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Komentarze • 3,7K

  • @queenmia1965
    @queenmia1965 Rok temu +4207

    “I’m wholesome” 😌😂

  • @shadowlugia18011
    @shadowlugia18011 Rok temu +6706

    This story has two perspectives: the kid who's embarrased as hell and doesn't want his family to know about his wrongdoings, and the Dad who knew what was happening all along and finally got an opportunity to help at the end.

  • @vrfj1997
    @vrfj1997 Rok temu +1292

    "I dont have any to trade"
    "Here's one to get you started"
    Thus the protaganist's journey began

    • @Ace-bj7yh
      @Ace-bj7yh Rok temu +6


    • @josephjoestar953
      @josephjoestar953 3 miesięcy temu +1

      Welcome trainer! To the beautiful world of Gif.

    • @drizzitdude
      @drizzitdude Miesiąc temu

      CaliGirl45 has no idea what she started

  • @AnimatedPJ
    @AnimatedPJ Rok temu +1590

    Swooze fought his demons and won. Respect.

    • @kyehenry6953
      @kyehenry6953 Rok temu +10

      @Jesus Gonzalez why do you keep commenting this..there aren't even any girls in the video💀

    • @ststairs
      @ststairs Rok temu

      @@kyehenry6953 first: it was probably a bot but I can't see the comment no more anyway
      second: there is a girl in the video, the one that passed the first image

  • @Beastiebubs
    @Beastiebubs Rok temu +137

    It's incredible how Adande takes a simple, sometimes boring story and makes it interesting. Great storyteller right here.

  • @henrypham6347
    @henrypham6347 Rok temu +2971

    I've been watching swoozie for nearly 10 years. Started in the third grade and now I'm a senior in high school. I'll never forget the first time I watched the "cheating in school" series. Thank you for many years of wonderful content swoozie :3

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +645

      Thanks for still rockin Henry! That’s a long time! This is still a lot of fun for me so glad ur still watching!

    • @moist5032
      @moist5032 Rok temu +22

      Bro exactly the same

    • @Palzooe
      @Palzooe Rok temu +25

      Facts I watched this dude back in middle school and now I’m a 2nd year college student crazy how dude convinced me to actually do college

    • @omaravina7729
      @omaravina7729 Rok temu +2

      I remember the lifeguard story when I think of swoozie(and when he talked to Obama)

    • @twistedpaperclip5929
      @twistedpaperclip5929 Rok temu +2

      Same, tho middle school to college instead

  • @punchtothegut
    @punchtothegut Rok temu +69

    i'll NEVER not be amazed at the amount of life stories swoozie can just pull out of his soul

  • @chubbz5873
    @chubbz5873 Rok temu +3339

    Erin: The chat rooms is a pathway to many Sauces that some may consider to be unnatural

    • @greason
      @greason Rok temu +153

      Anyone who says sauce i will automatically assume is one of us who read comics online.

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +565

      You actually made me roll my head back laughing w/ this one.

    • @justalpha9138
      @justalpha9138 Rok temu +7

      @@swoozie Mission success

    • @sauce7690
      @sauce7690 Rok temu +4


  • @Obi-Wan_Kenobi
    @Obi-Wan_Kenobi Rok temu +1576

    I'm actually very proud of you for doing this sWooZie. Sometimes, you just have to admit that there is a problem and then you must have the courage to destroy that problem by setting it on fire.
    And that's exactly what I did to Anakin.

  • @KeshiaRambles
    @KeshiaRambles Rok temu +410

    Your dad knew EXACTLY what you were doing well before you thought he did, dude. Props to him for being cool about it lol

  • @user-li7ym2ew4z
    @user-li7ym2ew4z Rok temu +17

    props to swoozie's dad for not trying to make him feel bad about it, just helping

  • @TECH097
    @TECH097 Rok temu +290

    Before NFTs were killing the environment, Gifs was killing Swoozie's innocence 😂

    • @DaRealMikeyBruh.5o17
      @DaRealMikeyBruh.5o17 Rok temu +10

      it was the 90s/early 2000s it was WAY easier 🤣

    • @G3lta
      @G3lta 2 miesięcy temu

      Im curious how do they kill the environment from your perspective?

  • @huntercool2232
    @huntercool2232 Rok temu +2999

    I love how sWooZie has this power even at 12 years where he’s not even talking to someone face to face and all he has to do is say “hi” and a girl is already interested and wants to get to know him.

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +1117

      Lol I’m ded. And with a COLLEGE GIRL. So much more happened w/ Erin too. Didn’t pertain to the story but I kept lagging on meeting up- turns out she was a girl. She scanned some pics of herself around campus and sent them- she also eventually got a bf and he got his car stolen on campus too.

    • @mrpotato456
      @mrpotato456 Rok temu +255

      @@swoozie yea would love to know how she reacted when she found out you were 12, or did she find out O_o

    • @kwmulla8766
      @kwmulla8766 Rok temu +87

      @@swoozie needs another video defo

    • @cwopre
      @cwopre Rok temu +27

      @@swoozie this is the next story please. K thanks

    • @Guyver2391
      @Guyver2391 Rok temu +32

      @@swoozie see here is some content I’m here for. sWooZ we need the Erin saga. You a real one

  • @monkeyboy3219
    @monkeyboy3219 Rok temu +1472

    Swoozie: what does ASL mean?
    Me: yells 'American sign language'
    Swoozie: Age, sex ,location

  • @traxathon4464
    @traxathon4464 Rok temu +465

    I love how your dad is like, "he's burning it, he obviously knows the lesson. Imma just leave him to it"

  • @nome5273
    @nome5273 Rok temu +11

    I deal with an addiction close to that but getting to see how you had to deal with a physical stash instead an online one honestly made my day
    Nice vid💙

  • @NoahOMorainRush
    @NoahOMorainRush Rok temu +273

    Is nobody gonna talk about the respect Swoozie's dad probably had for him, seeing him decide on his own that this wasn't what he should be doing and setting the trash on fire to rid himself of it?

  • @abrahamcastillo2299
    @abrahamcastillo2299 Rok temu +75

    I actually met sWooZie in Vegas. He went to fogo de choà with his friends because one of them suggested the spot. I was his busser for the evening. I spoke to him and didn’t fan out because i know he came there to eat in peace w his friends. I asked him “what brings you here” he said he was helping a friend move” then he asked me & I said “I gotta pay to live” 😂 certainly was a cool moment at my job

  • @jheadenrobinson4717
    @jheadenrobinson4717 Rok temu +8077

    Not Swoozie selling and trading nfts at 12

  • @mcpadd3n
    @mcpadd3n Rok temu +418

    This was brilliant. Smiling all the way through 😂

    • @rec6489
      @rec6489 Rok temu

      1st reply on pinned comment???

    • @mcpadd3n
      @mcpadd3n Rok temu +1

      @@rec6489 I'm as surprised as you are. It was pinned a couple hours ago 🤷‍♂️

    • @lofivibez182
      @lofivibez182 Rok temu +1


    • @seamus9821
      @seamus9821 Rok temu +1

      @DavidMcPadden congrats ig 😂

  • @eryqa60
    @eryqa60 Rok temu +149

    To go from “Cheating in Middle School” to telling us about your ‘art collection’… I’m shooketh! 12 years loyal, going strong and the character development is immaculate🤣

  • @MemeBiologist
    @MemeBiologist 2 miesięcy temu +2

    don't feel bad man. everyones been there. it's all part of growing up💕

  • @twentyshadesnerdier
    @twentyshadesnerdier Rok temu +94

    This video really helps me I’ve been collecting like you swoozie since high school that’s about 6 years worth of stuff that I had I’ve recently decided to make a change in my life and I’ve already destroyed half my stuff and having a hard time destroying the rest but this vid really helps me to move on in life and get rid of it thanks man!

  • @Gallity
    @Gallity Rok temu +14

    Fate REALLY wanted your dad to see how wholesome you really are. 💀

  • @officialjeremyfalsetto.
    @officialjeremyfalsetto. Rok temu +1619

    “I'm an absolutely mischievous kid.”
    Kids are really... *strange.*
    They're brutally honest yet so sweet at the same time, life works very weirdly.

    • @justalpha9138
      @justalpha9138 Rok temu +2

      Yup. It's their parents that forge them into something either good or bad

    • @pog2386
      @pog2386 Rok temu

      yeah i know that feeling

    • @tylerscott7302
      @tylerscott7302 Rok temu +1

      Just pure honesty and curiosity

  • @juniorl649
    @juniorl649 Rok temu +152

    Sooo…BASICALLY, those “toons” inspired Swoozie to be an animator…🤨🤔

  • @cortez1258
    @cortez1258 Rok temu +46

    I’m suffering with altitude sickness while watching this. Do you know how hard it is to make somone laugh that’s on the verge of throwing up. Well done Swoozie love the consistency with uploads

  • @Vi-wj1md
    @Vi-wj1md Rok temu +4

    Damn swoozie. Didn't realise it was an addiction you struggled with! Thanks for sharing and putting your heart on your sleeve

  • @ag3575
    @ag3575 Rok temu +30

    You really sold it being the 1990s with your dad's goatee 😂
    We all got caught doing completely weird stuff when we were middle-schoolers, thank you for this amazing story

  • @passionable90
    @passionable90 3 miesięcy temu

    being in AOL chatrooms were so exciting , since it was such a new concept. My preteen behind had no business in them but it was too fun. Actually helped me with typing speed lol had to keep up with the other 500 people in one room lol

  • @RobertGrif
    @RobertGrif Rok temu +726

    Real talk? I'm betting your Dad was more than well aware of your addiction and was proud of you for recognizing you had a problem and being willing to confront it and turn your life around for the better.

    • @rue8778
      @rue8778 Rok temu +22

      yeah probably lol
      same thoughts as you about it too

    • @Vivacomunismo
      @Vivacomunismo Rok temu +7

      @@skankhunt4215 corn

    • @onethree.
      @onethree. Rok temu +1

      @@Vivacomunismo same

  • @SoniasWay
    @SoniasWay Rok temu +18

    Swoozie’s life stories along with these cute animations are always so wholesome

  • @adjd1576
    @adjd1576 Rok temu +5

    I actually respect that you had the willpower to stop and not let being addicted get in the way of living a good life. Everyone has had those moments with porn these days. It's more about how you deal with it. I'm hoping I can give it up for more than a month lol

  • @miguelroman4565
    @miguelroman4565 Rok temu +9

    the fact your dad didn't even question it makes a whole lot better 😆

  • @juanitok.o3264
    @juanitok.o3264 Rok temu +40

    That made me laugh how parents sneak in around their own house cause they think their kids are always up to something. I'm surprised his dad didn't say nun when he looked over at the collection

  • @Extremeredfox
    @Extremeredfox Rok temu +6

    Growing up in that era I remember the wild west times of Chat rooms. It was the best of times and the worst of times. As a teen I wisely stayed in my lane for the most part, and had some quality memories, but it's super messed up in hindsight when you realize that in the same rooms while you were having a good wholesome time there were adults ACTIVELY trying to lure kids into SUPER messed up and dark situations. We were minnows swimming with sharks.

  • @ehcinema5665
    @ehcinema5665 Rok temu +492

    The fact that this is one of the best swoozie videos and its from his childhood, shows that swoozie is holding out on some juicy stories

  • @clarissa182
    @clarissa182 Rok temu +21

    Ahhh...AOL chat rooms. Those were the days. Parents just didn't know what they were doing giving us computers in our rooms with the internet. 😏

  • @ipikush
    @ipikush Rok temu +16

    how do you have so much going on in your life, you’ve been on PLclip for so long and you always got a story to tell! You’re one of the most interesting ppl out there I gotta say

  • @charlesmontefusco6341

    Man the story of me running one of these chat rooms at the ripe age of 13 and charging people to be members by using my grandmother's and grandfather's savings account to route the revived payments to would be a great story to add to this. I ended up causing the bank to investigate my grandparents for money laundering but in the end got to keep all money since it was legit but my web activity was heavily monitored 😁😛🤫🤭

  • @adriangomez3005
    @adriangomez3005 Rok temu +20

    Lmao from the way your dad was standing there menacingly it seemed like he was also trying to hide something while everyone else was gone lol 😂

  • @jeffsampson5822
    @jeffsampson5822 Rok temu

    Your Dad is a good guy. He gets it.
    There is a really good chance that he knew all along and had been waiting to see if you would ever try to destroy it, probably to make sure your Mom never found out. I am guessing she never did, and she probably would have freaked out if she had.

  • @nia-nicolepugh1636
    @nia-nicolepugh1636 Rok temu +735

    This story oddly informs much of your life…at least for me from a fan perspective. Too funny. Thank you.

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +271

      Not fans…
      You’re my internet friends!

    • @tomgonk
      @tomgonk Rok temu +10

      @@swoozie you dont know us so i wouldnt say we are friends, enjoyed the vid tho

    • @shadowknight7756
      @shadowknight7756 Rok temu +28

      @@tomgonk forget that he said friends so I'm offical counting us as bros. Point period.

    • @shady7villareal
      @shady7villareal Rok temu +7

      @@swoozie ha that's wholesome af

    • @filleswe91
      @filleswe91 Rok temu +5

      I have 20 years worth of stories I could tell, but I couldn't be able to tell them as smoothly as Adande does. My mouth would be filthier than youtube would allow.
      Plus I'm not a good artist.

  • @Secarious
    @Secarious Rok temu +28

    I feel less like a complete weirdo for having a similar story now.

  • @mustardsfire22
    @mustardsfire22 Rok temu +12

    I had to pause 5 minutes in to just take stock of the situation. I grew up past this age of the internet, but I caught a small bit of the tail end. But omg this really shows me how much of the goddamn Wild West it was. Incredible stuff.

  • @Itasha007
    @Itasha007 Rok temu

    currently cleaning coffee off my screen. I decide to watch this with my mid-day coffee. your dad pulling the Houdini......100000000% relatable. I laughed coffee out my nose yo!

  • @NicholasAHanley
    @NicholasAHanley Rok temu +11

    Swoozie. Your videos gave me the inspiration to start my journey for comedic storytelling on Tiktok and I now have over 60K. Thanks for everything. Love to collab one day

  • @Nurie.
    @Nurie. 8 miesięcy temu +1

    This was friggin' hilarious. Thank you. :3

  • @ComicalRealm
    @ComicalRealm Rok temu +865

    "Ah yes, I remember those days, when you would enter into a chat as a HotBlonde17. In a span of 3 minutes you would have so many private windows open that the whole Windows would crash.
    " - Wilma Flintstone

    • @hebajeba9677
      @hebajeba9677 Rok temu +9

      @@26mic bro we don’t want to see you advertise your channel you’ve done this 3 times in this comment section

    • @havootu
      @havootu Rok temu

      OMG YESSS!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @GoldenArmorYeah
      @GoldenArmorYeah Rok temu +1

      @@26mic no

    • @Ndasuunye
      @Ndasuunye Rok temu

      did that once...didn't get as many responses like I thought.

  • @moshiix2331
    @moshiix2331 Rok temu +3

    Swoozie this one was genius!!! Thank you for letting these younglings know the struggle of the AOL days...they dont know what we had to do for the good good ...this was awesome man keep it up

  • @chiraqshinobi683
    @chiraqshinobi683 Rok temu +17

    As a 14yo boy that has a horrid track record in the internet I need more of theses relatable videos

  • @plexyed
    @plexyed Rok temu +5

    Swooz your my childhood, I’ve been watching you since kindergarten with my siblings and now I’m in high school thanks for growing up wit me homie ❤️

  • @hatchettwit
    @hatchettwit Rok temu +10

    Ya know, I had a similar story. Also on AOL. Less pictures, more ERP with a heavy side of getting cat fished. At one point I was like "the smut.. needs to go!" and me, being earth conscious, sticks my own little smut stories I had printed out into the recycle bin. Stashed it real good, far down so no one gonna see it. TO THE CURB! Right. Right..? Mom decided that week to give the newspapers in the bin to the neighbor for her god awful horse sized dog to pee on. She find them, she shows them to my mother. The betrayal was real.
    And that's when I started really learning how to scrub evidence, online and off. :'D

  • @bobblueton
    @bobblueton Rok temu

    I wish I had a parent like that. Mine would have shunned me and taken me off to a psychiatrist, then told everyone, and would still bring it up.

  • @filleswe91
    @filleswe91 Rok temu +115

    I was ten when I discovered these things. I never talked about it for 20 years, while having a severe addiction to 'wholesome content' and Swoozie here just talks about it casually like it's nothing.
    Kudos to you mate, I feel less ashamed of it thanks to others opening up about their stories. The internet can turn toxic af for your mind without you realizing it at those ages.

  • @Solo_Rain
    @Solo_Rain Rok temu

    That's a good Dad. No questions. No issues. He understood and let it be.

  • @zapp7240
    @zapp7240 Rok temu +2

    thanks again swoozie for making my day! I broke my leg couple days ago but you keep me laughing :)

  • @ARandomFurry
    @ARandomFurry Rok temu

    Born in 1990 here, but in 1998 analog cell phones existed. The Nokia 5110 is what we had in the house through Verizon along with our landline. It was expensive to make calls since they charged day and night rates of usage. Usually by the minute. I remember my first board messaging room which was all text based. Downloading obscene content took hours and even days. Dial up was amazing.

  • @trexdrew
    @trexdrew Rok temu

    Lmao dad ain’t ask no questions he’s just going to help you burn away your regrets and make sure you’re safe. Great ending tbh.

  • @zyaicob
    @zyaicob Rok temu

    Gotta say of all the topics you've discussed I never thought you'd hit on one so personal and embarrassing but thank you for doing it

  • @DarkDemon259
    @DarkDemon259 Rok temu +526

    Mans out here collecting and trading waifu NFTs before the game even started. Can't even blame him 🤣

  • @neverbehuman8607
    @neverbehuman8607 Rok temu +3

    I have an addiction and it's still bad I'm still working on it watching this video made me rethink everything I did thank you sWooZie

  • @Adrian-be8tp
    @Adrian-be8tp Rok temu +4

    😂Swoozie is a G.O.A.T of telling stories

  • @gabsta_1233
    @gabsta_1233 Rok temu +2

    I’ve looked forward to his videos every time, for many years. Crack up a laugh without fail

  • @user-Jay178
    @user-Jay178 Rok temu

    Love your stories swoozie and you are a cool dude. Great video

  • @robbyharju505
    @robbyharju505 Rok temu

    Another Fantastic story from the best story teller! Great vid swooz!🙏✝

  • @TeboeCubes
    @TeboeCubes Rok temu +186

    shoutout to swoozies dad for being seemingly chill about it

    • @Ndasuunye
      @Ndasuunye Rok temu +5

      I'm sure back in his day, he had nudie magazines he had to throw away.

  • @zaideesanchez
    @zaideesanchez Rok temu

    swoozies channel will always be my source of serotonin 👩🏽‍🔬

  • @BeyondBaito
    @BeyondBaito Rok temu

    First chatrooms I ever joined was DeviantART chatrooms when I was 12, and I joined a chatroom for Half-LIfe mods because I wanted to make games when I was a kid. These guys are showing tips on how to decompile the Cinematic Mod for Half-Life 2 because people found out the guy who developed the mod gave Alyx Vance fully modeled woman parts under her clothes and people were sharing renders and patches of the game to display Alyx Vance naked.

  • @ChainringTours
    @ChainringTours Rok temu

    There really needs to be a full Netflix documentary on the AOL boom period of the internet, because frankly things got so big so fast it was kinda cray cray. And how things worked, kids in 20 years wouldn't even believe it. I remember waiting for a photo to rasterize, download, like it went from big pixelation, to less pixelation, to clear, that is what 2.4kbs modems got you back in the day.

  • @Jaydon6542
    @Jaydon6542 Rok temu

    I wasn’t having the best day but this made it way better thank you fam👍

  • @Hyperbeast52
    @Hyperbeast52 Rok temu +1

    Never ceases to amaze me how lost in the sauce i get from your story telling

  • @Saiyagurl
    @Saiyagurl Rok temu +175

    Let's just say that as a smart and curious 90's kid with early internet access and too much free time on her hands, this was the most relatable video I've seen in a hot minute!! Thanks for the laughs and nostalgia SwooZie 😆

  • @Matthew_Ssali
    @Matthew_Ssali Rok temu

    This is beyond funny. When I see things like this I rethink having kids🤣.

  • @TMTJR23
    @TMTJR23 Rok temu +1

    Let’s take a moment in how he makes us happy and gives us joy, thanks!

  • @freeman7297
    @freeman7297 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie literally convinced me to wait until marriage. Awesome guy

  • @sevasentinel4146
    @sevasentinel4146 Rok temu +1

    Amazing story. Thank you, Adamantium.

  • @Skechy3603
    @Skechy3603 Rok temu

    If I was ever in your dad's situation, I would help with the burning and then say "dame son, I didn't know you had it in ya, I still have my collection" 🤣

  • @ranseus
    @ranseus Rok temu +211

    These days, saying "19/f/Cali" would end up getting you traffic'd down to Epstein's island. Trading low-res gif porn on AOL seems almost innocent.

  • @Usakoi_
    @Usakoi_ Rok temu +2

    I have no doubt he was there to make sure you didn't burn down the house and save you further embarrassment by making your family a news story: Son Burns Nudie Collection, Sets Fire to Family Home.
    You know we've all been there in some way, shape, or form. I had a VHS that I pulled the film out of, cut into pieces, and distributed among several trash bins. 😂 The AOL chat rooms took me back!!

  • @chronixcz4680
    @chronixcz4680 Rok temu +1

    Mad respect for the fellas who have a stash. With both real and toons

  • @suraimudante2152

    Bro this dude carried half of my childhood I'm so proud of you bro✨❤️‍🔥

  • @zanavianzackary1529

    Nope I got questions. Why was your dad so cool with burning the stuff? Did he know the entire time? What did he say after the stuff was burning? Did you go back to chat rooms after that?

  • @supernet2ec2
    @supernet2ec2 Rok temu +1

    I never had that issue. My dad just flipped shit on me and then walked away. Guess you got it easier. Now look, folks are buying hentai and hard to obtain stuff and folks are making a fortune selling hard to find stuff

  • @jonusmiles
    @jonusmiles Rok temu +76

    Swoozie you’ve been my favorite PLclipr for a long time and it really makes me happy seeing all these weekly uploads.

  • @beastmode1856
    @beastmode1856 Rok temu

    Dude I had the worst past couple days and this just made me smile for the first time in a bit :)

  • @kennr9005
    @kennr9005 Rok temu +4

    This was an absolute gold mine of a video! Keep it up!

  • @Domokaichu
    @Domokaichu Rok temu +3

    This video just showed the rabbit hole of what the internet began when I first started at 12. I feel so exposed but relatable to this is SO many ways! SWOOZE, you just unlocked a memory that was buried inside my brain for like 20 years.

  • @loolipop3435
    @loolipop3435 Rok temu

    Can we appreciate how swooz upload's his video so constantly?????

  • @nyx4469
    @nyx4469 Rok temu

    i’m going to be a senior in highschool this next month, super cool. i think i’ve been watching since i was in fourth grade. i love your videos - they help me out a lot on the gloomy days. thank you :-)

    @RECEPTOR17 Rok temu +299

    Oh man, Chat Rooms.
    A relic of a bygone age full of unique connections and memories down a telephone line.
    The MSN message tone still gives me an emotional jump of joy in my chest.

    • @jdouce6074
      @jdouce6074 Rok temu +1

      The AOL alert is my notification ringtone😝 I love the nostalgia. Someone heard it and was mind blown

  • @okaidiboy3275
    @okaidiboy3275 Rok temu

    noone can descripe the happiness i feel when i see a new video!

  • @jessegarcia8806
    @jessegarcia8806 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie ima tell you this, you never disappoint in making me laugh when I see your videos😂I fkn love you bro

  • @calebsandy2371
    @calebsandy2371 Rok temu +1

    As an early 2000s baby I can’t say I experienced such things. However I have been exposed to Deviantart and “RolePlaying”, not a proud portion of my youth 😬

  • @whatupgigi
    @whatupgigi Rok temu

    Couldn’t afford a pc growing up so my early internet experience was on Webtv. You hooked it up to your tv and and phone line and you could email, go to chat rooms and browse the web. Good times!

  • @jasminenord6065
    @jasminenord6065 Rok temu +1

    Whoever told you to tell this story, please tell them I said thank you.

  • @koolaidp1ckle531
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    Swoozie I just wanna say that I really appreciate that you uploaded this video around this time because yesterday a lot of bad things happened and this made me feel a lot better

  • @lonelyl8694
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    sWooZie's Dad coming in clutch and not saying a thing is a real stand up G

  • @jj2059
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  • @maya4388
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