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Worst Theme Park "trip" EVER

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  • Opublikowany 12 lut 2022
  • When I tried this stuff years ago it made me paranoid. Seems not a lot has changed.
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  • @Chat4fash
    @Chat4fash Rok temu +7485

    I think it was the Dasani not the candy bro don’t drink that lol

  • @ExploDjinn
    @ExploDjinn Rok temu +9730

    I really hope the people you interacted with at the park see this and have a moment of realization. This was a highly amusing story.

    • @thisjustin77
      @thisjustin77 Rok temu +287


    • @squeeli123
      @squeeli123 Rok temu +61

      I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" 🗨It makes my day better!!

    • @Harakatheboye
      @Harakatheboye Rok temu +19

      @@squeeli123 aint nobody care dawg

    • @boogityhoo7452
      @boogityhoo7452 Rok temu +1

      @@darwin3315 i know that's right. You ain't told a lie yet today.

  • @XNDL44
    @XNDL44 Rok temu +4426

    Even while trippin balls this man still makes time to interact with fans. What a legend

    • @sternum6215
      @sternum6215 Rok temu +4

      Omg tamama :,)

    • @XNDL44
      @XNDL44 Rok temu +5

      @@sternum6215 Sgt Frog is a gem for comedy anime

    • @msthecommentator2863
      @msthecommentator2863 Rok temu +15

      Virgin: gets stoned and hurts people
      Chad: gets stoned and hugs people

    • @nickcabrera3087
      @nickcabrera3087 Rok temu +6

      Is it still considered tripping if its not a psychedelic though?

    • @jorgemendez5952
      @jorgemendez5952 Rok temu +8

      @@nickcabrera3087 no cause u don’t trip from non psychedelics, he was just extremely stoned

  • @jasmine-eq3so
    @jasmine-eq3so Rok temu +4938

    there is no reason i should have been just as stressed as you were listening to this 🤣🤣

  • @elissacousland44
    @elissacousland44 Rok temu +2795

    Everyone else: *starstruck because they're seeing Swooz and they wanna keep an eye on him because they're excited*

  • @pixiebubbles2628
    @pixiebubbles2628 Rok temu +822

    I was 100% expecting that "candy" was like birth control or laxatives, not smelly grass 😂

  • @wan.gito6000
    @wan.gito6000 Rok temu +4769

    "I feel gooder than a mug"
    -Swoozie 2022

  • @daughterofsarah2793
    @daughterofsarah2793 Rok temu +906

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that even under the influence Adande is a thoughtful awesome friend. Paranoid as ever and still thinking of others. I am curious though...if Dande ever had to get surgery and they put him under, I wonder what he would be like waking up.

  • @nun_ya_bizz
    @nun_ya_bizz Rok temu +486

    Paranoia hits hard with that stuff. As soon as I heard you question why the guy was in the restroom I knew it was only gonna get worse.

    • @fluffysl1p3rs24
      @fluffysl1p3rs24 Rok temu +4

      I’ll give u a phantom like cause I don’t wanna change the number

    • @xpertg5570
      @xpertg5570 Rok temu +7

      Used to enjoy weed but it just started giving me anxiety so i just quit.....so much better just staying sober

  • @rasengan1544
    @rasengan1544 Rok temu +232

    I Think its funnier to think that they were just letting Swoozie use the employee bathroom the whole time. And that's why employees kept coming in lol

    • @destineewilson1983
      @destineewilson1983 Rok temu +26

      Ayooo. Was he really high on autopoliet strolling into the employee bathrooms

    • @darthestar8791
      @darthestar8791 Miesiąc temu

      @@destineewilson1983Probably!!! 😅😂😅😂

  • @sleepwalker2649
    @sleepwalker2649 Rok temu +361

    swooz describing the paranoia perfectly - it sorta ramps up the more high you get until you peak….. the bathroom sensor “detecting substances” got me😂

  • @michaeljensen8206
    @michaeljensen8206 Rok temu +182

    i really thought this was going to end by swoozie saying the reason he kept running into workers in the bathroom was bc he kept going into the employee bathrooms 😂

  • @StickyFangGaming
    @StickyFangGaming Rok temu +3892

    Lesson of the day kids: Don’t eat candy that taste like dookie. This man almost opened his third eye 😂

    • @sirsmoothbrain3628
      @sirsmoothbrain3628 Rok temu +27

      @@26mic can u like not advertise your videos on someone else's content I get it, this dude's content makes your content look like garbage. Because it is. So can you just not

    • @VeryGoodEggs12
      @VeryGoodEggs12 Rok temu +11

      @@26mic you’re not as funny as you think

    • @squeeli123
      @squeeli123 Rok temu +3

      I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" 🗨It makes my day better!!

    • @VeryGoodEggs12
      @VeryGoodEggs12 Rok temu +14

      @@squeeli123 I just love when I don’t see people like you in comment sections. It really makes my day

  • @seamonkey02
    @seamonkey02 Rok temu +192

    I laughed so much I had tears coming out of my eyes. You tripping in public and in an amusement park must be wild. Thank you mom for teaching me to ask before taking any food from someone if it's not offered.

  • @msthecommentator2863
    @msthecommentator2863 Rok temu +192

    I was on the receiving end of a hard trip like this with my wife. She didn't get crazy, but she was in a total daze, forgot who she was, and even at one point asked me who *I* was. 😂 Best part? This was when we were still long distance dating, so all I could do was stay on the line while she slept it off. She passed out and I minimized the tab and played on the computer until about 3 am when she woke up much more sober. On the plus side, her dad told me he was mad impressed with my patience and support. 😎

    • @ObviousGoat2
      @ObviousGoat2 Miesiąc temu

      Yo I hope y’all I still together bro

  • @megan8765
    @megan8765 Rok temu +17

    the way swoozie describes the paranoia is nothing short of accurate... i always come up with super crazy, super unlikely scenarios and convince myself thati'm going to jail.

  • @chrystiecastillo293
    @chrystiecastillo293 Rok temu +95

    Swooz you are the master storyteller. Thr very first time I saw you was 10 years ago Diary of an Ex-Disney employee and I have been hooked ever since. I admire you for your realness, sincerity and integrity. Thank you for being you and sharing your experiences with the world!

  • @KrazyCornEdits
    @KrazyCornEdits Rok temu +15

    Your story telling is legendary. Thank you for bringing life to our lives :)

  • @TheRealGuywithoutaMustache

    This dude has the wildest stories fr, he'll never run out of stories to tell his grandchildren

    • @hotterNOTcolder
      @hotterNOTcolder Rok temu +1

      The commenter joined the chat.

    • @Fireclaw5588
      @Fireclaw5588 Rok temu +17

      @@26mic fuck up

    • @edsheeransleftnut8615
      @edsheeransleftnut8615 Rok temu +9

      @@26mic Just seeing your thumbnails and titles made my laughter go away at the speed of light

    • @squeeli123
      @squeeli123 Rok temu +2

      I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" 🗨It makes my day better!!

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks Rok temu +534

    This is funniest theme park story I ever heard.

  • @mozzqueen96
    @mozzqueen96 Rok temu +68

    This was the best way to start my day. Never change swooz. Your energy in storytelling is unreal

  • @16SoulFlux
    @16SoulFlux Rok temu +25

    Yeah, getting that huge of a dose will reeeaaallly get you paranoid. I'm glad you're ok, Swoozie!

  • @fruitbythefoote
    @fruitbythefoote Rok temu +815

    I love how he's only allowed to call pot "stuff" because we live in a relentless hellscape where drugs have to be treated like scary evil monsters.

    • @jinglebunnie8367
      @jinglebunnie8367 Rok temu +108

      When addiction is a factor. Definitely it’s a scary evil monster.

    • @friendly-days6138
      @friendly-days6138 Rok temu +25

      @@jinglebunnie8367 when addiction is a factor misinformation is the worst thing that can happen. Gotta stop pretending these things dont exist, and stop having bias towards drugs

    • @jinglebunnie8367
      @jinglebunnie8367 Rok temu +53

      @@friendly-days6138 right I don’t have a bias, was just saying if In someone’s case they are addicted- it can be scary and evil. Otherwise if not and if the person is happy and healthy physically and mentally while using and if it helps them in anyway then so be it, great for them.

    • @thefinalvalley
      @thefinalvalley Rok temu +40

      Maybe cause drugs are bad for you, ever think about that?😂 Even just weed and alcohol is bad for your brain. They aren’t treated unfairly they are treated just how they should be.

    • @raikaru0
      @raikaru0 Rok temu +16

      @@thefinalvalley why are you trying to make weed and alcohol seem equivalent?

  • @VirtualDonkey39
    @VirtualDonkey39 2 miesięcy temu

    If there’s one thing I learned from watching swoozies videos, it’s that anytime you asked someone about their love life and they say it’s complicated, you want nothing to do with it.

  • @thestapler
    @thestapler Rok temu +1354

    I can't even imagine doing edibles at an amusement park. Took a 50g gummi just chillin at home one weekend and that thing had me sinking into my furniture and seeing sound waves.

    • @AxxLAfriku
      @AxxLAfriku Rok temu +3

      WARNING I am the unprettiest human YTer worldwide. Take the hint, dear the

    • @WyvernRex2099
      @WyvernRex2099 Rok temu +27

      @@AxxLAfriku Yes, yes you are

    • @afroman5918
      @afroman5918 Rok temu +5

      The best kind of high

    • @nimbzclowd
      @nimbzclowd Rok temu +55

      I took a 50g too. It had me on my ass the carpet felt hot and spikey and for some reason I kept on seeing the hamster from g-force lmao. Haven't taken any since

    • @jamesknik3753
      @jamesknik3753 Rok temu +12

      My first time doing edibles I took 100mg and literally felt like I was falling through my bed and my vision was yellow

  • @ebonyligon
    @ebonyligon Rok temu +46

    This might be one of the funniest stories you’ve told. I laughed so hard throughout this entire video.

  • @josuemena5258
    @josuemena5258 Rok temu +45

    The dookie candy turned Swoozie's park trip into a mission impossible movie 😂

  • @thedapperdisneydude
    @thedapperdisneydude Rok temu +11

    Omg, I feel so terrible for you, but at the same time I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Your stories never fail to make my day better! 😂
    And lucky CM for recognizing you! If I ran into you at work I think I'd be too stunned to say anything XD

  • @foxsden3209
    @foxsden3209 Rok temu +25

    love the simple swoozie art style and storytelling, classic

  • @MasochisticMaiden
    @MasochisticMaiden Rok temu +17

    I ate 5 of these “candies” and went to Santa Monica pier…it hit as soon as I passed the McDonalds leading to the entrance.
    I was tripping hard and decided to ride everything but it was like I was in a simulation, time moved super slow but I was so happy 😅✨
    I ate what can only be described as the best funnel cake ever but I was just so aware of everything in this simulation. It was kind of like purgatory but I was pretty happy.

  • @Savagecookies7
    @Savagecookies7 Rok temu +1338

    With how expensive water is at theme parks he probably spent more on the water than the ticket

    • @will_9910
      @will_9910 Rok temu +30

      Which is so asinine. And it's regular water too. Nothing special about it.

    • @andrewquintero7026
      @andrewquintero7026 Rok temu +8

      @@will_9910 no theme parks usually change 3 to 5 dollars for a regular water bottle.

    • @LauraDyehouse
      @LauraDyehouse Rok temu +12

      Worked at king Island in Ohio and water is $4.95 after tax. I would always warn people before they got them. He no joke probably spend $50-80 on water

    • @andrewquintero7026
      @andrewquintero7026 Rok temu

      @@LauraDyehouse bro what the hell it have better have been a hot day or else they just got played like a fiddle who on earth wants to 50-80 dollars on water?!

    • @LauraDyehouse
      @LauraDyehouse Rok temu +2

      @@andrewquintero7026 a family of like 10 😅

  • @mysteryxio9957
    @mysteryxio9957 Rok temu +45

    The fact that he remembers while he's so altered is both hilarious and awesome

  • @leg-end_0631
    @leg-end_0631 Rok temu +4

    Swoozy your videos make my days so much better, really appreciate what you do on her good work

  • @karaleelikely1108
    @karaleelikely1108 Rok temu +26

    I couldn't stop laughing
    Even though I’ve never been in this exact situation the paranoia this felt so relateable

  • @davidvillarreal3226

    I’m a minute and half in and I can tell this is going to be one of the most entertaining vids he’s ever done. ✨Gold ✨

  • @smbenga2
    @smbenga2 Rok temu +1685

    Swoozie was about to say the edible wasn’t doing anything, then Dr. Strange separated his physical and astral forms 😂

    • @thnzxc
      @thnzxc Rok temu +2


    • @squeeli123
      @squeeli123 Rok temu +4

      I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" 🗨It makes my day better!!

    • @MaxCE
      @MaxCE Rok temu +19

      @@squeeli123 well looks like you aint getting them this time

    • @d3pthstrider
      @d3pthstrider Rok temu


    • @MxCP11
      @MxCP11 Rok temu +2

      Sent swoozie to the mirror dimension

  • @based_will
    @based_will Rok temu +5

    As a frequent consumer of candy with stuff in it, I got a lotta laughs out of this one. Very relatable 😂

  • @kelbimckinley8042
    @kelbimckinley8042 Rok temu +46

    HIGHLY recommend getting intoxicated and watching this. Makes it SO FUNNY 😂😂

  • @iijadeykinsii
    @iijadeykinsii Rok temu +42

    Swoozie! This same situation happened to me and my boyfriend literally a few days ago! I had four and he had six, an hour later I thought I was melting and going to expire from this plane of existence soooo, I called 911 and dragged my boyfriend with me while everyone in that hospital had a good giggle 😅 still feeling kinda wacky from it a bit so we've been resting 💞 thank you so freaking much for opening up about your experience, it makes me feel a bit better knowing I'm not alone with the whole bad "trip" stuff 🌬🍃
    Love you Swoozie! 💞

  • @angelyun9418
    @angelyun9418 7 miesięcy temu

    I'm surprised you're remembering all of this😂😂😂 I can never remember most of what happened when I eat that "candy"

  • @simeofficial23
    @simeofficial23 Rok temu +1572

    YOURE WAY TOO FUNNY. Literally get me through my days my guy!

    • @RandomGuy-so4wk
      @RandomGuy-so4wk Rok temu +10

      The video isn't even finished 😭

    • @nathan9901
      @nathan9901 Rok temu +4

      @@26mic you've done nothing but say this for like all your comments. Stop self promoting bro nobody likes that

    • @squeeli123
      @squeeli123 Rok temu

      I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" 🗨It makes my day better!!

  • @scarface51393
    @scarface51393 Rok temu +13

    We must appreciate the fact that this man got high out his mind and some how managed to tell the tail

  • @madelinelm1756
    @madelinelm1756 Rok temu +4

    This story pretty much describes how I am all the time. Except without the candy.

  • @butterfli1713
    @butterfli1713 Rok temu +11

    It’s me dying laughing as quietly as I can to not wake up everyone in my household. 🤣

  • @aznpikachu215
    @aznpikachu215 Rok temu +837

    If Swoozie ever becomes a grandpa, he'll tell good stories.

  • @philippetromans4499
    @philippetromans4499 Rok temu +12

    Top tier video as always, that paranoia was HITTING😂

  • @cenakruegerlover
    @cenakruegerlover Rok temu +9

    I can understand the anxiety of having taken candies like that, especially unsupervised. I had a trip eating 3 pieces in one hit. Took maybe 3 hours for it to hit, but i literally disocciated and was able to watch myself do stuff as i was doing it, like the sinking scene from get out. Them candies are stress inducing.

  • @DrRiverWho
    @DrRiverWho Rok temu +11

    The one time I met swoozie I could not stop talking about it all day. Like everyone at my workplace knew I was hyped that day. And he wasn’t even working in my direct section. I heard his name called and my head was on a swivel. Love your videos man!!! I did say hello and thank you and told him he was amazing.

  • @BonniesDeadlyVlogz
    @BonniesDeadlyVlogz Rok temu +6

    This is way funnier than it should've been lmao, once you get it you just get it

  • @herc7629
    @herc7629 Rok temu +3

    I've never seen anybody this paranoid in my life, this was hilarious

  • @EudoxiaMysteries
    @EudoxiaMysteries Rok temu +1632

    8:55 thanks for your impressive flush imitation

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +370

      I’ve been practicing. Thank u for noticing!

    • @squeeli123
      @squeeli123 Rok temu +13

      I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" 🗨It makes my day better!!

    • @JohnSmith-np3cd
      @JohnSmith-np3cd Rok temu +27

      @@squeeli123 -.- shut

    • @theepicguy6506
      @theepicguy6506 Rok temu

      @@JohnSmith-np3cd fr tho

  • @Nick-eg6nx
    @Nick-eg6nx Rok temu +6

    I've wondered where swoozie went and this man was making us a nice long 12 min video! I want more long videos thanks Swoozie!

  • @blayonske1
    @blayonske1 Rok temu +2

    Going on the Pandora ride at Animal Kingdom is another whole different level on some candy. Felt like I was legit inside the movie

  • @BowlingSoup
    @BowlingSoup 8 miesięcy temu

    This experience was probably very hard for you, I mean this whole situation must have been painful, mind boggling, and embarrassing for you. Pour one out for Swoozie for chugging multiple bodies of Dasani

  • @delvonte82
    @delvonte82 Rok temu +2

    Swoozie don’t miss! He’s always coming at us with entertaining and hilarious videos!

  • @Jojo7896
    @Jojo7896 Rok temu +1

    A device that attaches to the toilet that senses substance flushes actually sounds like a pretty good idea to catch people trying to dispose of illegal drugs.

  • @justalpha9138
    @justalpha9138 Rok temu +546

    This man is a walking, talking novel. You can't not love it. :)

    • @kiwi9921
      @kiwi9921 Rok temu +1

      Ikr 🤣

    • @justalpha9138
      @justalpha9138 Rok temu +4

      @@26mic Please don't self promote

    • @squeeli123
      @squeeli123 Rok temu

      I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" 🗨It makes my day better!!

    • @justalpha9138
      @justalpha9138 Rok temu

      @@squeeli123 Okay cool, but please don't self promote, subtle or not.

  • @Nate1k
    @Nate1k Rok temu +2

    The love for swoozie never fades

  • @emily56857
    @emily56857 Rok temu +3

    My god that was freaking hilarious swooz, your stories are always top tier! 🤣🙌🏼

  • @jaketheripper7385

    Literally a realistic and exact representation of how I act and think when I'm wonko on the hippie sprouts even though I absolutely 100% know better otherwise. I can't help it and I simply begin to go bananas and absolutely lose my friggin' mind. This is why I just don't touch the stuff anymore. Don't get me wrong, I used to be into it hella hard back in the day when I was in high school in the mid to late 2000's, and then a bit after HS as well. However something changed and now I just get way too stupid and freak myself the fck out, so I just have to avoid it. I've got no qualms whatsoever about anyone else choosing to partake themselves, and personally I support total decriminalization of all narcotics across the board. Although admittedly I've always held particularly fervent support for the decriminalization of cannabis and the allocation of further private sector and government funds to be directed into much more thorough and expansive medical and pharmaceutical/pharmacological research regarding the benefits and possibilities with cannabis, as well as more focused study into both short and long term implications of chronic cannabis use in adults of varying demographics.
    We already have a pretty good idea of the effects in adolescents and teens and current research tends to indicate some pretty negative outcomes in such circumstances, particularly pertaining to neurological/psychological development and increased risk of mental health concerns. Although it certainly wouldn't hurt to see even more focused and long-term research/study into this children, teen, and adolescent cannabis intake as well...

  • @nerdburger234
    @nerdburger234 8 miesięcy temu

    Even when he thought he was running from the cops He still took a Picture with a fan! God I love this guy…

  • @BlackVeganTravels
    @BlackVeganTravels Rok temu +6

    I had this experience with "stuff" at a theme park and this is too accurate 🤣🤣

  • @BrianTheGoblin
    @BrianTheGoblin Rok temu +537

    Being the person who's tripping? No fun.
    Being the person watching the person tripping? Wild.
    Hearing the story later? Always the best part.

  • @neekogregory1885
    @neekogregory1885 Rok temu +4

    I always get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever swooize uploads

  • @rynix4931
    @rynix4931 Rok temu +1

    I got drugged on mushrooms in the middle of Hyde Park, London and honestly the paranoia on top of the trip is crazy. I relate to this a lot lol

  • @FoxNHound
    @FoxNHound Rok temu +6

    Whatever strain of ‘stuff’ was in those gummy worms must have triggered severe paranoia in him. Goddamn.

  • @fataleflare
    @fataleflare Rok temu +5

    I had such a bad day at work today and this is making me laugh and feel a lot better before bed.

  • @owlover2437
    @owlover2437 Rok temu +11

    I find it slightly funny that your friend girl kept asking you what was wrong, when clearly you were high out of your mind with her gummies lol

  • @pleasure1334
    @pleasure1334 Rok temu +607

    Let's appreciate the effort swoozie does in this videos✌️

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  Rok temu +150

      Thanks hommie- multiple uploads this month. Lot of new shenanigans inbound

    • @Kaiden-9226
      @Kaiden-9226 Rok temu +2

      @@swoozie thanks for the content over the years

    • @spoons7649
      @spoons7649 Rok temu +7

      @@26mic SHH

    • @bjrottinghaus6033
      @bjrottinghaus6033 Rok temu +1

      @@swoozie Let's go!! hype is real

  • @PhatomWarrior
    @PhatomWarrior Rok temu +36

    Ayooooo that toilet flushing TOOK ME OUT !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This whole video is hilarious. Your mind sent you on a Rollercoaster lol

  • @ygsg
    @ygsg Rok temu +2

    This is the best channel ever made! Man you rock! Love your stories and animation

  • @juanoshigeru
    @juanoshigeru 7 miesięcy temu

    Very funny. I feel like your friend didnt help at all to calm you down haha it only made things worse. Then again, this funny story woudve never happened :D

  • @BornT0Ace
    @BornT0Ace Rok temu

    Hope all along swoozie kept using the employees bathroom thinking it’s the guest bathroom and all the employees just don’t say a thing to him. that’d be pretty funny

  • @LBoogie49
    @LBoogie49 Rok temu +2

    I can completely relate! Years ago, I ate brownies with “stuff” and it made me suuuper ‘noid. I thought my friends were in the other room whispering about me , IRL - they were speaking in a Normal tone BTW 😂😂😂…..Love the animated dilated pupils! It’s allllll in the details baby! I needed this laugh today! This was amazing!

  • @tourmaline9647
    @tourmaline9647 Rok temu +565

    Man, the weed paranoid is real. One time I ate an edible at a friend's house and I could not go to the bathroom at all. Despite being physically in front of the toilet, I somehow kept thinking I was still sitting on the couch surrounded by people and was pissing my pants right there. That thing really messes you up. Damn, I can't imagine doing so much in such a public place lmaaao. Great story, man.

    • @bigfood2001
      @bigfood2001 Rok temu +5

      he is not talking about weed.. 😬

    • @Zark-Muckerberg
      @Zark-Muckerberg Rok temu

      @@bigfood2001 What is he talking about then, if you *know* the answer?

    • @bigfood2001
      @bigfood2001 Rok temu +2

      @@Zark-Muckerberg molly

    • @bigfood2001
      @bigfood2001 Rok temu

      @@Donielle360 naah! wide pupils, she was very worried (half a pill of emma could kill you!), his behaviour also fits the description.

    • @bigfood2001
      @bigfood2001 Rok temu +5

      @@Donielle360 idk, maybe it was weed. who knows. BUT the girl said half of this was enough, so i assume it was molly.

  • @celesteronning9578
    @celesteronning9578 Rok temu +1

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