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  • Opublikowany 9 paź 2021
  • Not depressed; my hermit power levels are just rising.
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  • @tacrewgirl
    @tacrewgirl 8 miesięcy temu +94

    Laughing so hard at getting exhausted about turning on the lights. Facts!

    • @tacrewgirl
      @tacrewgirl 6 miesięcy temu +3

      Aww thanks for pinning my comment as I contemplate turning on my lights.

  • @Yoyo808
    @Yoyo808 2 lat temu +6372

    Swoozie def had a bowl of cereal in his lap while he was recording this

  • @RhezaMaulana
    @RhezaMaulana 2 lat temu +3747

    All jokes aside, this video is a breath of relief.. just knowing others are experiencing similar/the same situation, made it felt less crazy.

  • @RumoHasIt
    @RumoHasIt 2 lat temu +1660

    "Im gonna be tired that day" is about to become my most used phrase of 2021. Bet.

  • @cuhhheesecuff419
    @cuhhheesecuff419 2 lat temu +316

    I believe this might be just a burnout.
    Everyone always thinks everything is about Depression. You can experience these symptoms without actually having Depression guys. There's nothing wrong with going through a funk or wind down. It'll pass if you want it to.

    • @jordanjohnson9866
      @jordanjohnson9866 Rok temu +2

      Nah. Not Everyone. Not Everything. /

    • @mcflurryfrostie
      @mcflurryfrostie 9 miesięcy temu +1

      Frfr. Armchair psychologists be like: "You want some time to yourself and don't want to do anything for a while? You must be depressed!" I guess they've never heard of introversion or social anxiety before lol

    • @NateS917
      @NateS917 6 miesięcy temu

      ​​@@mcflurryfrostie introvert and social anxiety are terms that have lost all meaning due to everybody on the entire internet apparently having it or being an introvert

  • @chickey327
    @chickey327 2 lat temu +1995

    This sounds a whole lot like depression. I was like this when I got really, really depressed, and the pandemic definitely made it harder. Feeling ridiculous for feeling like taking a shower and washing my face was too hard. Eating quick foods like cereal, yogurt, and pizza rolls all the time because I had no energy to cook. I'm worried about you, man. I don't want anybody to feel depressed like I did. Try talking to a doctor about how you're feeling, or if you don't want to do that, get yourself a happy light (10,000 lumens) and try that. I really hope you start to recover and feel better soon.

    • @KitsuneFyora
      @KitsuneFyora 2 lat temu +124

      Agreed. This was me before, and during, the pandemic. Still kinda like that, but i got a couple people giving me the positivity to keep going.

    • @Dukdits
      @Dukdits 2 lat temu +54

      I just think he be hermiting

    • @owlknight1618
      @owlknight1618 2 lat temu +21

      @@Dukdits nah bruh, as someone that was doing this hermit thing before it become a 'societal necessity' (i get my love from my pets fam) taking naps when you're trying to hang with people you actually like is 100% a sign of major deep depression because usually what it is (for me at least whenever i've caught myself doing it) is everyone starts talking and listening to the talking becomes so comforting, to just be a part of thing that you just kinda zone and then next thing you know buddy's waking you up asking if you're ok/need a blanket
      that and one of the biggest things that made a difference for me was that when you're depressed was at least trying to half ass self care because half assing is still better than none, and i feel like that was more the vibe here

    • @kermitdafrog5255
      @kermitdafrog5255 2 lat temu +21

      No he’s just tired bruh and we don’t care that you was depressed

    • @user-tj1do6dx3c
      @user-tj1do6dx3c 2 lat temu +25

      Im going through this rn. I didn’t know these were symptoms for depression because people always dismissed it. Whether I am or not I really need tips. I want my life back but I have no motivation for anything. I stay in bed all day and eat quick meals I know is bad for my gut. I cant do basic tasks like taking a shower
      , cleaning my room, always using technology ect. and now Im so behind in classwork. Im still in lockdown and I have my exams in a month. Im only 16. what do I do ? I really cant see a doctor… I have an asian parent that doesnt understand me :(

  • @derickansah8746
    @derickansah8746 2 lat temu +482

    As a doctor (that is coming off of call), the part about not being an on call doc was hilarious to me. What you’re describing sounds a lot like the start of depression. It never hurts to get therapy or reach out to someone that can help, especially if you’re not feeling like yourself.

    • @msmariapaula23
      @msmariapaula23 2 lat temu +20

      Thank you Dr. Ansah! I appreciate your professional and unbiased perspective here. These look like some of the symptoms I live with and work through every day and I was diagnosed with chronic depression. Makes sense.

    • @gloomgloop2132
      @gloomgloop2132 2 lat temu +6

      You have big Brain

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks 2 lat temu +1872

    this episode hit too close to home

    • @JonathanEvans73
      @JonathanEvans73 2 lat temu +2

      Hey it's been that kinda year, is what you might tell yourself. Lack of motivation to even move to get life bringing dopamine bearing food is a depression. It might just be situational and short term fixed by getting out and doing fun. Or it may not, this is such a low level of noradrenaline that it's be entirely incompatible with life without modern convenience. Not in a bad way just noting it's such a desperate situation in need of fixing that none of your direct ancestors had this, it's that bad. Go and talk to someone (preferably a Doctor), heck telemedicine is at an all time peak. Even if you don't feel "sad/bad/doomy/gloomy" it is a depression (or depressive episode), they make medicine to treat only the lack of focusable energy and motivation to get things you like. (NRI and NDRI). If this video is you, talk to someone that can help. Often these things can just get better but many people need training wheels to get back on the bike.

    • @camalex7782
      @camalex7782 2 lat temu +3

      @@JonathanEvans73 thanks for the message but you just replied to a bot , this account like ray mak is on every video

    • @JonathanEvans73
      @JonathanEvans73 2 lat temu +1

      @@camalex7782 LMAO, I hope the bot is okay and talks to someputer. Good advice for other humans too at least.

    • @user-hc8bh8vt7s
      @user-hc8bh8vt7s 2 lat temu


    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact.

  • @paytonalbert4832
    @paytonalbert4832 2 lat temu +790

    Swoozie, this sounds like depression and ya may want to talk to a specialist. Much love to you and I hope the clouds clear so you can enjoy life again 💕

  • @asucena5575
    @asucena5575 2 lat temu +485

    This man is low key telling us that he’s going through depression and everyone’s either trying to be edgy or really depressed too lmaoo. Sorry swoozy I hope you get the help you need💕

    • @vamperus
      @vamperus 2 lat temu +31

      Right? The entire time I’m like “shit, you’re depressed man” and I hope he gets to feeling better soon

    • @Raidei
      @Raidei 2 lat temu +14

      I was wondering if anybody else thought the same.

    • @lucaberret5042
      @lucaberret5042 2 lat temu +9

      Maybe we're all depressed

    • @SmiIeyy
      @SmiIeyy 2 lat temu +5

      This is really relatable to me, I don't know if it is depression but it sounds like it..

    • @tamamshud5879
      @tamamshud5879 2 lat temu +2

      read the description

  • @manoelsouza2746
    @manoelsouza2746 2 lat temu +289

    It's mind boggling how many people are just loling and finding this relatable and not recognizing the depression.
    Yes Swooze, I think there may be something wrong with you and I hope you got a good support network around you.
    Love you work, hope things get less sucky over time.

    • @ReginaPhelangee
      @ReginaPhelangee 2 lat temu +19

      I think we all realize but what are we going to do about it?💀 Therapy? I’m in debt from 2 1/2 sessions where she did nothin cept talk about herself, and ask me how to order Starbucks off ubereats.

    • @justasciencelover8175
      @justasciencelover8175 2 lat temu +13

      @monoel souza "There is something wrong with you" is a terrible way to phrase to somebody going through depression.Jst my thoughts though.

    • @emmanuelakalusi3690
      @emmanuelakalusi3690 2 lat temu +2

      @@justasciencelover8175 did you even watch the video? It's cause he literally says several times "I think there's something wrong with me"

    • @tyffaneelavely8087
      @tyffaneelavely8087 Rok temu +4

      it's possible to also just be anti social, and an introvert. Even if u were social before, u can burned out, even without having depression.

    • @NunyaBusiness21
      @NunyaBusiness21 Rok temu

      Buddy, i dont even know what depression is, how would i recognise it

  • @Hyrekia
    @Hyrekia 2 lat temu +568

    Watched this with my husband who kept smirking and chuckling while giving me the side eye because he knew exactly what was coming. When it was over I said "That video was about you" and he couldn't even deny one part of it and it made us both laugh.

    • @Hyrekia
      @Hyrekia 2 lat temu +10

      My husband is legit every scene with cereal. In bed with cereal, bowl in the lap on the couch... gotta turn on the light? Man that's too much work.

    • @stidal3199
      @stidal3199 2 lat temu +4

      Vamp Anthem

    • @stidal3199
      @stidal3199 2 lat temu +3


    • @stidal3199
      @stidal3199 2 lat temu +3


    • @ScarySkele
      @ScarySkele 2 lat temu +5

      I sadly am the same way however I truly didn't see how much lockdown affected me until after watching this. Now I am slowly getting myself back into the groove.
      In the beginning of the Pandemic(Senior Year) I had to work 24/7, due dates every day and would fall behind if I didn't overwork myself
      When I graduated, I did nothing but have fun. Then 2021 comes around, I felt like this and stayed like this. Not even having fun, just being sad addicted to my phone.
      I am glad I saw this video, it snapped me back into taking back my life one step at a time(still will be in lockdown)
      I hope your husband can get back into things too, its hard. It really is hard(speaking as a hardworking student turned into a lazy nothing due to lockdown)
      P.S. I can't relate to the cereal bowl though, the only thing I can't relate to(I eat mine in the kitchen and thats it)

  • @Nice-ph1qu
    @Nice-ph1qu 2 lat temu +3129

    "Are you free tomorrow?"
    These words are like an Avengers level threat to introverts.

  • @RaheemD
    @RaheemD 2 lat temu +1226

    I believe the term your feeling is "Languishing" - Languishing is apathy, a sense of restlessness or feeling unsettled or an overall lack of interest in life or the things that typically bring you joy
    Anna Akana did a great video about this and made me realise this is what I'm feeling, I thought it was depression at first but this is a closer description. Hope this helps!

    • @lichiboy7695
      @lichiboy7695 2 lat temu +64

      Could still be depression. Sound a lot like depression, with the fatigue and anhedonia

    • @ricearoni5085
      @ricearoni5085 2 lat temu +32

      Corona made alotta ppl feel this way

    • @RaheemD
      @RaheemD 2 lat temu +5

      @@ricearoni5085 Definitely!

    • @camalex7782
      @camalex7782 2 lat temu +16

      @@lichiboy7695 I'd say now it's more a pandemic burnout , we've been watching netflix so long that we forgot how to socialize

    • @lichiboy7695
      @lichiboy7695 2 lat temu +20

      @@camalex7782 I think a psychologist should decide whether it is or isn't normal. No longer enjoying things that you used to and feeling tired all the time are common symptoms of depression, and it sounds pretty serious and destructive to the person who's suffering from it.

  • @PictorialElk
    @PictorialElk 2 lat temu +190

    You are not alone Swoozie. Taking time for yourself is ok, just let the people you care about know about it.

  • @SDNIT418HA
    @SDNIT418HA 2 lat temu +53

    I can relate to this.
    Always feels like complying with society's extrovert norms fatigues me

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu +3

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact!!!!

    • @crwth001
      @crwth001 Rok temu +2

      @@SatanenPerkele Exactly, people keep on using the term "anti-social" wrong. Being anti-social means acting in a negative or violent way towards social interaction. I'm pretty sure they mean asocial. Asocial means you avoid social interaction

  • @mrclangley3291
    @mrclangley3291 2 lat temu +468

    “I’m to tired to even play games anymore”
    -the words of a fallen soldier

    • @Antikoneverythink
      @Antikoneverythink 2 lat temu


    • @thekami3894
      @thekami3894 2 lat temu +1

      Yea same it’s not the same since I’m already good at all the games have or get. Indeed a fallen soldier!

    • @jarbincks6715
      @jarbincks6715 2 lat temu +1

      Even watching Netflix feels like a chore :(

    • @dubberdude42069
      @dubberdude42069 Rok temu +1

      Games used to be waaaaay better. Now they all kinda suck since their oriented towards making money.

    • @KnHighmer_Dos
      @KnHighmer_Dos 8 miesięcy temu

      ​@@thekami3894 relatable

  • @lizl4744
    @lizl4744 2 lat temu +29

    You aren’t alone. It is something everyone goes through. The lockdown messed everything for a lot of people. It’ll pass. Probably the weather changing won’t help either

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact!!!!!

  • @R2debo_
    @R2debo_ 2 lat temu +4781

    "Are you free tomorrow?" Is the ultimate trap card.

    • @26mic
      @26mic 2 lat temu +3

      I make extremely entertaining videos. I make extremely entertaining videos. I had to make you laugh and if not my mom will send me back to africa

    • @26mic
      @26mic 2 lat temu +4

      Homie I make extremely entertaining videos. I make extremely entertaining videos. I had to make you laugh and if not my mom will send me back to africa

    • @26mic
      @26mic 2 lat temu +3

      Kuz I make extremely entertaining videos. I make extremely entertaining videos. I had to make you laugh and if not my mom will send me back to africa

    • @LightningSquad
      @LightningSquad 2 lat temu +2

      I uploaded my Face Reveal.....

  • @Netherwolf6100
    @Netherwolf6100 2 lat temu +162

    Won't lie... sWooZie sounds like such an extrovert that i never imagined him having thoughts like these. He always seemed like my high-school friends where if he's not hanging out with someone, he's more drained than anything else. Nice knowing he could relate to a hermit like me. 👍

  • @DIrizarry07
    @DIrizarry07 2 lat temu +233

    I don't understand why everyone is so OBSESSED with spending time with other people LMAO Seriously, I like hanging out with myself SO much more. SO PEACEFUL 💖

    • @Fernanda-cn9jd
      @Fernanda-cn9jd 2 lat temu +9

      Yaaassss 🙏✨

    • @famolishousstardom
      @famolishousstardom 2 lat temu +16

      It's all them extroverts I'm telling you. They've infected some people with the "omg I need to socialize" bug

    • @QMNT
      @QMNT 2 lat temu +1

      @@mjbridges ^^^^^^^

    • @mcflurryfrostie
      @mcflurryfrostie 9 miesięcy temu +2

      I don't mind socializing, but some people act like they'll die if they go a couple days without hanging out, even though we text and chat nearly every day. Extroverts want us to understand their needs but don't care about ours 🙄

  • @nerdycookie8029
    @nerdycookie8029 2 lat temu +34

    It’s called being “burnt out” mentally not physically but I hope you feel better. I think lots of people are going through the same thing because of quarantine.

  • @animaytions7607
    @animaytions7607 2 lat temu +206

    When I saw "Anti-Social," I knew this was gonna be so relatable

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact.
      Asocial means avoiding social contact.

  • @SomeAnimeCult
    @SomeAnimeCult Rok temu +1

    This is definitely starter signs of depression and it never hurts to go to therapist.

  • @theCodyReeder
    @theCodyReeder 2 lat temu +806

    When was the last time I talked to someone IRL? July? 🤔

    • @WaywardVector
      @WaywardVector 2 lat temu +14

      Aw man seeing you brings back memories of your collaborations with the king of random. May he forever create chaos in heaven.

    • @Alecexo
      @Alecexo 2 lat temu +7

      That’s sad

    • @maimunaali3072
      @maimunaali3072 2 lat temu +1

      @@Alecexo yeah. i'm concerned.

    • @alexhernandez7173
      @alexhernandez7173 2 lat temu

      Shit.... I think it was...... last year?....

    • @phillipj1135
      @phillipj1135 Rok temu

      Cody just be everywhere.

  • @JasonSuMic
    @JasonSuMic 2 lat temu +83

    Swoozie repeating his lines over and over in that tired voice can not and will not get old

  • @theinventiveidiot
    @theinventiveidiot 2 lat temu +60

    I'm very high, and this is literally a masterpiece, and repeating "whats wrong with me." and "you guys feel it too? Just double checking" really fucking hits different.

  • @kayduff5676
    @kayduff5676 2 lat temu

    I typically work from home but decided to go to the office the other day. Just having lunch with the team exhausted me. The pandemic really has amplified my hermit tendencies

  • @cwcpants140
    @cwcpants140 2 lat temu +152

    “I just wanna be invited even if im not gonna go” bro i felt this on the deepest spiritual level everrrr

  • @BehindTheGreenEyes
    @BehindTheGreenEyes Rok temu +1

    Lying here watching this and laughing because this is exactly how I've been feeling for years now, but also feels good to know I'm not alone.

  • @marvellousmocha1386
    @marvellousmocha1386 2 lat temu +245

    This made me feel a lot better, man. I’m not alone.
    Take care of yourself, swooze. We’ll all get normal again.

    • @cherisedavis7106
      @cherisedavis7106 2 lat temu +5

      Same !

    • @vectoralphaAI
      @vectoralphaAI 2 lat temu +3

      you guys have depression.

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  2 lat temu +34

      Part of the function of the video - let’s u guys know ur not alone 😎 see u after the pananoramama

    • @ryanalexis5262
      @ryanalexis5262 2 lat temu +1

      s a m e

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact.
      Asocial means avoiding social contact!

  • @Iseespirits
    @Iseespirits 2 lat temu +261

    “I gotta turn on my lights??? I’m Already tired just thinking about it”
    I felt this so much

    • @anaarias1993
      @anaarias1993 2 lat temu

      I have smart lights. Turn them on or off with my voice or phone ☺️

    • @vergilmontiero2558
      @vergilmontiero2558 Rok temu

      I was gonna say "clap on", but seeing the mood in the video that might have been too much lol

  • @pavomis
    @pavomis 2 lat temu +70

    You could tell he’s in that exact mood rn as he’s recording this video 😂👍. Love ya swooz

  • @NubianQueen_xo
    @NubianQueen_xo 2 lat temu +7

    This has been me this whole week. Actually, for the past few weeks. I hope you feel better Swooz🥳. Also, definitely speak to someone about this because I’ve dealt with depression and this sounds on par 🙏🏾❤️

  • @adammiranda384
    @adammiranda384 2 lat temu +30

    I felt this way for a long time, but sought help for my depression. We all deserve to and can feel better.

    • @taurusajg
      @taurusajg 2 lat temu

      Felt the same way when depressed

  • @Turtlesworld11
    @Turtlesworld11 Rok temu

    Swoozie you are so right thank you. It makes me feel better knowing that there are other people out there that this happening to. I was starting to believe maybe there was something wrong with me so I appreciate you taking the time to share this video. I just went to gnc and ask for some kind of all natural energy booster I just started taking it so I'm not sure if it working yet but I hope you start feeling better your videos are awesome keep it up.

  • @AustinMovies
    @AustinMovies 2 lat temu +577

    ME: He sounds depressed
    Also me: I can relate to everything he's saying
    Me: *surprised Pikachu face*

    • @7salads996
      @7salads996 2 lat temu +37

      Burnt out, not depressed

    • @rizzy_cakes1622
      @rizzy_cakes1622 2 lat temu +2


    • @Aurora_Animates
      @Aurora_Animates 2 lat temu +3


    • @madeliefynana
      @madeliefynana Rok temu

      @@7salads996 Symptoms sound like depression and burn out. They share a lot of the same symptoms, though it's probably more likely that's burn-out, you can't rule out the possibility of depression. Sometimes it's hard to diagnose someone with symptoms; for example some symptoms of cancer can include fever, fatigue and a cough, those all sound like normal symptoms if you're sick.
      Ruling out a diagnosis is very important, if you rule out the wrong one even though that person has that specific diagnosis, treatment will start late which can make it more complicated. Better to treat something sooner than later.

    • @7salads996
      @7salads996 Rok temu

      appreciate your explanation :)

  • @SeroGrave
    @SeroGrave 2 lat temu +369

    Fans: When's the next video coming out?
    SwooZie: Maaan, I'm busy that day dreaming about a bowl of Cinnamon Toast.

  • @user-eu4bq8wn8w
    @user-eu4bq8wn8w 2 lat temu +91

    “ so I can make up a lie if it doesn’t sound fun”
    He’s speaking the language of introverts everywhere

  • @TexasDragon
    @TexasDragon 2 lat temu

    I feel this has especially happened for people living in places were you’re more restricted with the rules you have to follow due to COVID, adding extra weight mentally for people’s lives. In Texas, got vaxed, don’t have to wear a damn mask anywhere I go, that mental weight isn’t on my shoulder. I don’t mind hanging out anywhere with anyone during most weekends, and I’m an introvert

  • @candypeeps909
    @candypeeps909 2 lat temu +60

    Yo…I thought this was normal. I go through long periods of this. I ignore everyone, sleep, and think at the very least. What helps me is changing shit up and figuring out what I wanna do (connecting to my emotions). I get disconnected easily because I don’t notice what I actually need nor want. This hermit mode is usually the result.

    • @2panda90
      @2panda90 2 lat temu

      Maybe consider visiting a phycologist or psychiatrist. I had similar periods of that but later found it was due to BPD and/or depression.

  • @caprichos21283
    @caprichos21283 Rok temu

    It's OK to take a break and lay down. You don't need to be out and about everytime. Much love ❤

  • @Natalie-101
    @Natalie-101 2 lat temu +282

    Nothing better than waking up at almost 1, feeling like a failure, and realizing you woke up just in time for a new swoozie video! Thanks for always making a day better💖

    • @26mic
      @26mic 2 lat temu +1

      I make entertaining vids as well

    • @setsers1
      @setsers1 2 lat temu +3

      Awww...We're here for you.

    • @efoe_f.o.e
      @efoe_f.o.e 2 lat temu +1

      12:03 for me

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  2 lat temu +67

      "I think theres something wrong with us"

    • @Natalie-101
      @Natalie-101 2 lat temu +3

      @@swoozie there really is😭 I'm a college freshman struggling more than ever in most ways, and I find a new thing wrong with me every day at this point

  • @GameplayzOfficial
    @GameplayzOfficial 2 lat temu +56

    That's depression. If you weren't going out all the time and having lots of friends as you do, you might be introvert, but that's pretty unlikely.

  • @RisenAngel17
    @RisenAngel17 2 lat temu +1

    As an ex-hermit I just want to say to everyone to be very careful with this. I had severe depression in college and it led me to doing this and it slowly turned into me shutting everyone out. All my friends moved on and I’m currently in the process of basically starting over. Just be careful to not let it get as bad as it got for me, and this was before the pandemic.

    • @they1384
      @they1384 2 lat temu

      What did you do to counteract it? I’m currently in the beginning stages really unsure what to do I’m 19 trying to find stable work and it just seems like so much

    • @RisenAngel17
      @RisenAngel17 2 lat temu

      @@they1384 hard for me to say because I didn’t catch it in time. My best advice is to 1. Seek a counselor or therapist if you can or have high feelings of anxiety and try to find out where these anti social tendencies are coming from. 2. Force yourself to go out, even if it’s just to the store or for a walk, it helps more than you would think. 3. Don’t ghost your friends, even if you just send them a goofy picture or meme, it lets them know that you still think of them and consider them apart of your social group. Good luck, you got this.

    • @RisenAngel17
      @RisenAngel17 2 lat temu

      @@they1384 also, if you’re out of work, try to keep up with a routine. Working out daily, even from home, did wonders for me. Eat healthy and take care of yourself (hygiene and stuff)

  • @DianaxCastellanos
    @DianaxCastellanos 2 lat temu +8

    I can relate. I use to have this a very high adrenaline and energy and now just tired, anti-social, napping.

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu +1

      Anti-social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact.
      Asocial means avoiding social contact.

  • @vy__huynh
    @vy__huynh 2 lat temu

    @sWooZie, there is nothing wrong with you! You are just being human and doing your best. It’s ok to not want to go out because you’re tired or overwhelmed. It’s ok to be “antisocial”. You are def not alone! I hope you’re doing well!

  • @Craze961
    @Craze961 Rok temu +1

    Welcome to the depression club. Don’t expect anyone to greet you at the door though, everyone, including myself, are at home in bed.

  • @jacoblojewski8729
    @jacoblojewski8729 2 lat temu +341

    "I just want my friends to understand I want to be invited everywhere, even though I'm probably not gonna go!"
    I so feel that.

  • @demarcus8354
    @demarcus8354 2 lat temu +8

    Not tryna be a buzzkill but it sounds like various symptoms of depression, hope you are good swoozie! I think quarantine hit us all hard and we are still recovering.

  • @Redd_Psycho14
    @Redd_Psycho14 2 lat temu

    Watching this video had me napping for 2 hours..very needed. Thanks Swoozie💯

  • @keishanaris7480
    @keishanaris7480 2 lat temu +3

    You'll be okay swooz, praying for your power up.❤

  • @mannij7251
    @mannij7251 2 lat temu

    We are always here for you SwooZie 😘

  • @huntercool2232
    @huntercool2232 2 lat temu +7

    As a person who is homeschooled. I can say that this is 100% accurate with my day to day life.

  • @ency4612
    @ency4612 2 lat temu +188

    Lovin the old school animation style it looks old and new at the same time

  • @kaythornton9701
    @kaythornton9701 2 lat temu +16

    Nothing “wrong” with you Swooz, you just sound depleted. Switch up your routine , do something different, get some vitamin D on your skin. We got your back , take whatever time you need 😘

  • @gamerguy5175
    @gamerguy5175 2 lat temu

    My social battery depletes to 0% as I'm getting ready to do ANYTHING social. I feel everything he's saying all the way!!!

  • @mmmchestnut4085
    @mmmchestnut4085 2 lat temu

    I can relate man. I’m an introvert as it is, but I have trouble socializing and wanting to make time for anything other than video games now.

  • @legoskaterman117
    @legoskaterman117 2 lat temu

    Sounds like u are going through something and we all are here for you bro

  • @strauberry_8757
    @strauberry_8757 2 lat temu

    We call this the Pandemic Blues 😞 🌧 We are feelin the EXACT same way Swooze. You are not alone 💗

  • @andreponniah9900
    @andreponniah9900 2 lat temu +297

    I’m so used to you sounding upbeat, that this literally sounds like you’re on the verge of crying

    • @johndo3760
      @johndo3760 2 lat temu +17

      He’s obviously trying to match the tone of the video

    • @ayyyayay
      @ayyyayay 2 lat temu +15

      verge of sleeping/yawning in my ears

    • @vectoralphaAI
      @vectoralphaAI 2 lat temu +3

      He has depression.

    • @avaisnthome9876
      @avaisnthome9876 2 lat temu

      Yeah his mic doesn't sound as good I thought this was a reupload from 2011 for a second due to the quality.

  • @barbarabarbera8951
    @barbarabarbera8951 2 lat temu +7

    I've been feeling emotionally burnt out these days, this video was so helpful

  • @Guy_With_Opinion
    @Guy_With_Opinion 2 lat temu +153

    Martin Luther king: "I have a dream"
    Swoozie: "I think there's something wrong with me"

  • @imsundered6176
    @imsundered6176 2 lat temu

    Tired as hell and I relate, but low-key depression vibes, stay safe my man 🙏🏾

  • @Ceres_24
    @Ceres_24 2 lat temu

    Laziness + depression = life sucks during pandemic
    So much relatable moments on this to other people even me, Swoozie geez! 😔👍

  • @cursedtiki213
    @cursedtiki213 2 lat temu +84

    The past 2 years have taken a toll on us all. We've been on emotional and informational overload. Everybody is tired. You're normal.

  • @sarazarate7311
    @sarazarate7311 2 lat temu

    You are definitely depressed, a whole lot of people are depressed 😕. We will get through this, we are here for you. ♥️

  • @thickredbonewouldntuliketo6871

    You sound tired and congested, are you good Swoozie, or was that part of the story telling for effects?!
    Either way, I’ve been in my hermit phase for a while now! Great narrative btw!

  • @ohhannah
    @ohhannah 2 lat temu +22

    I feel the exact same way I'm so burnt out with life I literally had to take a couple days off from college. I'm finally motivating myself to go on weekly walks since I got my dog but I feel that hard

  • @marab6230
    @marab6230 2 lat temu +2

    Swoozie, just remember the people who go through the hardest trials have the most to offer the world. Things will get better:)

  • @eremikahaven4796

    I felt this entire video in my bones it was so relatable

  • @LaudReyes
    @LaudReyes 2 lat temu +103

    I love how you can hear it from his voice. He speaks for all of us.

  • @SinfulSissors
    @SinfulSissors 2 lat temu +7

    I am so glad I'm not the only person like this. Like I can't even explain how much relief this gives me

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact.
      Asocial means avoiding social contact.

  • @sarahhays6174
    @sarahhays6174 2 lat temu

    My heart goes out you Swoozie.♥️
    Why do I feel this so much? I’ve been asking myself, “I’m an extrovert! Am I…broken?”
    I also have Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis right?
    Like I thought this was a “chronic illness, little to no friends thing”. Now these popular, healthy “socialites” be out here feeling this way? I AM DOOMED! 😂 😭
    But at least we are “doomed” together. 😅

  • @sarahdockery8208
    @sarahdockery8208 2 lat temu

    It's the cinnamon sugar swirls in every bite that got you seduced into staying home, man. That cereal got your hermit game strong.

  • @souf54321
    @souf54321 2 lat temu

    Not only do i relate to this, but when i do go out and i’m chilling with even the closest friends, i feel awkward. I’m not as funny or outgoing, I don’t feel like myself, my interactions are just awkward now.

  • @ShadowReaper1227X
    @ShadowReaper1227X 2 lat temu

    Honestly I'm more concerned for the people who AREN'T depressed. There's a LOT of shit going down; and it's only getting worse. Honestly it's a natural reaction to have 0 to no motivation in these times cause we're all basically waiting for shit to truly hit the fan

  • @sgtpickles7235
    @sgtpickles7235 2 lat temu +329

    Being real with ya, this is depression. If you were to include a loss of interest in your typical hobbies and the feeling of worthlessness, then the entire video sums up my experience with depression. Minus the bowls of cereal. I had plates of waffles (vastly superior).
    The pandemic has made it worse. Many of my friends who haven't experienced depression before (or at least didn't recognized it) succumbed to it during the lock-downs. I've dealt with many episodes of it throughout my life in addition to the one I'm currently dealing since I graduated college right before the world being rona'd, halting my life. Sometimes the feelings got dark, really dark, where you wouldn't mind if you didn't wake up the next morning. Those times you experienced no dreams while you sleep, but a skip in time from night to morning? As if the stylus to the record player of life just skipped a bit? That, but indefinite.
    Personally, expanding my emotional intelligence helped immensely in conjunction with weight lifting. I was able to expand my emotional intelligence by talking about it. To friends, family, and sometimes by questioning myself and where it started. Nowadays, it seems people are more understanding of it and less jackasses about it. To those that find themselves being tied down by depression: talk. Reach out. It may require a leap of faith, but in the end you'll feel better. I wish I took it sooner.

    • @adakahless
      @adakahless 2 lat temu +41

      Could be burnt out. I feel like this when burnt out. I'm a social introvert. I like talking with friends and hanging out but I get tired and have to recharge which usually means doing nothing but sleep.

    • @izarheriotza5315
      @izarheriotza5315 2 lat temu +3

      I was having much the same thought

    • @thegamemasterkw
      @thegamemasterkw 2 lat temu +1

      Appreciate you!
      I just bought a book yesterday about personal motives and stuff for some lights and it talks a lot about Emotional Intelligence

    • @inesbrody7242
      @inesbrody7242 2 lat temu

      I feel the exact same way. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • @johnathangause3394
      @johnathangause3394 2 lat temu +2

      Too much words though

  • @fenixje2000
    @fenixje2000 2 lat temu +12

    It's not uncommon at all. We've just lived in hermit style for what, a year and a half? Longer? It takes time to adjust to modern life again, the rhythm is so much faster. Take care of yourself! And if it gets really bad, don't be afraid to talk to someone. We just went through a war we didn't sign up for.

  • @amphithere
    @amphithere 2 lat temu +1

    okay some of y'all worried about if this video is describing depression, but this is literally me and I'm not depressed. I just have a low social battery and I go to bed early... I'd rather be at home, baking, watching a new show, and being comfy in my bed than be out clubbing or socializing. I love my friends and family but I can't be out everyday, it's just exhausting and I just need me time like allllll the time. I got lots of hobbies and stuff too, just not a social person. I think it's totally okay to be introverted and find socializing exhausting. My happiness in life is not dependent on other people 🤷‍♀️

  • @Satan-777
    @Satan-777 2 lat temu

    sWooZie nothings wrong with you! This energy is 1000 percent me. Just chill you’re fine 🖤

  • @user-Jay178
    @user-Jay178 2 lat temu

    This feels so real and love your content. You are inspiration. Great video

  • @e_paige
    @e_paige 2 lat temu +2

    introverts and those with depression feel you, man ❤

  • @JellyJessYT
    @JellyJessYT 2 lat temu +1143

    That Sony shade was unexpected but *so deserved*

  • @BudderChezMC
    @BudderChezMC 2 lat temu +1

    I started a new part time job and had a rough time communicating because I havent spoken so much to that amount of human beings in so long 😂 the stuttering and mumbling was off the charts

  • @j9ruiz
    @j9ruiz 2 lat temu +14

    Me thinking “something is wrong with me. Let me watch this new swoozie vid to cheer me up”
    And I do feel better knowing I’m not alone.

  • @alanalorick186
    @alanalorick186 2 lat temu +1

    This is me af. Like your not alone swoozie we all out here trying to be happy. I hella also spend 15-20 min to get up and go get the food from my door

    @WHATEVERKEKESAYS 2 lat temu

    We all going through it Swoozie. Were it not for the fact that I have school, I’d spend my whole day in bed rewatching The Office and Desperate Housewives

  • @hideonabush3954
    @hideonabush3954 2 lat temu

    This video made me more self aware then I needed to feel

  • @UCHRTfR
    @UCHRTfR 2 lat temu +722

    This is too relatable lmao

    • @thedotgiver2820
      @thedotgiver2820 2 lat temu +1


    • @Moon-jx2gz
      @Moon-jx2gz 2 lat temu +1

      @@26mic yeah this guy is pretty funny he makes good content

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact.
      Asocial means avoiding social contact.

  • @azeminaay4971
    @azeminaay4971 2 lat temu

    Adande I hope and pray you’re able to overcome this thing you are going through, whatever it may be. wishing you hope and light🙏🏼💛

  • @ashleyklug4538
    @ashleyklug4538 2 lat temu +38

    this is depression, swooz. i have similar feelings and it’s so hard to break the cycle. keep trying though!

  • @saggieyt
    @saggieyt 2 lat temu +2

    this video is the fine line that defines swoozie's balance between "i wanna do something" and "fuck im too lazy to do anything"

  • @iamtrash-kun3516

    Very relatable, I wouldn't say it's Depression (as someone with Major Depression), sounds more like a combination of Burn Out and Fatigues. The Pandemic as a whole is very exhausting both physically and mentally so most people don't realize they are over working/stressing on everything going on now. I know before the Pandemic I had my MD fairly controlled but when the Pandemic happened I started experiencing Burn Out and Chronic Fatigue on top of my MD over stressing on every little thing going on compared to before.
    The Fiance' does a lot of Discord work and he experienced Burn Out really fast when he wasn't able to manage things, got to the point both of us just couldn't get ourselves out of bed for days, I wasn't even hungry at that point because I was just too tired to even bother.
    Love your videos and hope your feeling better since this upload

  • @ReactigatorDile
    @ReactigatorDile 2 lat temu +184

    Hey Swoozie just making sure you’re not depressed or anything.

    • @mario5139
      @mario5139 2 lat temu +18

      Yeah Swoozie my man, it always help to talk to someone about it even if you're not sure

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  2 lat temu +77

      Deffo not. There is a lot of truth to this video but also a bit of exaggeration. Thanks for caring but I’m super good!

    • @aazhie
      @aazhie 2 lat temu +1

      @@swoozie We know the truth: You in the pocket of Big CEREAL *illuminati noises*

  • @aniadawson5801
    @aniadawson5801 2 lat temu

    Swoozie definitely has the sniffles. However this does happen to me. Maybe he is home sick. I remember when the height of quarantine here in California, I didn't see my parents or other family for about 6 months. Its ok Swoozie. I had a time when I didn't socialize for months at a time. Snooze just do a self care day. Order a foot spa, binge watching a favorite movie or TV series, eat some food you don't normally get to eat. Self care days work for men and women. Plus it makes a lot people feel better afterwards. Wishing you positive vibes and spirits your way

  • @heathermoffa7267
    @heathermoffa7267 2 lat temu +9

    the fact that this showed up in my feed today when ive been too tired to leave my bed, cancelled on friends, i feel u fr man. we all in this together... individually

    • @SatanenPerkele
      @SatanenPerkele 2 lat temu

      Anti social means psychopathy. And has nothing to do with avoiding social contact.

  • @miisterbrightside3803
    @miisterbrightside3803 2 lat temu +1

    Seven years and this man is still my spirit animal

  • @Lennoxrenol
    @Lennoxrenol 2 lat temu

    F’real tho Swoozie, I hope you feel better and take some time for yourself! The panamorama has taken a toll physically and mentally on everyone under the sun. Stay depressed free, brother! ❤️

  • @skullcrushed1216
    @skullcrushed1216 2 lat temu +260

    "I wanna be invited to everything, even though I'm probably not gonna go." Print it, laminate, hang it on a wall.

    • @lizzyrank5405
      @lizzyrank5405 2 lat temu +2

      I know, I like the idea of a party/ group hang but when I get there I go empty fast.

    • @tianchung4084
      @tianchung4084 2 lat temu +1

      I need this on a T-shirt so badly

    • @ztslovebird
      @ztslovebird 2 lat temu +1

      YES!!!! I may not go, but I want to know I was thought of & would be welcome to join in.

    • @smbenga2
      @smbenga2 2 lat temu

      Say it louder for the people in the back