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Girlfriend Fights

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  • Opublikowany 19 lut 2022
  • Exaggerated. Or maybe not exaggerated.
    Storyboards + animation + backgrounds done by the animation Super Saiyan Zeurel:
    / zeurel
    / zeurel
    Stalk me:
    ig: / swoozie
    TikTok: / swoozieftw
    Outro music: Yakuza Beat
    Mystery link: • Don't Gym and Text #sh...
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Komentarze • 2,5K

  • @kkatey4160
    @kkatey4160 Rok temu +460

    SWOOZIE, i love your videos i have been a fan for some time, keep it up with the awsome videos

  • @tumelomokhoema9951
    @tumelomokhoema9951 Rok temu +2922

    Consistent Swoozie is what we all needed

  • @RyanSoltani
    @RyanSoltani Rok temu +2814

    10/10 video, would lift the toilet seat up again

  • @jonathanthornton8725
    @jonathanthornton8725 Rok temu +534

    "I'm pre mad about our next fight" had me dying

    • @kcxxxx9838
      @kcxxxx9838 Rok temu +5

      dude has terrible taste in women 💀

    • @larien123
      @larien123 Rok temu +3

      @@kcxxxx9838 its a joke

  • @InfamousSwoosh
    @InfamousSwoosh Rok temu +618

    this is so good man, you're face paced story telling and the writing was hilariously entertaining, and obviously zeurel is the goat 100%, great work bro

  • @kitkatavie7020
    @kitkatavie7020 Rok temu +257

    The animation in this is just god-tier, I can’t stop rewatching it!

    • @artyamy7184
      @artyamy7184 3 miesięcy temu

      Bro I know right 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • @JugularJohn
    @JugularJohn Rok temu +2951

    The moment when invincible and Atom Eve showed up and then absolutely bodied Swooz just made my entire morning. 😂 Love ya, Swooz

  • @DummyAnimater
    @DummyAnimater Rok temu +117

    The animation is soooo smooth, and your storytelling is amazing. Not to mention his awesome voice talent.

  • @Wildash
    @Wildash Rok temu +183

    I love how when he suggests to pick a random fight with random strangers, she simply rolls with it XD

  • @sarahlamper5701
    @sarahlamper5701 Rok temu +164

    I CANNOT get over the “I know she’s still mad cause the cameras pointed at the ceiling fan” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • @michaelcoleman9662
    @michaelcoleman9662 Rok temu +193

    As a married man, I felt this in my soul

    • @modisedaeswatiniprincess6944
      @modisedaeswatiniprincess6944 Rok temu +1

      Is it bad that I relate to this coz it oddly shows exactly how my relationship with my mom is?

    • @rafathegamer3250
      @rafathegamer3250 Rok temu

      @@modisedaeswatiniprincess6944 I don't know I'm just robot I don't have a brain

    • @kcxxxx9838
      @kcxxxx9838 Rok temu +1

      Why you married then? get a divorce and let her be happy with someone else who appreciates her.

    • @chillout8320
      @chillout8320 11 miesięcy temu +1

      Leave her lmao

    • @TigerShark_With_thigh_in_mouth
      @TigerShark_With_thigh_in_mouth 23 dni temu

      @@modisedaeswatiniprincess6944it sounds like your mom may emotionally dependent on you. Which can make life a lot harder. Is both of your lives being harder a bad thing?

  • @AkemiHoshi532
    @AkemiHoshi532 Rok temu +10

    Zuerel's animation and Swoozie's story telling is top tier content~ I live for this, and the subtle references all mixed in! ♥

  • @TheRealGuywithoutaMustache

    When his girl picked a fight with him while in a coma over leaving the toilet seat open is way too accurate.

    @XTRA_THICC Rok temu +109

    havent laughed like this in a while, i was literally crying at one point😂

  • @GoTE_DocShock
    @GoTE_DocShock 7 miesięcy temu +1

    I showed my wife this video and she deciphered the emotions and thought process of what she does throughout the story.

  • @Sophiezlife
    @Sophiezlife Rok temu +1

    Bro I ain’t gonna lie.. your animations are like almost disney level now, all these years are really paying off! You’re amazing

  • @twinlee
    @twinlee Rok temu +36

    There was no need for that next level animation, there was no need for this to make me bust a gut laughing this hard on a Sunday. But it did, and I thank ya Swooz, keep it up bruv. XD

  • @jaredthrasher5457
    @jaredthrasher5457 Rok temu +1

    Am I the only one that Marathon all swoozie videos from time to time lol? His videos are like going back to watch your favorite show for the 20th time. Just like a good comfort show 😂

  • @VarsVerum
    @VarsVerum Rok temu +3845

    Why do I feel like he’s trying to make a PSA to all guys to lift up the toilet seat? 🤣

    • @mojaraijohnson7666
      @mojaraijohnson7666 Rok temu +59

      The toilet seat is a huge thing us women want guys to understand

    • @deejd9837
      @deejd9837 Rok temu +5

      Oh hey vars lol

    • @skootergirl22
      @skootergirl22 Rok temu +50

      I'm a woman and he does have a point, double standards right there

    • @VarsVerum
      @VarsVerum Rok temu +29

      @Georgie porgie pudding pie I put toilet seat up, you put toilet seat down. That's true gender equality right there 😂

      @IOWNYORASS Rok temu +8

      @@mojaraijohnson7666 nah it ain't it is just a toilet seat fam

  • @jeffharrisTXB
    @jeffharrisTXB Rok temu +10

    These stories are always a treat, and this animation was dang near perfect! A great combination. Now I'm greedy and want more!

  • @timewastermohanty
    @timewastermohanty Rok temu +15

    I always think "swoozie can't make a better video than this" at every of your video i watch, but then you just up your game.

  • @robertfrancis9877
    @robertfrancis9877 Rok temu +2

    Swoozie, you're practically the G.O.A.T. of PLclip story animations and she has the
    nerve and audacity to question you leaving the toilet seat up?! *Inconceivable!*

  • @monkeyboy3219
    @monkeyboy3219 Rok temu +16

    The vid felt like it lasted an hour of swoozie heavenliness. You're so entertaining dude.

  • @palekingy8146
    @palekingy8146 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie, your animations are fantastic, your commentary is hilarious. You got millions of followers, so you already know, but stay awesome!

  • @leovice6505
    @leovice6505 Rok temu +254

    The regular toxic relationship everyone should stay away from

  • @Brant_Moore
    @Brant_Moore Rok temu +49

    Haven't watched your stuff in a couple years...you've leveled up so much dude, hell yea!!!!

  • @ali_the_bum4622
    @ali_the_bum4622 Rok temu +3

    Swoozie never fails to make me laugh

  • @colintube7105
    @colintube7105 Rok temu

    Been watching you since middle school. And you have only gotten better. Love you swooze

  • @niquitalee1811
    @niquitalee1811 Rok temu +9

    Why are his videos always so amazing. This made me laugh too many times in public. And everyone is staring at me.

  • @mademoiselleb5965
    @mademoiselleb5965 Rok temu +4

    Animation is on point, started stopping the video frame by frame to fully appreciate each expression 🤣🤣

  • @sageboy2026
    @sageboy2026 Rok temu +519

    Swoozie gaslighting us with the frequent uploads

  • @HoneyButterBiscuits

    The exaggerated eye expression on "emotionally UNAVAILABLE" and the tongue biting of the character while emphasizing certain words were sparkle moments throughout this gem of an upload. Short, but sweet 👏🏽.

  • @larak9424
    @larak9424 Rok temu +7

    This is the funniest 2 min video on PLclip 😂 Nice Job Swoozie💪🏻

  • @madelinemandolfo298

    Just found you again after some years. Your content never fails to make me laugh. Hope you're doing well.

  • @jordonstepp4726
    @jordonstepp4726 Rok temu +11

    This man is one the greatest to ever touch the internet 😂✊🏾

  • @BlazeWolf9511
    @BlazeWolf9511 Rok temu

    Lmao, this was too funny. And the animation was also amazing. Super fluid

  • @sorchigo
    @sorchigo Rok temu +258

    Been watching Swoozie since the DOA days, since "Adande, are you gonna teach me how to break dance?". The animation and writing is over the top right now, this video feels like a caricature of what he's been known for.

    • @ZenSymphonia
      @ZenSymphonia Rok temu +30

      i think it works really well for a quick little 2 1/2 minute video. just for some laughs. he posted a regular story video last week that was just as good as all of his original content so i wouldn’t say he’s changed much

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +50

      I live it when you guys just GET me

    • @woe1008
      @woe1008 Rok temu

      If DOA turns out not to be dead i need you to be at the the next series entry tournament for DOA7 brodi had the best kasumi it hasn’t been as hype since him and master left the seen xcalibur blades and sonicfox use to be lit until Sonic left and decided to be the definition of different while playing different games. After that we got kwiggles, rabies, hoodless, crazysteady, and I forgot his name but he would run dudes down with bayaman

  • @vannahloveforever

    I’m sorry Swoozie. Don’t be letting this gals treat you crazy. You deserve the universe!

  • @aluanabutler3151
    @aluanabutler3151 Rok temu +5

    i started watching you when i was in 6-7th grade because of my bestfriend in middle school she ended up moving that same year and we lost contact now im a sophomore in college and haven't talked to her since 2016 i just happened to think about your videos and i'm glad to see you're still posting. i hope she's doing well too

  • @charliebowman3772

    I really enjoy all your videos, especially, the crazy girlfriend (s) stories. Keep it up making new videos.

  • @matthewhhawk17
    @matthewhhawk17 Rok temu +6

    I was having a bad day, but you’re new video made me feel better. Thanks for the content my guy👏

  • @myellegreen5995
    @myellegreen5995 Rok temu

    I love this animation! I know it must have taken a long time to learn, but I love this. Keep up the work!! ☺️

  • @echiithoughts04
    @echiithoughts04 Rok temu +1969

    This is the greatest video I've ever seen. And that's saying something because I've seen a lot of great videos.

  • @mattsgaming8746
    @mattsgaming8746 Rok temu +1

    i cant believe i’ve been watching you for like a decade, i’m so glad i’ve been able to see you improve

  • @oliverneman77d73

    This video was sooo damn good and I love that it was all animated

  • @turtlecart9588
    @turtlecart9588 Rok temu

    😂This episode was so fun to watch

  • @ScottyMaster-hv9fd
    @ScottyMaster-hv9fd 9 miesięcy temu +2

    Ive deal with a lot of psycho girls before in the past but this story right here Takes the Cake brotha

  • @kayt4873
    @kayt4873 Rok temu

    Haven't laughed this hard in awhile. Swoozie videos are clutch!

  • @alexmerriweather3143
    @alexmerriweather3143 Rok temu +485

    looking at Invincible's track record, Swoozie could solo his ass

    • @jadynmurrell80
      @jadynmurrell80 Rok temu +44

      Invincible is very vincible

    • @SilkyLew
      @SilkyLew Rok temu +22

      His new hero name should be the L man, because that all he takes.

    • @flamelover1746
      @flamelover1746 Rok temu +7

      @@jadynmurrell80 Yeah, but if he was called Vincible, he might have some wins

    • @edwardaucay8597
      @edwardaucay8597 Rok temu +5

      Says the guy who's clearly never read the comics before.

    • @flamelover1746
      @flamelover1746 Rok temu

      @@edwardaucay8597 It's a joke

  • @kgmanalo4261
    @kgmanalo4261 Rok temu

    Swoozie’s videos always age like fine wine

  • @TAJEpsilon
    @TAJEpsilon Rok temu

    Day was made. Thank you Swoozie 🙌🏽

  • @aidanramirez2591

    First time I’ve seen swoozie in a long time and he’s already made my day! Missed watching you everyday bro

  • @Angela-sf5vt
    @Angela-sf5vt Rok temu

    I love that you're working with Zeurel for these! I remember finding his stuff way back on Deviantart and loved his style. That was probably back when you first told all the Disney stories! Who knew that you'd be working together in the future. So cool!

  • @SmubbyDubby
    @SmubbyDubby Rok temu

    Swoozie I know you'll never see this but... , I've been watching you forever now and you never fail to make me stop smiling. NEVER STOP ❤❤❤

  • @P1Quagraine
    @P1Quagraine Rok temu +265

    Swoozie about to be carrying 2022 soon I swear 😭

  • @owensimpson1156
    @owensimpson1156 Rok temu +1

    My man drops a new one right as I get back into swoozie. The timing

  • @jaxnovawind
    @jaxnovawind Rok temu +1

    What's really hilarious (and honestly sad) about this video is that people like this exist.

  • @ivanity4641
    @ivanity4641 Rok temu

    Swoozie never disappoints comma Love all your vids man

  • @Polarkingkai
    @Polarkingkai Rok temu

    It’s crazy how much swoozie has evolved on PLclip 🐐

  • @Xoxoxo4194
    @Xoxoxo4194 Rok temu

    I love how your animations get better and better! Keep it swooz 😁

  • @sunvieightmaster88
    @sunvieightmaster88 Rok temu +725

    This is a certified "Hand is rated E for everyone" Classic.

    • @oneRyanJoseph
      @oneRyanJoseph Rok temu

      I love this LMAO

    • @AxxLAfriku
      @AxxLAfriku Rok temu

      I am the most famous man on YouTub! This is not bragging! This is the truth! The truth will set you free, dear wun

    • @toxicityc492
      @toxicityc492 Rok temu +1

      Lmao has been my boyfriends catchphrase my years. He always tries to fight me and goes "you must have forgot these hands are rated E for Everyone." Said that to me 3 years ago and we're still together 😂

    • @Kai-uj5go
      @Kai-uj5go Rok temu

      @@toxicityc492 at least you're aware of your toxicity, since it's your username and all 🤪

  • @carlmorgan3892
    @carlmorgan3892 Rok temu

    I swear this dudes videos are too hilarious 😂

  • @FengMin28
    @FengMin28 Rok temu

    You can never go wrong with a swooz vid, keep it up swoozie

  • @YUXKE
    @YUXKE Rok temu

    This was hilarious. Well done with the animations

  • @mugakamurakumo
    @mugakamurakumo Rok temu

    I never understood why other girls got so mad about the frigging toilet seat being left up. Honestly, it's one of the funniest "annoyances" that I hear concerning couples. Hell, I sometimes put it back up if I found it up. 🤣

  • @NostalJackMusic
    @NostalJackMusic Rok temu +2

    Man swoozie needs like a big budget tv show or sum let’s be real. This is comedy gold right here

  • @SailorGeekCosplay
    @SailorGeekCosplay Rok temu +117

    “Im pre-mad for our next fight” 😂😂😂 I love you Swooz❤️

  • @datchannel1
    @datchannel1 Rok temu

    This has got to be the funniest video I've seen all year. Well tied with fast and curious 2

  • @rosecarrizosa197
    @rosecarrizosa197 Rok temu +2

    Lmfao I am LOVING the vibes on this video 😂😂

  • @InKleining
    @InKleining Rok temu

    I lowkey forgot about Swooz after High School and i recently found him again and have been binge watching everything i missed. Love your Vids bro!

  • @ZeroXSP
    @ZeroXSP Rok temu

    Swoozie is never late on an upload and never is he early. He’s always on time whenever we need him to be

  • @UndernightSeth
    @UndernightSeth Rok temu +1

    Congrats on Swoozie getting a girlfriend!

  • @sergeio_1704
    @sergeio_1704 Rok temu +21

    Clapping cheeks in the club got me laughing

  • @asupanova6756
    @asupanova6756 Rok temu

    This is why Swooz is the GOAT of animated storytelling!

  • @jetflightneon8115
    @jetflightneon8115 Rok temu +1

    Seriously, someone should hire this guy, to make a animated series, using THIS artform!!!

  • @deeznuts8843
    @deeznuts8843 Rok temu

    Swoozie, your animations got really smooth out of nowhere! Nice job!

  • @connortalksalot6178

    I love sWooZie, its what keeps me up during the school day, thinking about these videos

  • @shonw2318
    @shonw2318 Rok temu

    I live with both my mother and sister, and I swear, sometimes with my sister it feels like im in a never ending cold war with her... and bruh, her coming to fuss at me over something minuscule like leaving the toilet seat up when her stuff be looking like an eligible episode of hoarders, was the most accurate shit ever... I felt that on a spiritual level...

  • @desocial9855
    @desocial9855 Rok temu +39

    Perfect video, went straight to the point, wasted no time, title says it all.

  • @GALAXY04
    @GALAXY04 Rok temu

    swooz been watching low key for like 3 years now, love your videos so much i even tried to do some of my own except they were low quality stick figures about my failed relationships lol

  • @simonwied6302
    @simonwied6302 Rok temu

    Another great video from the greatest storyteller on the internet.

  • @UrNormalNub
    @UrNormalNub Rok temu

    This dude's animation style is brilliant.

  • @oozy5166
    @oozy5166 Rok temu

    you make my day from bad to great and brighten my mood ty bro

  • @princecheach2477

    Thank you for making this video, Swoozie, love it 😁

  • @frankiedoogamer9131
    @frankiedoogamer9131 Rok temu +13

    Swoozie never be letting me down! Always watching them vids every morning! Keep up the work man!

  • @korenlo4268
    @korenlo4268 Rok temu +1

    Easily the best animation we’ve gotten thus far, clean af, anddd the invincible/atom eve cameo, what a great vid

  • @Ch1ldish
    @Ch1ldish Rok temu

    Glad swoozie is uploading more consistently

  • @mA-nd1xr
    @mA-nd1xr Rok temu +1

    this animation is extremely gorgeous though

  • @w15h0na5tar
    @w15h0na5tar Rok temu

    Shout out to the animator!!! Looks like they had a ton of fun with this!

  • @CombatSportsNerd

    I will always question the wisdom of people who try to get into new relationships while they still have ridiculous hyperactive trust issues

  • @slickl9608
    @slickl9608 Rok temu +73

    "let's start a fight with a random couple in this restaurant" this is finally the solution to world peace

  • @tommygilfert
    @tommygilfert Rok temu

    The animation was beyond fluid in this one. Amazing

  • @gregdavidl647
    @gregdavidl647 Rok temu +1

    This is so good. Great animation, love the music and narration

  • @pereirajao
    @pereirajao Rok temu

    Ok, Atom Eve and Invincible made my day, once again Swozzie surprising us with another amazing video, love ya Swozz

  • @mrd9297
    @mrd9297 Rok temu

    As always another instant classic video by u SWOOZIE. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the next one 👋

  • @slambam6163
    @slambam6163 Rok temu

    This pace of storytelling makes my adhd brain happy

  • @assasinjj12onleaner47

    The pacing and the animation of this video is elite, this video was too good🔥🔥

  • @dallassteel625
    @dallassteel625 Rok temu

    Hey Swoozie!! Awesome and hilarious video, bro! 😂😂 Loving the stories.

  • @FutureBoosted
    @FutureBoosted Rok temu

    This was so random and entertaining. I hate that I loved this so much lmaooo

  • @mihaialexandrupetre6736

    it's all fun and games until you find your experience in a Swoozie video...