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My first Music Festival

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  • Opublikowany 11 gru 2021
  • Festival itself was cool but none of the Dj's played any of my bangers. Sad day.
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  • @SwiftDreamer
    @SwiftDreamer Rok temu +5464

    Imagine waking up and deciding to be the guy who waves light gloves in everyone's faces at every festival

    • @-jabin-2697
      @-jabin-2697 Rok temu +15

      Ok 👌

    • @kc.21k
      @kc.21k Rok temu +52

      Fax lol I haven’t been to a festival fr but hearing that that’s a job is crazy lol

    • @cabbage772
      @cabbage772 Rok temu +9

      Third reply

    • @Otamatone69
      @Otamatone69 Rok temu +13

      More sane than most people these days

    • @LoveAlwaysAlwaysLove
      @LoveAlwaysAlwaysLove Rok temu +33

      Wakes up, gets high, reapplies his neon finger lights, sets outside in search of faces

  • @R2debo_
    @R2debo_ Rok temu +5632

    "Be careful who you start dating. A lot of people ain't looking for love, they're looking for help" - Johnny Bravo

  • @JellyJessYT
    @JellyJessYT Rok temu +1437

    Swoozie making the dj noises was the highlight of my day

  • @brianafuller3976
    @brianafuller3976 Rok temu +569

    “NOT IN MY SECTION MATE” literally had me in tears from laughing so hard💀😭

  • @chefboyshawnb7057
    @chefboyshawnb7057 Rok temu +1475

    Swoozie be dropping new vids when I’m feeling low and they always be cheering me up, I don’t think he’ll see this but thank you Swoozie you’re doing God’s work

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +459

      Whats got u down player?

    • @SirBrucie
      @SirBrucie Rok temu +18

      @@swoozie He can't find a gf bro, can you help him?

    • @sauce6746
      @sauce6746 Rok temu +9

      @@SirBrucie Simply find a gf

    • @qofhearts48
      @qofhearts48 Rok temu +4

      Wholeheartedly agree man!! I was so happy to see a swoozie vid, i needed it 😂😭

    • @chefboyshawnb7057
      @chefboyshawnb7057 Rok temu +94

      @@swoozie yoooo 😭 mad respect for the reply but to answer your question the holidays, especially this week, are a bittersweet time for my family due to passed loved ones

  • @oklywright8886
    @oklywright8886 Rok temu +146

    Swoozie is the ultimate:
    A1 content.
    No stupid intro to his videos that just waste time.
    No asking his audience to like & subscribe on every video as if we don’t know where the buttons are.
    No BS. Just quality content.

    • @isaiahthomas4444
      @isaiahthomas4444 Rok temu

      People gotta eat😂 Swoozie set for life. Most YTers aren’t

    • @NateS917
      @NateS917 6 miesięcy temu

      ​@@isaiahthomas4444 you sure about that

    • @isaiahthomas4444
      @isaiahthomas4444 6 miesięcy temu

      @@NateS917 yea lol

    • @NateS917
      @NateS917 6 miesięcy temu

      @@isaiahthomas4444 just making sure

  • @TheDreRock
    @TheDreRock Rok temu +1196

    this is so funny to watch as a raver lmao

    • @Neotenico
      @Neotenico Rok temu +54

      I think it's so funny that he was kinda teasing glovers and kandy kids but he never had a wook encounter.

    • @Dvnnis
      @Dvnnis Rok temu +1

      Frrrrr 😂😂

    • @joshuacanek9353
      @joshuacanek9353 Rok temu +2


    • @TacticalNukeMusique
      @TacticalNukeMusique Rok temu +1

      thisssss XDXD

    • @lexiglad6950
      @lexiglad6950 Rok temu +18

      @@Neotenico image if swoozie went to Lost Lands 😅😂 wookmania

  • @AuRoaraAnimations
    @AuRoaraAnimations Rok temu +1142

    Ash literally took a moment
    to play out the “make-out” scenario in her head

    • @jesusnunez5383
      @jesusnunez5383 Rok temu +86

      She a red flag 🚩🚩🚩

    • @pr0l0gue
      @pr0l0gue Rok temu +72

      That ain’t a red flag that’s a full on stop sign, the best case scenario there is she thought Swoozie was gay. And that’s being optimistic

    • @thatzkayy
      @thatzkayy Rok temu +6

      @@pr0l0gue 😭😭

    • @SeboHyatt
      @SeboHyatt Rok temu +15

      Iono why Swoozie didn't just go home once that happened. Either that or realize that now is the time when he can talk to other women.

  • @chanelzaldana6838
    @chanelzaldana6838 Rok temu +358

    I’ve been watching these story times since middle school and I’m now a junior in college and they r STILL top quality

    • @brianbruhhh5170
      @brianbruhhh5170 Rok temu +31

      Deadass bro I remember watching “cheating in high school” when I was in 6th grade now I’m bout to graduate college😭😂

    • @jaybiggie1284
      @jaybiggie1284 Rok temu +5

      I swear been watching this guy forever!!

    • @ArkbladeIX
      @ArkbladeIX Rok temu +3

      @@brianbruhhh5170 same here

  • @DarkDemon259
    @DarkDemon259 Rok temu +264

    As someone who doesn't like to socialize in ant colony-sized groups, this sounds like torture. Y'all really just collectively decided that 'bracelet stealing fusion dances' were okay as a social greeting? 🤨

    • @trevor9051
      @trevor9051 Rok temu +25

      He either got really unlucky or is super embellishing what happened. No one would trade without giving, that's why it's a trade, and I've never seen someone just grab a hand and try to trade without asking. Also mistaking a normal bracelet for a kandi one? Seems unlikely.

    • @zyaicob
      @zyaicob Rok temu +8

      you know how Michael's experiment was about making everyone's Bad Place experience personalised to them? this would be my Bad Place

    • @DeezeNutsInYoMouf
      @DeezeNutsInYoMouf Rok temu

      you dont understand. youre an outsider

    • @pmal5680
      @pmal5680 Rok temu +5

      Part of the PLUR(peach, love, unity, respect) handshake is to exchange kandi at the end. It’s for when you meet somebody that you vibe with

    • @lindsay8081
      @lindsay8081 Rok temu

      ugh you don’t get it

  • @slicenrice
    @slicenrice Rok temu +11

    I was hoping you said Benny dropped the Satisfaction mix from DJ Hero 😵‍💫

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Rok temu +38

    the perfect upload to end festival szn 😂

  • @TheRealGuywithoutaMustache

    So what you're saying is, I can be a DJ too if i just mash different buttons over and over again

  • @Isaac_Stuart
    @Isaac_Stuart Rok temu +463

    I think some people forget how important respect is even when going on dates. Didn't seem like that girl actually wanted to get in a relationship.

    • @Ghost3210
      @Ghost3210 Rok temu +92

      Sounds like typical online dates to me:
      Nobody wants to be alone, but nobody wants to commit to another person either.
      But yeah, Swoozie really needs to change up his hunting grounds or dating methods if he wants to find something more true. Because I doubt his current ways will lead to different experiences than the ones in his videos.

    • @NathanaelNaused
      @NathanaelNaused Rok temu +4

      @@Ghost3210 I agree

    • @Isaac_Stuart
      @Isaac_Stuart Rok temu +5

      @@Ghost3210 yea its a shame that there are less people that want that commitment

    • @pr0l0gue
      @pr0l0gue Rok temu +65

      She didn’t wanna date him she literally just wanted to not go to the music festival alone, nobody goes to a damn festival for a date. My boy is getting played so hard it hurts

    • @msnaley0101
      @msnaley0101 Rok temu +1

      He went in having the mindset of not liking it so he stuck to his mindset and didnt enjoy it.. He wanted her, but not what she was interested in.

  • @joshsun3590
    @joshsun3590 Rok temu +691

    When the world needed him the most he came back

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +306

      just trying to be the hero Gotham needs

    • @rhysstanley7387
      @rhysstanley7387 Rok temu +13

      @@swoozie i luv u but its avatar

    • @rickyg9669
      @rickyg9669 Rok temu +3

      @@swoozie you mean got ham city?

    • @alphasma
      @alphasma Rok temu +3

      @@swoozie but doesnt derserve

    • @tresimons9935
      @tresimons9935 Rok temu +2

      @@swoozie yea imma freak idc who you tell.

  • @itscyclopz3807
    @itscyclopz3807 Rok temu +31

    As an EDM fan, I can say that the thing about each artist playing similar tracks back to back and them saying "1,2,3, LET'S GO!" for every transition is 100% facts. It happens all the time! Anyways, great video!

  • @madisonmackenzie
    @madisonmackenzie Rok temu +58

    Ive been going to music festivals for a while now and I think it’s really about the group you go with that makes the experience. When you’re with all the homies it really doesn’t matter who you’re listening to it’s a vibe no matter what!

    • @aurora6920
      @aurora6920 Rok temu +2

      agreed, but if you have amazing bands to see with them, that makes going to the festival so worth while! Otherwise you might as well save a lot of money and go hang out in a field with your mates

    • @hugoporras86
      @hugoporras86 Rok temu +2

      Tbh if you don't your into the music enough to listen to the same repetitive beat for 15 minutes. Then be high off your rocks. Then its gonna suck.

  • @bigdbarnie7732
    @bigdbarnie7732 8 miesięcy temu +2

    Oddly enough, this makes me want to experience my first music festival.

  • @kc.21k
    @kc.21k Rok temu +239

    “You know that feeling when you’re out and you’re being social and that voice in your head screams GO home NOW” it’s like our brains can tell the future part time lol this happens to me all of the time! Your relatable and funny bro love the content

  • @kaveen0408
    @kaveen0408 Rok temu +19

    Swoozie still remains my absolute favorite PLclipr. All the way back when he animated his career in Disney to now... And his stories still intrigue me

  • @miyalee2237
    @miyalee2237 Rok temu +2

    Always loved how Swoozie immediately starts telling the story.

    @JOHNROCKS911 Rok temu +17

    I went to my first music festival this year too and everything was so weird to me at first but now I’m a certified headbanger lmao

  • @MaloneFrog
    @MaloneFrog Rok temu +68

    bruhhhh i just went through this exact scenario AND my wallet was stolen. your ability to make relatable videos is officially next level hahaha

  • @The_Ace227
    @The_Ace227 Rok temu

    sWooZie never fails to make people laugh

  • @jj021593
    @jj021593 Rok temu +319

    Lol my fave line… “How you know!?!? Ummhmhmhmhm!” 😂🤣

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +120

      She didn't make out w/ the guy... that was MY fav part

    • @jj021593
      @jj021593 Rok temu +25

      @@swoozie RIGHT!!! Like why you taking so long to think about this!?!?!? NEEEXT! 😂🤣 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • @elijahkone3842
    @elijahkone3842 Rok temu

    Swooize’s beat box skills are amazing 🤩

  • @stevenlankford9910

    I had the opportunity to ask Kagamine once exactly what it was that DJ's are doing on stage. They play their basic track, and then the knobs are adding/subtracting from it in ways that can be hard to identify. Like, in the buildup to a drop, they'll have their hand on the mid EQ knob. They'll crank it to 0, making the music sound distant, if still loud, then turn it up as the build progresses. Basically, they have the track that's going to play, and they feel the room and push and pull to the crowd. If you hear a chirping repeated effect over the track, that's usually them tapping it out live as well. So they're doing way more than it looks like they're doing. Not a DJ myself, but I am someone who'd wondered about that, figured I'd share the answer.

  • @tremims8535
    @tremims8535 Rok temu +6

    Swoozie is the real-life Peter Parker, always making people's day, going through great hardship, and still being a good guy.

  • @sushi0hifi
    @sushi0hifi Rok temu +132

    From my music festival experiences, drugs really do influence your personal experience.
    I’ve done the candy exchange a few times and it’s usually with people I end up clicking with at music sets.
    I also find myself going home after camping outside for three days straight, I’ve never been able to finish the entire music festival because I’ve always seen the music acts I came to see before the last day.
    I’m quite curious if you went to EDC Miami because that is one of the hottest festivals out there right now!
    I’ve been to Bonnaroo 2017 and 2018 and then Electric Forest 2019

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +43

      Went to Ultra ;)

    • @kosianigbo4879
      @kosianigbo4879 Rok temu +2

      @@swoozie ash kaash?

    • @kahmarstathum6778
      @kahmarstathum6778 Rok temu +5

      @@swoozie go to edc las vegas, I went this year solo and had an amazing time

    • @Chimichur0
      @Chimichur0 Rok temu +2

      EF 2019 was unreal!!!!

    • @igotbeans
      @igotbeans Rok temu +7

      edc happens in orlando not miami. ultra happens in miami.

  • @LionBrian15
    @LionBrian15 Rok temu +11

    You have to partake in the culture and the party favors to experience what it’s really like to be at a edm festival . That’s the bottom line lol

    • @BigGuy90210
      @BigGuy90210 Rok temu

      Yeah to be honest any rave and music festival is pretty much subpar without party favors

  • @bassfishingspecialist8976

    Always a good day when swoozie uploads

  • @donlee7156
    @donlee7156 Rok temu +5

    Swoozie needs to be a DJ because his voiceovers are off the charts!

  • @FloppaGoneMad
    @FloppaGoneMad Rok temu


  • @samantharojas660
    @samantharojas660 Rok temu +8

    You always make my day better I've been watching you since I was in elementary school and I'm now a senior in high school you've grown so much as a creator but you've never lost your personality I still relate to you even to this day! Happy holidays and thank you!

  • @josht6375
    @josht6375 Rok temu +1

    Idk what about this one made it so funny but the voice impressions and swoozie just being really fed up this whole time made it hilarious

  • @JustCallMeShadow
    @JustCallMeShadow Rok temu +12

    So looking forward to hearing about Round 2. That part with the dude waving his fingers in front of your face killed me. 😂 Too damn funny, I swulli-gawd.

  • @eladioc.2948
    @eladioc.2948 Rok temu +6

    Being a raver for 10 years now, this was funny to watch haha

  • @statostheman
    @statostheman Rok temu

    If you've the change to travel to Europe, try to go to Pori Jazzfestival in Finland. All the legends played there. You can look up real good finnish funk band the northern governors. Their live set here in YT is awesome! And the ladies whom sings in the background::😎

  • @suspendedanimation683

    Swoozie is like the PLclip Taylor Swift you know if a relationship is involved with them it produces exceptional content =3

  • @PlutoProtogen
    @PlutoProtogen Rok temu

    you're a pretty good story teller lol very entertaining i like it

  • @rny999
    @rny999 10 miesięcy temu

    Love you swooze, been watching your videos on and off for over 10 years big man.

  • @jordanjohnson1863

    oh swoozie, you have no idea how much I was shaking my head during this entire video LOL

  • @davidriha
    @davidriha Rok temu +25

    lmao I love hearing the stuff that he finds crazy but we find normal about music festivals

  • @1billysupporter43

    Only swoozie can say he's a man of culture at this point.

  • @LegitCWalk
    @LegitCWalk Rok temu +1

    Swoozie you gotta be non sober to enjoy raving lmao.

  • @Ceres_24
    @Ceres_24 9 miesięcy temu

    Damn, you're great and I miss this and you, Swoozie keep it up! 😊👍💗👋

  • @talpaltv
    @talpaltv Rok temu +1

    A swoozie video does not come when you expect it but when you need it the most

  • @PrinceofSD24
    @PrinceofSD24 Rok temu +12

    This literally happened to me on Halloween. I was in San Francisco & snuck into this music festival called Outside Lands. The music was Lowkey wack & was ready to go back to my dorm. Swoozie, I feel you brotha! ✌🏽

  • @justalpha9138
    @justalpha9138 Rok temu +4

    Yeah, this video is pretty accurate to EDM festivals or raves. You just have to find what genre you like and pick out the sets and the times where your favorite artists are at. Me personally, I love dubstep (deathstep, the sub-genre especially), drum and bass, trance, and sometimes I have a lot of fun with house music. And no, you definitely aren't the only one who doesn't enjoy music festivals, it's all good. I personally really enjoy it, but I don't go on a regular basis.

  • @MovieLoversUnite

    I have to commence you for sticking it out the whole time. If a girl that I was on a date with had to think about wanting to make out with someone else I’d be like ✌️. The DJ noisiest that you made me laugh out loud. 😆

  • @scarlettestrella8
    @scarlettestrella8 Rok temu +1

    I'm a beginner PLclipr but I love your videos!! You've made me laugh and smile when life has been hard. ❤ thank u

  • @hatchetsonly
    @hatchetsonly Rok temu +2

    Swoozie makes the typa videos that make you wanna watch that ad after just to support a bit more

  • @Historicutuber
    @Historicutuber Rok temu +1

    Swoozie coming thru with the heat

  • @Kallixoxo
    @Kallixoxo Rok temu +1

    That friend taking you to your next one is definitely gonna slip you something 😂

  • @Rashers951
    @Rashers951 Rok temu +4

    i think im obsessed with your story telling its been 4years running subscribed to you through several accounts (i kept forgetting passwords) and i still watch you man i cant wait for your 10mil subscriber plaque keep making awesome content swoozie dont ever quit please im now 16 btw so yeahhh

  • @alexxx2839
    @alexxx2839 Rok temu +5

    Loved how you added "chicken biscuit" in your dj playing beat boxing part. Hilarious!

  • @thgritic102
    @thgritic102 Rok temu +23

    I rather just "host" my own music festive in my room where I'm safe and don't need drugs to get lit 😅
    Reminds me of my friends telling me clubbing is fun, and the second I've been to the clubs TWICE, someone either hitting on me or holding me close to them trying to take me home. Yeah, no thanks.

  • @RomaroBrandon
    @RomaroBrandon Rok temu +5

    Always wanted to go to a music festival, now I only wanna go to react to you in person being weird out by the craziness.

  • @keenanlewis2500
    @keenanlewis2500 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie's style is what I aspire to have one day

  • @smbenga2
    @smbenga2 Rok temu +6

    Watching a Swoozie video is the perfect way to end my 1st full weekend off of work

  • @iamvoicelessmusic
    @iamvoicelessmusic Rok temu +5

    I am an EDM producer and have been in the scene for 10 years. In that amount of time, I’ve only been to one festival. The music is really cool to hear in person, but that’s about it. Pretty much everyone at these festivals is either drunk or high, and if you leave there without doing either of those things (as in my case), you feel like you‘ve been hit by a truck afterward. I didn’t realize how physical headbanging was until I actually did it. Not for me lol.
    Sidenote, I did get to meet one of my favorite DJs once tho so that was amazing

  • @Razzman70
    @Razzman70 Rok temu

    For me, music festivals are a way to discover new artist and meet new people. Yeah, a lot of the EDM stuff (especially the smaller/daytime DJs) is going to be press play, but thats not why I go. I went into EDM only know 1 or 2 artist and went to a music festival out in Ohio and now I can at least pick out 10 must see artist from a festivals lineup, plus a handful of "Ill see them if I have the chance".

  • @shaylacox1489
    @shaylacox1489 Rok temu +10

    I needed this laugh, even the sound of the bed bounce at the right time when you were telling the story. I will definitely watch the next video this entire thing was hilarious! BTW no Ash did not think about making out with some random guy? You deserve better.

  • @LawrenceWarren
    @LawrenceWarren Rok temu

    I went to Lights On Fetsival and it was defineitly a vibe... Going to Coachella Weekend 2 next year, already have tickets and everything! I don't do EDM because it all sounds the same to me, but there are some great artists if you get outside the DJ sets

  • @zjam25
    @zjam25 6 miesięcy temu

    I'm here for it can't wait to see how the next one goes

  • @gpkawesomeness4512

    Ah yes my monthly swoozie marathon begins again

  • @SM-zw3on
    @SM-zw3on Rok temu +10

    This video was pretty awesome. Can’t wait for part 2 .
    Ps. the animation, bruh! That was so freaking good.

  • @sarcasticluigi
    @sarcasticluigi Rok temu +2

    I can't say anything for the EDM scene, but as someone who lived for Warped Tour for 6 years, hard agree that it's very different from a regular concert. I never felt like I was gonna lose my phone or have someone steal from me, but one year me and my friends were waiting for each other at the port-o-potties and a couple port-o-potties down I got to see some girl poke her head out and call over to her friends and say "I dropped my phone in there!"

  • @captaintalon4485

    Man who needs expensive music equipment when you can just toss Swoozie on stage to make EDM noises

  • @tasenova2717
    @tasenova2717 Rok temu +1

    I don't feel like you'd be the type of guy to like energetic rhythm music Swooz. I feel like you'd probably just enjoy a regular concert or a music festival that has more emotional and impactful music than just some driving bass, because that's what I get from the 5 years I've watched you

  • @shard_the_sage1320

    You are not alone Swoozie, I went to a out door concert Buzz bake sale, I hated every minute of it. This was in Florida and as you know you need Shade and water and there was no shade at all. Water bottles going for $8 a pop. It got to the point where they had to put up a tarp and get out fans to cool people off because they were getting over heated. I couldn't even tell if I liked the music it was just so loud and noisy, hot and humid and I was just miserable the entire time. I can relate to that "voice in my head yelling to go home" vibe very much. I always enjoy your videos.

  • @AnhLe-zl4ws
    @AnhLe-zl4ws Rok temu +1

    I love music festivals 🥰🥰

  • @zoomyzoop5357
    @zoomyzoop5357 Rok temu +5

    When he mumbled chicken biscuit I laughed so hard for no reason

  • @cheese4746
    @cheese4746 Rok temu

    I’m glad the channel is still thriving even after all these years

  • @iRinnda
    @iRinnda Rok temu +1

    Swoozie having all kinds of crazy stories to tell for years, but music festivals is where we draw the line.
    Imma be crossing that line and admire the stories from the weird side though. :D Love music festivals 🙈

  • @icanhearcolors3984
    @icanhearcolors3984 Rok temu +3

    5:19 that dj impression made me piss myself laughing

  • @morgansmith9541
    @morgansmith9541 Rok temu +2

    Swoozie aging like fine wine

  • @shonw2318
    @shonw2318 Rok temu

    You ain’t alone on not liking music festivals swooz. One girl I was with dragged me to a music festival about 1 or 2 years ago before COVID shut the whole fucken planet down, and I shit you not, you accurately described exactly how my experience was at that festival... Literally everyone there playing was hot garbage, people were randomly running around and doing random ass, illuminati initiation type shit... And the food there was so high, you basically had to sell your soul for money to be able to afford anything they were selling... Funny thing is that there was a McDonalds, literally across the street from where the festival was taking place, but you had to pay to enter so we had to settle with the festival food. But I shit you not, the burgers they were selling, legit tasted like the stall owners went over to the McDonalds, ordered some quarter pounders, and rewrapped them to sell for an arm and a leg... I swear, That was by far the longest fucken five hours of my life, and I took 3 AP classes during my senior year in high school...

  • @Jthegta
    @Jthegta Rok temu +79

    At it again with storytime 👌

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +30

      love the profile pic btw!

  • @maxbolston7410
    @maxbolston7410 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie we need more stories 😭 hope all is well thanks for all of the content.

  • @xxkitlzxx777
    @xxkitlzxx777 Rok temu

    I love that you don't have to be high when you go to these. So many people have to do drugs to enjoy it.

  • @alyssajordan3775
    @alyssajordan3775 Rok temu +2

    Somebody PLEASE make a short of Swoozie imitating the DJ. PLEASE!

  • @Eddierath
    @Eddierath Rok temu

    Three words *SOUTH AFRICAN HOUSE* . You have the EXACT personality for that genre swoozie, it will fit you like a glove man... Just give it a chance on Gawd! 🙏🏽

  • @redingtonramos8791

    Them beatboxing skills are impeccable 👌

  • @alphaife5008
    @alphaife5008 Rok temu +11

    Almost like you read my mind swoozie, I've literally been having problems on this very kind of topic. Keep going forward

  • @prodijae6839
    @prodijae6839 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie is one of the best storytellers

  • @bushidobrown9857
    @bushidobrown9857 Rok temu +1

    As a DJ myself, music festivals are usually whack af if there is no drum and bass involved 😂

  • @Junedolo
    @Junedolo Rok temu +2

    Always a great day when Swoozie uploads 😃

  • @nyxcariot
    @nyxcariot 26 dni temu

    Tell me you missed the rave scene without saying it 😆😆😆
    Need to go to more of these bro. They're awesome.

  • @mistershrek6023
    @mistershrek6023 Rok temu +3

    your animations are very good you make me forget bad memories, I wish you success

  • @CrimsonBullet999
    @CrimsonBullet999 Rok temu +2

    Really close friend of mine, she wanted me to go to the last warped tour. Never have I been to even a CONCERT my guy! So I was like yeahhhhhhh nah. You're not the only one swoozie lol

  • @bskiez
    @bskiez Rok temu

    You're so funny. I'm glad you're getting all these girls

  • @santosrafa95
    @santosrafa95 Rok temu +2

    As a raver I do admit my first experience was somewhat the same, very confused and wondering here and there finding something new that just makes me go “ so what just happened??” Now it’s all about prepping and getting ready for those 2-3 day events 😤 I do like the smaller shows with one person headlining the show with support djs that curate the experience. 10/10 would recommend going after doing some research on who you want to see or what kind of music you want to hear and shape the day around it (: meet me at EDC Vegas xD I’ll give you some kandy for the guy who toke your bling

  • @redconvoy
    @redconvoy Rok temu

    You have my sympathy. I love that festival (I am assuming it is Ultra), but I would rather watch it at home streamed live. They offer that.

  • @DamitaJo413
    @DamitaJo413 Rok temu

    Beat boxing, making DJ noises, and throws in "chicken biscuits" in the midst. 😂 Only Swoozie!! 😂 I don't do musical festivals. I'm good at home with Alexa mixing songs up.

  • @missbad730
    @missbad730 Rok temu +17

    He slid in the word biscuit when he was mocking the 2nd dj at 2:47😂😂

  • @BillMoney
    @BillMoney Rok temu +1

    I never knew about this guy until 2020 but I’m glad I stumbled on dude.

  • @alexsaturn2745
    @alexsaturn2745 Rok temu

    honestly I just think you can’t be sober to enjoy these things

  • @yahzed1344
    @yahzed1344 Rok temu

    Swoozie you crack me up, bro. 😂😂😂💯🙌🏾

  • @EKGraphics767
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    Swoozie Swoozie Swoozie. You gotta get high / drunk to enjoy these things man, you can't be sober and expect to have a good time unless you with a lot of crazy friends lol.