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Strip Club Situation

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  • Opublikowany 15 sie 2022
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    Storyboards + character animation + backgrounds + co-directed by the one man animation army @Zeurel :
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Komentarze • 2K

  • @joshj6017
    @joshj6017 Rok temu +7909

    Swoozie is like that friend you never hear from or see but when you do it’s the best

  • @jordantm98
    @jordantm98 Rok temu +3414

    Your story telling skills are beyond amazing, shortest 4 mins of my entire life

    • @alexcovarrubia9604
      @alexcovarrubia9604 Rok temu +8

      That's a good story thanks swoozie I needed that since I was starting to feel uncomfortable and down

    • @devonoknabo2582
      @devonoknabo2582 Rok temu +4

      in my opinion this is the best story he has told on his channel.

    • @timothypasket5598
      @timothypasket5598 Rok temu +2

      That's what she said

    • @SolomonWyt
      @SolomonWyt Rok temu

      @@timothypasket5598 indeed

  • @AwesmFilms
    @AwesmFilms Rok temu +3279

    Very admirable that Swoozie just walked away from a situation he was uncomfortable with but still respected his friends’ choice in the process.

    • @MrAce2000
      @MrAce2000 Rok temu +24

      If you're a real homie and if you see your friends fighting you SUPPOSE go help not watch 🤦🏾‍♂️.wtf the world is full of cowards.

    • @40k0ff7
      @40k0ff7 Rok temu +165

      @@MrAce2000 nah I’m pretty sure the original comment was talking about how Swoozie left the strip club but didn’t make it a big deal and still respected his friends decision to stay

    • @victory1014
      @victory1014 Rok temu +105

      @@MrAce2000 Bro if my homies start fighting random people and LOSE, That's a him problem, don't get me involved in your bullshit.

    • @rank1562
      @rank1562 Rok temu +66

      @@MrAce2000 and get bodied like the rest of them? If you wanna go fight them you’re going to be getting the consequences, not me. Especially if their bigger than you

  • @iamryanlittle
    @iamryanlittle Rok temu +1082

    We gotta take a moment to appreciate the animation and scoring/sound usage in this video. Swoozie, you really did the dang thing, man

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +152

      Just trying to be like u when I grow up!

    • @shaukahodan2373
      @shaukahodan2373 Rok temu +4

      It's surprising just how much quick thinking and Oscar-worthy acting can get you out of a sticky situation! Keep up the good work Swoozie!

    • @jenathica8769
      @jenathica8769 Rok temu +1

      @@swoozie u went crazy with the team for animation

  • @Septic-Hearts
    @Septic-Hearts Rok temu +658

    Honestly I can respect the hell out of someone that knows what they like and doesn't just go do what their friends do. I don't think a strip club would be my scene either but I might've gone anyway because of peer pressure or FOMO or something. At least at some point in my life. I'd take a pizza and Gumball any day over that, unless I wanted an expensive figure drawing session.

    • @shaukahodan2373
      @shaukahodan2373 Rok temu +3

      “No nighttime routine, no moisturizing, no exfoliating” LMAO

    • @RB01.10
      @RB01.10 5 miesięcy temu

      I’ve been to my local one once and it’s…..
      Interesting to say the least. LOL
      Mine always has a lot of people inside, and the dancers did seem to enjoy the dancing and being comfortable with showing their bodies off. Granted they don’t get fully naked, at least not from what I’ve seen. They just wear a thong and don’t wear tops.

    • @cryora
      @cryora 5 miesięcy temu

      Friends I know in normal day-to-day life aren't the ones I feel would be comfortable going to strip clubs or the clubs with. I feel like I need to make friends specifically for going to clubs, people who are comfortable in that environment, more well versed in pickup artistry, and can wing for me and won't judge me.

  • @SailorGeekCosplay
    @SailorGeekCosplay Rok temu +1538

    Finally I can send you moneyz!! You are so heckling amazing Swooz! I’ve been a big fan of yours for a long time. Stay awesome!

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +479

      Thank u sm for the tip! A long time u say? We’ll wait til u see what is coming around the corner!! More fun on the way!

    • @thesaladsamurai4769
      @thesaladsamurai4769 Rok temu +59

      @@swoozie so it won’t be annual this time? 😂

    • @justsomeonehere884
      @justsomeonehere884 Rok temu +7


    • @Adasa49
      @Adasa49 Rok temu +3

      You amazing fam I wish I could be like you 👍👍👍

    • @UniversalArtt
      @UniversalArtt Rok temu +5

      Klay world😀

  • @spinjitzumasterfalcon
    @spinjitzumasterfalcon Rok temu +1228

    I just love when Swoozie uses this animation style. It's so energetic and cartoony. And yes, nothing beats Amazing World of Gumball

    • @stewboy69
      @stewboy69 Rok temu +5

      Indeed, sir.

    • @coope-3537
      @coope-3537 Rok temu +18

      Zeurels animations are always so fluid and nice to watch

    • @Raptor-yt1ms
      @Raptor-yt1ms Rok temu +2

      *cough* gravity falls *cough*

    • @stewboy69
      @stewboy69 Rok temu

      @@ClicheProductions who are you talking about

    • @thesaladsamurai4769
      @thesaladsamurai4769 Rok temu +2

      @@Raptor-yt1ms One of the best animated series for sure

  • @lebonzorjames9499
    @lebonzorjames9499 Rok temu +198

    Swoozie is an icon wherever he goes; strip club, your house, the local bar, it don’t matter, his presence is IMMACULATE

  • @TheRealGuywithoutaMustache

    That Will Smith joke at the very end was the icing on the cake

  • @emmeoliver5007
    @emmeoliver5007 Rok temu +34

    I swear a 4 minute video from this dude makes me laugh harder than ANY hour long comedy special ever has

  • @Wolfiyeethegranddukecerberus17

    Swoozie has never been more relatable since finding out he lies in bed watching Gumball instead of hanging out with his friends

    • @RB01.10
      @RB01.10 Rok temu +1

      Coming from someone who loves quality animation I will agree

  • @OloSnowLeo
    @OloSnowLeo Rok temu +15

    It's surprising just how much quick thinking and Oscar-worthy acting can get you out of a sticky situation!😂 Keep up the good work Swoozie!👍🏾✨

  • @nicholaschu2439
    @nicholaschu2439 Rok temu +1285

    Swoozie has told so many funny stories and I don't care how long it takes for the next vid

    • @kirdot2011
      @kirdot2011 Rok temu +14

      Those ain't stories for him. It's his life

    • @destabiliseeeee
      @destabiliseeeee Rok temu +9

      yezzir we gucci snakes

    • @adonaiyah2196
      @adonaiyah2196 Rok temu +1

      How do we know its true

    • @nicholaschu2439
      @nicholaschu2439 Rok temu +1

      @@adonaiyah2196 maybe we never know

    • @LA_HA
      @LA_HA Rok temu

      Who cares. It's entertaining. So, smoke 'em if ya got 'em

  • @chloe7725
    @chloe7725 Rok temu +40

    Seriously swoozie you always put a smile on my face, I recently got my boyfriend into your videos even and now we watch you together. Been going through rough times so thank you for being here for everyone!

  • @lynniavelitia
    @lynniavelitia Rok temu +78

    Yo can we take a moment to appreciate the lighting on these characters? It looks great AND it is so fun to watch, what more do we need?

  • @hannahelyse2671
    @hannahelyse2671 Rok temu +34

    I loved all 4 minutes and 5 seconds of this. Was the best thing from start to finish.

  • @P3ngw1n_
    @P3ngw1n_ Rok temu +6

    Thank you for being the family friendly storyteller/relationship advice man this platform needs (and I need)

    • @RB01.10
      @RB01.10 Rok temu

      Despite the video theme itself he managed to keep it PG enough without going too much into any explicit details

  • @BlazeWolf9511
    @BlazeWolf9511 Rok temu +15

    Had me laughing the whole way through, these vids never disappoint

  • @Creppycookies
    @Creppycookies Rok temu +1761

    "Popping bottles with Zero models" and "Im Gucci snakes" along with "brathors" are my favorite lines 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • @asarishepard8171
    @asarishepard8171 Rok temu +8

    Swoozies animation is too much fun :) everyone laying on the sidewalk under blankets made me so happy :)

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +7

      Did u catch that one of them put on an eye mask?

    • @asarishepard8171
      @asarishepard8171 Rok temu +1

      @@swoozie yes!! Had me in stitches :)

  • @mannij7251
    @mannij7251 Rok temu +5

    Swoozie is such an amazing and brilliant storyteller. His future children are super lucky

  • @ahdiratliff6830
    @ahdiratliff6830 Rok temu +5

    I’ve been watching you since I was 10. Now I’m 19, and seeing this makes me so happy. So glad you still upload 😭❤️

  • @lukeedward4385
    @lukeedward4385 Rok temu +5

    You gotta love how swoozie comes out of nowhere and gives us a good ass video. Swoozie is like when Michael Jordan took a break from basketball and then came back to win three more championships.

  • @jayofficialcodm8015
    @jayofficialcodm8015 Rok temu +763

    No matter how long the video is you have to appreciate that sWooZie still post's

  • @almondiefrancis9451
    @almondiefrancis9451 8 miesięcy temu +1

    I was on the floor crying while watching this 🤣Swoozie reminds me of my little brah-dur lol. He always has these insane stories whenever he visits. Definitely sending him this video lol

  • @AikiraBeats
    @AikiraBeats Rok temu +5

    only swoozie can make something like this so entertaining

  • @P3ngw1n_
    @P3ngw1n_ Rok temu +3

    Thank you for being the family fiend,h storyteller/relationship advicist this platform needs

  • @williammcintosh3024

    Every video you make no matter how long it is I feel free from life worries love your vids bro

  • @dimplebup
    @dimplebup Rok temu +1

    this video is pure eye-candy to watch! beautiful animation and scene compositions. Both you and Zeurel really outdid yourselves!!!

  • @bron1526
    @bron1526 Rok temu +298

    you do not know how quick i clicked on this notification. i love you swoozie, you’ve helped me through a lot 💗

    • @honestlyangel
      @honestlyangel Rok temu +7


    • @drae9941
      @drae9941 Rok temu +6

      Bruh immediately it popped up 👉 boop

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +122

      The most important element in this whole thing is the audience member. All of this is for YOU so pls believe I love you MORE Bron Bron!

    • @rosin_apprefix3673
      @rosin_apprefix3673 Rok temu +9

      @@swoozie love how you actually take the time ro comment on your audience members comments it shows how much you care

  • @EthanTheReaper
    @EthanTheReaper Rok temu +7

    This was hilarious lmao, please keep posting more videos like this! The animation was awesome!

  • @xdStatuss
    @xdStatuss Rok temu

    This made my day. I love your story telling abilities and the smooth animations that go with it. All astounding over-all.

  • @botimerLance
    @botimerLance Rok temu

    You are too funny swoozie 🤣 it's morphin time brought back great memories 🤣 and the wife joke at the end was the icing on the cake. 🤣

  • @RB01.10
    @RB01.10 Rok temu

    This was quite funny and well animated.
    PS : To strippers, power to you to not minding others gawking at your body. Power to you.
    If anyone else wants to chip in, can someone please explain how strippers get comfortable? To likely have strangers stare at your body like that ?
    I recently went into my local one to watch a show like this and it was interesting to say the least LOL

  • @deelowithebeelo368
    @deelowithebeelo368 Rok temu +1

    Love you swooz. Been watching for like four and a half years man it’s been a great journey, the stories have been amazing😭

  • @saltydogwater6264
    @saltydogwater6264 Rok temu +134

    Swoozie’s animation has gotten so much better over the years.

    • @thedoctor3372
      @thedoctor3372 Rok temu +8

      He has an animation team...

    • @liambecker558
      @liambecker558 Rok temu +1

      he…didnt animate this one…

    • @4.1.
      @4.1. Rok temu +4

      @@thedoctor3372 a team of one(look at desc)

  • @PogieJoe
    @PogieJoe Rok temu +5

    You and Zeurel always make for a legendary teamup.

  • @monkeyboy3219
    @monkeyboy3219 Rok temu +5

    I'm always two hours cuz of timezones, but once I see a swoozie vid as I wake up, you know it's about to be me laughing for the next few minutes.

  • @MichaelaHarter
    @MichaelaHarter Rok temu +5

    Swoozie's Narration and Zeurel's Animation are a match made in heaven.

  • @Sketchi_
    @Sketchi_ Rok temu

    Always a good day when Swoozie uploads

  • @dolphincrescent54
    @dolphincrescent54 Rok temu +8

    You'd rather chill in a room, eat some pizza, and watch The Amazing World of Gumball instead of going to a strip club?
    Swoozie, can we please hang out and binge?!

  • @captlowrez5455
    @captlowrez5455 Rok temu +3

    The art of fighting without fighting. LOVE IT!!! A skill a lot of people need to master. And your a real one for not leaving your friends. MUCH RESPECT!!!
    Had a similar situation happen to me and my friend in a club in Barcelona. My friend was mad drunk hitting on this one girl. She was into it. But her bf off in the distance and his friends were not. And they start getting closer. Well, I normally always keep a pair of black leather gloves on me. So I put them on and I walked over to where he was when all of those guys got there. I grab him and say, sir you need to leave. All of those other guys stopped in their tracks. The security/bouncers of the place all wear black gloves so they thought that I was security too. (Plus ive done that type of work before.) My friend who doesnt know what going on thinks that Im trying to cock block him and he starts trying to push back. So I make a little scene and start manhandling him. (I know he doesnt see the full picture yet but he thanked me later after I told him the next day.) But yeah, I escorted him out. The funny thing is that not only did all of those guys help to clear the way when I was escorting my friend out, the security thought that I was working for the club and helped clear the way too.

  • @ethanforman9850
    @ethanforman9850 Rok temu

    Swoozies animations are becoming literally film grade at this point. So amazing.

  • @Shagotheza
    @Shagotheza Rok temu +2

    Your videos always make me feel better, even when I already feel better!

  • @ericbrownj21
    @ericbrownj21 6 miesięcy temu +1

    Swoozie is such a relatable person

  • @strauberry_8757
    @strauberry_8757 Rok temu

    Love this animation!!! Swooze you the best story teller on PLclip!!💗😆🐐

  • @alexisalvarado55
    @alexisalvarado55 Rok temu +129

    I wasn't expecting the part of the big dude knocking out your friend and you saying how he went to sleep immediately had me laughing 😭
    I'm sorry for laughing to something bad happening to someone but I was just caught off guard. Until the next video swoozie and keep up the great work on the vids.

  • @mariahmariee1423

    your stories always make my day :) love you swoozie

  • @giovannatorres868
    @giovannatorres868 Rok temu +5

    Swoozie definitely didn’t leave the strip club just to be all by himself for a FEW HOURS.

  • @KillerDishes
    @KillerDishes Rok temu

    The Swooz stays wholesome in the midst of all sorts of nefarious lituatuons 👌🏼

  • @LowkeyHundo
    @LowkeyHundo Rok temu

    Dude your content has improved so much over the years. Keep up the good work bro!

  • @sound_wave16
    @sound_wave16 Rok temu +73

    Swoozie is that goofy homie that will encourage your interests, ditch you for some food, and save your ass from a street fight.
    Not lie: Me too, bro. Mad respect.

  • @emilychingy
    @emilychingy Rok temu

    I love this video, you made me laugh so loud, Swoozie😝🥰🙃

  • @josebarraza1784
    @josebarraza1784 Rok temu

    This is Gold! I love these stories and it makes me laugh out loud🤣

  • @davidkim5458
    @davidkim5458 Rok temu

    Hey Swoozie 👋 student here that just started med school this week. Been watching since middle school (and thus the cheating in school vids). Just want you to know your channel is really helping the transition and stress; your vids are perfect for study breaks / meals

  • @softcloth69
    @softcloth69 10 miesięcy temu

    The animation style in this is enough to get anyone laughing 😂

  • @BBTophie
    @BBTophie Rok temu +1

    Swoozie is a Street Fighter and Capcom fan. I respect it. Top tier content as always.

  • @user-Jay178
    @user-Jay178 Rok temu +25

    Love your animation and stories. You are awesome Swoozie.

  • @carlosvega2259
    @carlosvega2259 Rok temu +2

    Every time I hear "I did my nickel...", instant 10/10 story
    Tell me why come this man talking bout ordering a pizza and watching TAWoG, and I'm eating a pizza as I'm watching this; like what are the odds
    Love you Swooz

  • @dreamlessdeity
    @dreamlessdeity Rok temu

    Wait hold up? That was only 4 minutes? Felt like a whole episode of the most entertaining show - like I was a kid entranced 😂 great stuff

  • @Secarious
    @Secarious Rok temu

    I got respect for Swooze. He don't need no strip club.

  • @shaded_1488
    @shaded_1488 Rok temu

    Your animations are getting really, really good. not to mention your stories

  • @oben44
    @oben44 Rok temu +1

    😂😂That ending though!
    Swoozie never disappoints!

  • @huntercool2232
    @huntercool2232 Rok temu +103

    This story took I turn I wasn’t expecting. However is was still just as entertaining.

  • @ladyleoz8535
    @ladyleoz8535 Rok temu +1

    It was the “half nakedness everywhere”😂😂😂 I literally laughed so hard I was in tears🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @anthonyh3129
    @anthonyh3129 Rok temu

    Big props to Swooz for actually getting all his friends outta there before anyone else got hurt. He a real one cuz that could’ve gone very bad fast!

  • @Vida-Joda_K
    @Vida-Joda_K 5 miesięcy temu

    I’ve watched this video multiple times and I’ve come to the conclusion that Swooz was the mom in the group 😂

  • @davidhervey691
    @davidhervey691 Rok temu

    All jokes aside, Swoozie should really consider making a show with this animation. Its really good.

  • @kaybouie1972
    @kaybouie1972 Rok temu +1

    Once again I watch your videos at work with headphones 🎧 and look like a crazy person, cracking up 🙂🙃😂😂😂

  • @ajaidyn
    @ajaidyn Rok temu +40

    It’s so crazy to see how far the animation has grown

  • @bianian8
    @bianian8 Rok temu

    lmao had me dying, thank you swoozie

  • @taniaFlores95
    @taniaFlores95 Rok temu

    You know it’s automatically a good day when sWooZie post a video

  • @sadafule9008
    @sadafule9008 Rok temu

    Four minutes of sWooZie making me laugh like no comedy movie ever could.

  • @rabanzabalkan
    @rabanzabalkan Rok temu

    Wow the animation is great! Props to the ppl that made it, amazing story aswell my guy :)

  • @lak3563
    @lak3563 Rok temu

    I always get so excited when Swoozie uploads and then ten minutes later I’m all sad again cause I know next vid is in another 5 months. Nobody has ever had me switching moods as much as Swoozie 🤣

  • @UndernightSeth
    @UndernightSeth Rok temu +1

    DAMNN THIS WAS AMAZING! I definitely think chilling with the ZA and watching cartoons is better then the strip club.

  • @shea8702
    @shea8702 Rok temu

    How do you make stories so entertaining?!?

  • @patitosimms
    @patitosimms Rok temu

    Nicole punching Richard repeatedly is the greatest lol. Love your animations in this one Best part "keep my wife's name out your *****mouth

  • @itschinolo4360
    @itschinolo4360 Rok temu

    Bro I love how much effort sWooZie put into making this 💯

  • @AlexxxMon1
    @AlexxxMon1 Rok temu

    swoooozzz you always make me laugh when i need it most

  • @housesports000
    @housesports000 Rok temu +80

    “No nighttime routine, no moisturizing, no exfoliating” LMAO

  • @andreyisinsane2162

    One of the funniest Swoozie videos. I can't wait to see more.

  • @ellennartiff9803

    Ain’t no way that happened. Woozie is just softening the story up because he’s a big star now!!

  • @kuitaranheatmorus9932

    sWooZie back at it again with the amazing content,also yeah hope y'all are having a good day

  • @v.s.4166
    @v.s.4166 Rok temu +1

    This dude aced charisma and called it a day (well played, good show)

    @STIXANIMS Rok temu

    Swoozie I have never found a PLclipr like u have made us feel happy when we’re feeling down Man U are the G.O.A.T

  • @doctorsonic8097
    @doctorsonic8097 Rok temu +28

    0:57 had me dying with laughter.

  • @timfong3636
    @timfong3636 Rok temu

    The animation style is back!!! Lovin it

  • @simdi8631
    @simdi8631 Rok temu +1

    This was so entertaining 😂😂😂 Like I was genuinely laughing out loud

  • @Tris510
    @Tris510 Rok temu

    I laughed so hard the whole video i rewinded like 5 times.

  • @ug3047712
    @ug3047712 Rok temu

    This is classic swoozie. 100% animation, fire storytelling. 🔥😎🔥

  • @cagethelonewolf
    @cagethelonewolf Rok temu

    Missed this episode but the new animation is flawless I love it hope it sticks around for a Google while

  • @voteforsomeonelse
    @voteforsomeonelse Rok temu +31

    Swoozie with the quality content as always 😤🔥

  • @SailorGeekCosplay

    Swooz out here remaining wholesome AF😇

  • @FanTalks1
    @FanTalks1 Rok temu

    I wish I was friends with Swoozie.
    Great video Swooz, we missed you

  • @kingflatern8423
    @kingflatern8423 Rok temu +1

    Bro the animation just keeps getting better and better!

  • @Adasa49
    @Adasa49 Rok temu

    I wish there was more of the story i love how you tell them

  • @Ceres_24
    @Ceres_24 Rok temu

    Swoozie is a kind of friend who can be cool or chill around with his homies, damn I want to have that kind of dude can talk and have enjoy life with! 😎🥰👋🇵🇭

  • @billugwuanyi7706
    @billugwuanyi7706 Rok temu +6

    This got me laughing from beginning to end😂 keep grinding bro ♥️💪🏾💪🏾

  • @AlexHernandez-bw6kw

    I wish I could go out with swoozie one night bc his nights just seem to be different