving me a loud attention, but I could still see her giving me stares or glances every now and then.
    Then my anger on her, I guess cooled down. So on Friday (the one that just passed), one of her other friends comes to me and says she wants to make my ex bestie jealous and I'm like uhm... Then she tells me that my ex bestie talks about me all the time and says she prays for me to succeed and all that. And I'm like wait so does she talk about me in a good or bad way and the friend is like in a bad way, most of the time (saying how I hurt her by not talking to her and blah blah blah 😤😣)and I tell the girl that I don't care anymore, because I don't go around backbiting about her, All I do is tell people (close friends, sister and cousins) what she does to me and how I feel about it.
    So blah blah blah, it is almost home time and she (ex bestie) comes to me, shaking me, saying in a baby tone, talk to me or smtg like that. Then she asks if I'm her friend and I say no. She says to her, I'm still her friend and she says she's gonna hug me (she didn't cause I declined and protested), and deep down I actually want to laugh cause I'm not mad at her anymore.
    Then the question ticks me, I'm not mad at her, so why don't I be friends again?
    Then I realize that, the only reason why I ended our friendship was because of the way she made me feel guilty and she wouldn't stop even after I told her several times to stop. She'd even hurt me consciously or let me say deliberately and she comes some time later and says "sorry", but does it, again!!
    The point is, I ended the friendship because of the negativity in it, that I felt.
    Then I also realize that, she never did stop offending me because of my own interest, she only stopped when I ended our friendship. (idk if I'm making sense here😅).
    What I mean is, she knew, we both knew our friendship was thin and she knew that I was spacing her because I didn't feel right with her and I would tell her this. So in common sense or generally if she had actually wanted to stay friends, she would have stopped the things I told her I didn't like, but instead she continued. And the only time she stopped was when I ended the relationship.
    So I came here to ask, how to tell if she actually wants to be my friend like for real, realzies, or if she is just being nice to me so that I can call her a friend again(idk if it makes sense).
    If I had to ask if I should be friends with her again, that would sound.. Naive or to me, in my pov, foolishness.
    Cause I ended it for my good, and if she was not being nice to me, why is she now?
    So I'm wondering if it isn't wrong to like take time and see or let me say observe.
    Because I don't "trust" the idea that she's being nice to me again.
    Or maybe because her friend was talking or getting closer to me...?
    I would really like a feedback or advices.
    Thank you so much to those who read and gave their opinions (no hate plsssss).

  • @sesamesprinkles
    @sesamesprinkles 2 lat temu +2132

    Doors automatically shape into a fist when kicked at a certain speed…..her story makes sense

    • @zionwilliams8014
      @zionwilliams8014 2 lat temu +11


    • @ArkbladeIX
      @ArkbladeIX 2 lat temu +43

      The doorknob slid up a couple feet

    • @MrScarsoto21
      @MrScarsoto21 2 lat temu +3

      On god thoe

    • @SpiderDibs
      @SpiderDibs 2 lat temu +21

      It's possible in an odd way, it happened to me once. If the hit is strong enough on the cheekbone, the bruise can spread to the eye. Though it wouldn't be as painful looking as the cheekbone.

    • @Asmodea01
      @Asmodea01 2 lat temu +5

      This sounds almost identical to the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp bathroom black eye incident ... 🤔

  • @sheagaier7582
    @sheagaier7582 Rok temu +1

    I understand! Even in social situations, this can happen. We need to identify the root causes of why the individual may be exhibiting these behaviors. They could have been harmed in the past, may have borderline personality etc. The more you know about the situation, the more that you can identify what to do in a given situation. Also one of my own friends behaves this way as well. Every time she fights with her mom she runs away and will stay with the guys she dates until they fight and break up. It has ended badly for my friend multiple times. My friend and I have a strategy now where she can call me if she ever wants to run away. I dont always allow he to stay over but i let her hash her emotions out with me until she is able to rationalize her thoughts.

  • @LorienInksong
    @LorienInksong 2 lat temu +12

    Hey I just found your content today, and I'm really enjoying it, but I wanted to say I'm sorry about your friend. I don't know her backstory but she sounds a lot like me (NB) and my sister. Our parents abused us through words, unreasonable punishments, and constant attacks on our esteem/worth. I've tolerated awful things from my wife that I shouldn't have because of it, and my sister has bounced through a series of abusive boyfriends. My wife and I are working to fix our relationship, and my sister is seeking help, but I wanted you to know because it felt wrong to not point it out. Its a really crummy pattern and people with big hearts get chewed up by it the worst.
    Sorry for gloomy comment and maybe TMI. You seem cool, thanks for trying to look out for folks. I think "the kids these days" are pretty great, but I worry about them being taken advantage of so its really nice to see content like this were the young can easily find it.

  • @InfestedLice
    @InfestedLice 2 lat temu +1

    as someone who has been in a toxic relationship- (he would do the “narcissistic flips” on me, lie STRAIGHT to my face, lie ON my name about having sex with me even though we’ve NEVER done it, gaslight me, etc) it hurts me hearing this story... like obviously we don’t know what truly went down with that girl and her now-husband, but hearing this perspective, it’s pretty devastating.

  • @matthewmuniz5564
    @matthewmuniz5564 2 lat temu

    Swoozie I will forever watch your videos. You give such great advice.

  • @JokerChany
    @JokerChany Rok temu

    Swooz she was probably capable of moving out to a place and just needed support and a friend to get back on her feet with. If she gets clingy you can always make things clear for her rather than making her handle this on her own in her own place. She clearly wanted your help and considering she kept coming to you for help and advice and your opinion she clearly valued you.

  • @pwner332
    @pwner332 2 lat temu +3557

    “Girls this cute don’t talk to me”
    *all his girl friends get pissed off* 😭😭😭

  • @kittybun8845
    @kittybun8845 2 lat temu +6

    A bit of advice for everyone: when he says be happy on your own before being with somebody else, that's good advice. That doesn't mean that you have to leave if you need time to work on yourself. It just means that if you're in a healthy relationship, you won't feel like your entire life and happiness depends on them staying there with you. If you can become your own person, you have a clear mind that allows you to make better decisions, and you don't have that when you rely on somebody else so heavily. If you're happy on your own first, you can still be in a strong, healthy relationship. And to those of you who have built up your walls, it may not feel like the love you may have experienced in a previous relationship, but give it time and it will become something better.

  • @sisarioduncan3805
    @sisarioduncan3805 2 lat temu +3

    This man always knows what to say thanks swoozie 🙏🏽

  • @footsoljier6468
    @footsoljier6468 6 miesięcy temu

    I should have listened to you when I dated my current ex. Pretty much describes my ex perfectly with traits. She never told me there was a problem and I didn’t know and when she broke up with me she blocked me on everything with no explanation

  • @yami1719
    @yami1719 2 lat temu +4

    Hey Swoozie Thanks for the really good advice about relationships, because Now I can look out for my Friends and Not be dumb, thank you for using your time to help anothers with Relationship. love your videos. Stay awesome Bro

  • @these8620
    @these8620 2 miesięcy temu

    Swoozie is the only reason I understand women, and now I’m getting a girlfriend because of you bro.

  • @hmoniemiller1691
    @hmoniemiller1691 2 lat temu +4096

    Moral of the story: all girls should just date Swoozie.

  • @ryandevine1543
    @ryandevine1543 2 lat temu +3

    I completely forgot about swoozies channel and damn I can’t express how fun it is to watch his videos again. Swoozie is the guy✌️

  • @novacore9316
    @novacore9316 2 lat temu +3

    I had a friend that was pretty toxic she would always complain when things didn’t go her way and even faked an entire depression so everyone in the friend group could feel bad, I didn’t fall for this neither did my best friend so we ended up leaving the friend group and it still pisses me off to this day

  • @SINISTERLdoeStream

    there is shockingly 2 types of toxic relationships, the one being described in this video, love ya content mate, and the second type of toxic relationships is purely Black Widow based (to make it more understandable, its a kill to gain relationship -_-) my uncle had a stroke and the black widow he was living with isolated him and took all the devices away and hid them, as well as she arranged a forced marriage on him and just to have it divorced again, and after that he has gotten a lack of sleep based dement state,
    Keep up the good work homie
    as well as trying to resurrect my channel that just ended in a dead end loop hole, its at the point of the no recovery without help 😥 just to be humble, how could i get back up on my feet and recover the silence, any tips and tricks

  • @amandamote4567
    @amandamote4567 2 lat temu +5

    "Know your value and add tax." Love it. I just sent this to my roommate who is in a toxic idk what to call it with our other roommate who also has a boyfriend. It's gettin weird.

  • @user-pe3ty4on2o
    @user-pe3ty4on2o 2 lat temu +20

    To be honest, in your other video where you mentioned "Ann" driving an hour to pick up a game for you I thought, "Damn that's a bit much. Maybe she's just a really nice person?" Someone coming on too strong when they haven't even met you is a red flag. It's not often talked about because it doesn't seem like a negative. You want to give those people the benefit of the doubt because they are being nice to you after all. This is just a personal observation, but people who want to give you their everything within a short period of time after meeting you usually have problems with boundaries, self-worth, and healthy social interaction. You can feel bad for them because they're not bad people, but that "I need someone to love me or I'm worthless" mentality is not something that you want to get deeply involved with. Swoozie did the right thing by offering to pay rent for a separate apartment for her instead of letting her stay with him in exchange for her "keeping his belly full" and "making sure there's never a dirty dish in the sink". It sounded like she wanted to be his live-in girlfriend. It seems that she felt the need to be an relationship so badly to the point that she'd rather be married to an abusive man than be single. There's sadly not much you can do in these situations if the person being abused does not take concrete steps towards making healthier choices (ex: taking Swoozie up on his offer). You can't force a person's hand or live their life for them, no matter how badly you might want to.

  • @clownfromspongebob3979
    @clownfromspongebob3979 2 lat temu +599

    This isn’t her first toxic relationship. She’s so submissive and ok with everything that happened and she is totally getting abused in the marriage

    • @winnumber101
      @winnumber101 2 lat temu +36

      Most likely… that’s legit an extraordinarily stupid progression to marriage

    • @mysharahman
      @mysharahman 2 lat temu +71

      i feel really bad for her i hope shes safe its obv she isnt in control in the relationship and i just wanna know if shes safe :(((

    • @jasonchachacondoms670
      @jasonchachacondoms670 2 lat temu +6

      Who is she?

    • @rioksek8930
      @rioksek8930 2 lat temu +1

      @@woobeewooo True

  • @AethersHill
    @AethersHill 2 lat temu +8

    I got out of a toxic relationship about half a year ago, and for a while I was wondering if I was the toxic one. For sure there were things I could have done way better. But my ex started some shit two days ago and confirmed to me that she was the toxic one.

  • @Ballira
    @Ballira 2 lat temu +6

    About the door: It's not impossible to get a black eye from getting hit by a door or by running into it. It's pretty darn hard to do, especially without busting your nose in the process, but it can happen.
    In regards to the relationship issue, there are some people out there that just feel that they either A) Cannot survive on their own or B) Cannot be without a relationship. Heck, there are people out there that feel it's better to be miserable and in a relationship than to risk being alone at the end of their life. These also tend to be the people who hop from one relationship to another the second one ends to avoid that possible loneliness because they tend to (not always) base their self-worth on if there is someone who wants them. These are also people that are easily preyed on as a result.
    I feel sorry for your friend because she does sound like a lovely person. But you also made the right call in not letting her stay with you and making the offer you did. That was a red flag in and of itself that was attempting to hop again. But you're right. She's an adult. She will have to come to her own realizations about herself and what she needs in her life.

  • @shoujofanatic
    @shoujofanatic 7 miesięcy temu +2

    Honestly I think Swoozie's offer to help her was great, she would have had her own space and more time to figure things out. I think she just wanted him to fall for her by being a perfect live-in girlfriend. She seems very co-dependant. A lot of beautiful girls have deep insecurities that jerks exploit, it's so sad.

  • @kyzereyeproductions9773

    When you talk about how you should treat yourself and allow others to treat you ... They are nuggets of gold.

  • @vivekkarajasegaran2664

    I once had a toxic ex. We were in a situationship. He always spoke down to me like as if I was a child who's incapable of making decisions and treated me as a toy or an object for sex. Forced his desire for sex down my throat and constantly told me that I liked it or enjoyed it sexually. How tf am I supposed to know if I'm being gaslighted constantly in this sense. And whenever he fucked up, he pointed fingers at me saying that it's my fault to hide his shame. When he made a joke of me, I lost my shit and was done with the fucker. Just so fucking done. He disrespected my boundaries, invalidated my feelings, made me feel even shittier than I've ever felt in my entire life. I just wish I could rewind time and not meet this selfish, arrogant, narcissistic jerk of an arse in my life.

  • @areee8908
    @areee8908 2 lat temu +818

    “Relationships should add to your happiness, not be your happiness.” Actually some really good advice swooz, thanks :).

  • @aaronlowman5794
    @aaronlowman5794 2 lat temu +6

    If the story keeps going imma need a part 2 this was 🔥

  • @applesauceisevil
    @applesauceisevil 2 lat temu +1

    As someone who actually did get a black eye from a door, it is possible. It happened when I was in high school. I was goofing around and annoying a friend. I also ran to the bathroom to hide. I did it a couple times and the last time I messed up locking the door fast enough and when they opened the door it hit me in the face and it was my first and last black eye.

  • @tspider1636
    @tspider1636 Rok temu

    I have been in like 5 or 6 toxic relationships before and it still hurts me to this day so stay safe guys👍

  • @lazygravy_brook
    @lazygravy_brook 2 lat temu

    hits home. had a super toxic friend who went to my school who always blamed me for everything, argued with me all the time and didn't accept basic facts, was awful to my other friends and to my family, and constantly talked smack for the littlest things i did. IMO, it's not worth trying to fix toxic friends. it's better just to warn others about them so they can't hurt anyone else.

  • @eatmyredacted6138

    Swoozie has gotten so much better than i remember

  • @suomynonyyK
    @suomynonyyK 2 lat temu +607

    *"Relationships should add to your happiness not be your source of happiness"*
    ~~~Swoozie 2021

  • @Extremeredfox
    @Extremeredfox 2 lat temu +2

    Also note, the fastest way to corrupt a decent person is to have them stay in relationships with toxic people.
    I had a close friend for over a decade and they decided to get into a toxic on off relationship with multiple people. Eventually they started adopting those toxic habits, and it reached the point that they aren't the same person anymore. Sure some of the core stuff is there, and you see glimpses of that when we hung out, but the adopted habits come out a bit too much for me to want to continue being close friends with them. The thing is that other close friends noticed that same thing, and we'd hope that keeping our distance for a while would be a wakeup call, that this behavior was driving wedges into long time friendships. Unfortunately, it only made things worse and they more or less double downed in that bad behavior. In the past we were quick to forgive thinking that this is what good friends should do, but overtime our friend began to interpret this as "I can do you dirty and you'll still forgive me and this is what a true friendship is". (This was a trait she had learned from her relationship with toxic people) After being burnt on multiple occasions, being gaslighted, and noticing that my friend was always in the center of some drama, (and of course they NEVER are the ones to start drama and don't understand how they got caught up into it) I eventually had to draw the line, and said it's either me who's been your loyal pal for over a decade or these chumps that seem to screw you over every other weekend. My friend bold face lied straight to my face, and said they would cut things off with said people and stop treating me in this way.
    Later on I find out that they were lying, and to make matters worse I was out their defending them to other mutual friends, saying that they changed back to the person they once were. When I confronted my friend on this lie, I got gaslighted, and delivered more weak excuses. Eventually the toxic person ended up publicly humiliating them and they broke things off. My friend apologized and we were tentative friends, and I told them upfront that it would take time for our friendship to be restored, b/c of the past issues. They worked on it for a good 3-5 months, and things were improving. They were growing as a person and getting mentally healthy. Then another toxic person showed up and after doing me dirty again 2 out of 3 times. I said you need to get out of this relationship. They agreed and said that things were done. Only to be told 3 months later that they were in a relationship. I threw my hands up and then confronted them about what they said earlier. They basically admitted to "exaggerating" claims and statements they make to me in conversation, but stated that their intention wasn't to hurt me. My friend would start doing all these "nice" things to make up for it while still engaging in relationships with toxic people and then ask me to help and assist when the pieces broke.
    I realized that this was taking a toll on me when my friends noticed that I was becoming an increasingly bitter person. It was at this point that I realized that the toxic behavior was beginning to corrupt me, and I had to cut the friend off. It definitely SUCKS that 10+ years investment into a friendship has turned to this. I truly hope my friend in the long term changes for the better, and stops surrounding themselves with toxic people, but I think at this point the best I can do is be a casual friend. It just sucks though b/c you see the disaster and pain filled road they are on but they don't. For their sake, I hope I'm wrong.

    • @cdog3214
      @cdog3214 2 lat temu +2

      my guy wrote a whole book for 1 like just people these days

    • @UnlimitlesslyFunnyDude
      @UnlimitlesslyFunnyDude Rok temu

      wow ..... how you able to write/think that?

  • @HAZARD1776
    @HAZARD1776 6 miesięcy temu

    The amount of times swooize has said “I have to wife this girl” 😂 Love your stories swooize

  • @toast1069
    @toast1069 Rok temu

    If I had a nickle for every time Swoozie went over Toxic relationships, I'd have 2 nickles. Which isn't much, but strange it happened twice.

  • @kaliek5281
    @kaliek5281 2 lat temu

    Basically summarized the relationship I just got out of. A Very toxic GF who took advantage of me at every turn, made 0 effort to go out of her way for me (even though I would for her) and tried to blame *me* for her being mean/rude to other people. The straw that broke the camels back: My father was hispitalized (and as of this comment still is) and we believed he was going to die....she invited me over saying she'll call off work the next day. I told her no, you come HERE I really don't feel like driving the 30min right now but you can come here and still call off. Apparently that was too much to ask: for her to come spend time with me while I was a wreck due to a possibly (and still possibly) dying parent. And with that I was done with her.

  • @korischlitt5257
    @korischlitt5257 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie seems like such a good dude to be friends with. Not gonna lie, kind of jealous of his friends. You got a good head on your Swooze, don't ever lose it

    @RECEPTOR17 2 lat temu +70

    It's strange how you don't notice it until you are actually free from the Toxic relationship.
    It took me a few years for me to rebuild myself mentally, but my fiancée has been incredible in making me the vastly improved and healthy man I am today.
    Looking back, there were so many signs I missed from living through it.
    Much love to ya sWooZie!

  • @villain1576
    @villain1576 2 lat temu

    Great Advice + Story I can learn from
    You're always great thanks for another high quality content 💯

  • @Creppycookies
    @Creppycookies Rok temu

    Hope that Anne is doing well, she deserves better

  • @lilguillotine
    @lilguillotine 9 miesięcy temu +1

    Good talk, I just got outta one. They always turned everything I say are problems around on me and said I was the problem.

  • @thirty-three333
    @thirty-three333 Rok temu

    Dude, just found ur channel and watched a few videos and i gotta say, I like you. You are so self aware and got a great mindset. Gotta subscribe for this! great work!

  • @ChaosP1E
    @ChaosP1E Rok temu +1

    My friend was in a toxic relationship. Me being the more silent one, I let her vent to me. It made me really mad hearing what her ex was doing, to the point where she has really bad anxiety. Currently she's doing better, but since I'm not in any other classes with her, I can only text/call her. (I'm more of an in person talker)

  • @AnimeWolf5193
    @AnimeWolf5193 2 lat temu +332

    I had a friend in a toxic relationship. Dude was incredibly controlling. He had a "Three-strikes" rule where if she did stuff he didn't like, he gave her a strike. When she tried using the same thing, he told her to stop joking.
    They broke up and she asked to hang out and talk. She talked to me and another friend over the phone. She told us about all the crap he did. But the more she said and the more we confirmed that her relationship was toxic, the more willing she seemed to go back and give him another shot. And she got back with him, briefly, before they broke up again.
    Break-ups can be difficult to deal with, and sometimes it can be tempting to go back to something familiar. But you don't owe anyone a relationship that makes you unhappy for any reason. And it can feel bad being alone, but you will be okay.

    • @justamonkewithinternetacce3278
      @justamonkewithinternetacce3278 2 lat temu +3

      What happened if she got three strikes?

    • @AnimeWolf5193
      @AnimeWolf5193 2 lat temu +7

      @@justamonkewithinternetacce3278 Then he'd break up with her. He kept holding the relationship hostage like that.

    • @Skulls69
      @Skulls69 2 lat temu

      And you will *definitely* find someone better who loves you so much more! You don't need them. :/

    • @yakheen581
      @yakheen581 2 lat temu

      Wdym the stuff he didn't like... What is she doing that makes him so mad

    • @AnimeWolf5193
      @AnimeWolf5193 2 lat temu

      @@yakheen581 She hung out with friends he didn't like. And she smoked pot which he apparently didn't approve of.
      My problem with this dynamic is that it's just a manipulative tactic. If she had been doing something bad enough for him to want to leave, then he should have just left. Holding their relationship hostage if she doesn't do what he wants was wrong. And all it did was make her feel like she was worthless. It's not like it stopped her.

  • @amermaidofunusualsize860

    I think its plausable that she got a black eye from the door tbh. The abuse probably didn't stop, generaly in these sorts of situations, the abuser will try to escolate the level of the relationship, ei. asking them to move in with them a month into the relationship, ei. getting married (several years in to be fair, but still). Def. a super sad story, hope she's able to get out of there :(

  • @TheCuriousLegend
    @TheCuriousLegend 2 lat temu +1

    OMG, Thank you Swoozie. I just told my friend who has a toxic girl your advice and now they are happy together!

  • @pragati6218
    @pragati6218 Rok temu

    He is someone to look up to. His experience feel real and understandable and even relatable.
    It feels nice to find your channel.

  • @KamKing19
    @KamKing19 2 lat temu +3

    I’ve had a few friends in this situation and luckily they all got out. It’s crazy.