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Confessions of a Disney Employee 3

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  • Opublikowany 29 lis 2023
  • Sharing some more shenanigans/tea that happened while working at the most magical place on earth (Walt Disney World).
    Stalk Me:
    instagram: / swoozie
    🎵TikTok: / swoozieftw
    Storyboards + character animation + backgrounds + co-directed by the one man animation army @Zeurel :
    / zeurel
    / zeurel
    / zeurel
    Wardrobe: Sorry- I have no idea where I got the items for on this fit this time around guys.
    Fun Facts:
    -The cast member girl Sara in this video is the same blonde girl from my first Disney Confessions vid @ 7:36 // • Confessions of a Disne... -- Me and her butted heads on my second week of working (in this video) then when I was plotting to sneak in to the convention (on the first video), me asking her about how conventions/private parties work was my backhanded way of letting her know I was thinking about it.
    -Me and Zeurel have been working on this video since November 2020.
    -Animated with: Adobe Animate
    -Edited with: Adobe Premiere
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  • @yaramojica3777
    @yaramojica3777 6 miesięcy temu +287

    This guy needs an oscar for voicing mickey mouse

    • @Wren_BurnsHam
      @Wren_BurnsHam 2 miesięcy temu +3

      Congratulations you got pinned.
      *also, here before this comment blows up*

    • @s0fr
      @s0fr 2 miesięcy temu +4

      8th like. clap it up for me

    • @AnOSCguy
      @AnOSCguy 2 miesięcy temu +2

      Finally someone who knows what “Oscar” means

    • @ferrucciocaracciuolo8139
      @ferrucciocaracciuolo8139 2 miesięcy temu


  • @PrinCeraY2013
    @PrinCeraY2013 2 lat temu +7112

    As a former cast member, “I was the perfect cast member when I got hired but there were a lot of things that pushed me to the dark side” is the realest thing I’ve ever heard

    • @itsmea1249
      @itsmea1249 2 lat temu +80

      As a former cast member I 100% agree

    • @juliethomas1811
      @juliethomas1811 2 lat temu +97

      @@itsmea1249 it's the mean cast members and managers who ruin the job.

    • @Sophtine
      @Sophtine 2 lat temu +33

      Former coworker at Starbucks said the same thing to me after he showed up hung over.

    • @yumpusgrumpus6921
      @yumpusgrumpus6921 2 lat temu +1

      900th like

    • @zamiaramirez1390
      @zamiaramirez1390 2 lat temu +54

      This is honestly how it is at any workplace. You get beat down by coworkers who take advantage of you wanting to be good at your job or new

  • @ZaqZiemba
    @ZaqZiemba 2 lat temu +4156

    jesus this animation is insane. Wait and Zeurel and you did all of it? Legit hard to believe!!

  • @darrellbarnes2096
    @darrellbarnes2096 2 lat temu +1866

    Your storytelling skills are crazy bro, you had me with the Mickey Mouse you think this is a game part

    • @RED-sl2le
      @RED-sl2le 2 lat temu +17

      He learned it while working under the secret story telling division at Disney that he can’t talk about.

    • @Slayer_7711
      @Slayer_7711 Rok temu +1


    • @capitilismco6146
      @capitilismco6146 Rok temu

      Darrell Hero Of Likes Taker Of Pins.

  • @heyyysuba
    @heyyysuba 2 lat temu +814

    When you're an OG swooz fan but havent seen his stuff in ages and sorry but SWOOZ YOU POPPED OFFF! The animation, the pop culture, the STORY, the delivery, so dope!

    • @nathan9901
      @nathan9901 Rok temu +18

      The animation ain't his it's Zeurel's. Super talented guy

    • @foamyj9028
      @foamyj9028 Rok temu +4

      Same! I completely forgot about him up until this point. Last video I recall watching was the girl and ice cube incident..

  • @aazhie
    @aazhie 2 lat temu +2362

    Didsney jail would in fact be THE BEST attraction of all time XD

    • @clad3133
      @clad3133 2 lat temu +5

      Swoozie is still here pinning

    • @thebaron512
      @thebaron512 2 lat temu +5

      I might be more interested in going to Disney Parks...

    • @smartbutlazy8821
      @smartbutlazy8821 2 lat temu +3

      Congrats… (Me cries I didn’t get pinned)

    • @Johnnysallas
      @Johnnysallas 2 lat temu +2

      Didsney yes very much a English word

  • @1guythatuknow
    @1guythatuknow 2 lat temu +2914

    As Disney security, I can confirm that Disney jail is real and it’s exactly how swoozie described it

  • @TheLANC95
    @TheLANC95 2 lat temu +483

    If Disney claims this because of Mickey's image being used, Disney Jail & a cussing Mickey will officially be canon.

    @DAWAXFAX 2 lat temu +271


  • @deltawarriorz8448
    @deltawarriorz8448 2 lat temu +149

    HOLY HECK HOW IS THIS SO GOOD??? Seriously dude, do know how entertaining this is? Great visuals, awesome skript, nice voice, great humor etc. Love it!

    • @AymenZero
      @AymenZero Rok temu +7

      the animator is zeurel. look him up

  • @cravcave
    @cravcave 2 lat temu +118

    I have never seen a Storytime animation at this level of quality. whoever animated, weather it was 1 person or 30, you did an incredible job

  • @DavidMota
    @DavidMota 2 lat temu +917

    BRO HAHAHAHAHAHA I was crying laughing during the whole video. This might be my favourite sWooZie video of all time! Animations were OFF THE CHARTS!

  • @sebastianjaramillo449
    @sebastianjaramillo449 2 lat temu +3616

    The animation is so good it’s actually insane. It adds so much to the overall video. Great watch.

    • @ryanholmesii5066
      @ryanholmesii5066 2 lat temu +17


    • @leviticus3000
      @leviticus3000 2 lat temu +27

      He has improved so much over the hears

    • @derekg5674
      @derekg5674 2 lat temu +19

      I’m honestly not a fan of the new animation. I like the animation that was in between this and the old stuff.

    • @Spoonkid222
      @Spoonkid222 2 lat temu +43


    • @Cashbagontop
      @Cashbagontop 2 lat temu +50

      @@derekg5674 the animation was made by someone else who works for swoozie I believe since u can find him linked in the description

  • @leonardomachado9423
    @leonardomachado9423 2 lat temu +69

    Never before have I seen an animator capturing so incredibly well how living with people makes me feel. This is amazing.

  • @tatianahewit13
    @tatianahewit13 2 lat temu +366

    "We have secret back people meetings" died laughing! 🤣

  • @mercytanui3161
    @mercytanui3161 Rok temu +2023

    Did people really not know about the black people meetings?

  • @missmaariah
    @missmaariah 2 lat temu +87

    Damn Swoozie’s animations over the years. 🤯😳 Never disappoint.

  • @gabefranzese2321
    @gabefranzese2321 2 miesięcy temu

    I LOVE the animated expressions! That interviewer just.... Radiates smugness on such an incredible level and I love it

  • @Wrongway98
    @Wrongway98 2 lat temu +1942

    Is no one gonna mention how AMAZING this art is? ITS SO CLEAN

    • @lightningxspeed884
      @lightningxspeed884 2 lat temu +25

      Ikr, so clean

    • @pheology
      @pheology 2 lat temu +30

      facts it’s so different too

    • @keystone2149
      @keystone2149 2 lat temu +13

      It’s Improved so much

    • @nicktaylor7214
      @nicktaylor7214 2 lat temu +7

      10 years of practice, I'd be surprised if it wasn't so different

    • @RyanSoltani
      @RyanSoltani 2 lat temu +74

      Do y’all not realize that Swoozie didn’t make the animation in this video, it’s all done by Zeurel. A professional animator and he’s really good. Link is in the description

  • @hosssimm1997
    @hosssimm1997 2 lat temu +24

    Dude the animation is top notch! The evolution over the years has been amazing to watch. Well done!!

  • @shadowrunner2323
    @shadowrunner2323 2 lat temu +23

    I have respect for every disney employee i've ever met. They always do a great job, and I know i'd never make it at that job.

  • @wetbread8273
    @wetbread8273 2 lat temu +15

    hey man. used to watch ur stuff 10 years ago. it's so wild seeing how far the animation has come! love your work man!

  • @Headchrusherdeth
    @Headchrusherdeth 2 lat temu +53

    Swoozie i straight up grew up with you man, like i remember watching the first confessions video and 10 years later here we are.
    You're the best

  • @bluesheep5084
    @bluesheep5084 2 miesięcy temu +3

    I will upvote this video. Not just because it is good, but because seeing Stitch doing pushups in disney jail cracks me up.

  • @Jakeso
    @Jakeso 2 lat temu +6365

    Finally, after all these years… the series of all series’ has returned

  • @enigmah625
    @enigmah625 2 lat temu +17

    Working with Zeurel was one of the best decisions you made Swooz cuz this quality is *chefs kiss*
    That “ask about me” & “Mickey mouse jailhouse” frames and the fluid animation with his mother, basically the whole video is beautiful eye candy for the animation nerd 🍭

  • @cartkart1
    @cartkart1 2 lat temu +54

    It’s so creepy how they call their employees “cast members”
    Also Golden Oaks is just…

    • @gardensofthegods
      @gardensofthegods Rok temu

      I was looking for a straightforward honest and mature explanation that lived up to the title and I thought this video was not very good .
      I've never been to this channel before but I won't be back but I am shocked at all the comments praising all the animation .
      I found it so irritating and juvenile .

  • @speedingpacmann
    @speedingpacmann Rok temu +9

    The girl during that job interview was creepy because of how you animated her and how her voice sounded together just made me tingle with... something about fear

  • @SpyroShurtagul
    @SpyroShurtagul 2 lat temu +23

    Hahahaha! The animation is priceless. And yes. I was a cast member (before they closed down my store) and even though it was a store rather than a park, it's the same feelings and atmosphere with the same employee and guest interactions hahaha

  • @d4asimdem
    @d4asimdem 7 miesięcy temu

    The original Confessions of a Disney Employee video was one of my favorites as a kid & I absolutely loved this. Zeurel did an amazing job with the animation.
    6:36 VARGFREN!!!!

  • @run4508
    @run4508 2 lat temu +423

    The animation is so fluid , props to the animator

    • @RyanSoltani
      @RyanSoltani 2 lat temu +25

      You mean the Animator, one man did all of it and his name is Zeurel, links in the description

    • @run4508
      @run4508 2 lat temu +14

      @@RyanSoltani one man ? That’s amazing

    • @doomkittydoomkitty
      @doomkittydoomkitty 2 lat temu +1

      the animator's what?

    • @RyanSoltani
      @RyanSoltani 2 lat temu +1

      @@toasty0atz394 I’ve already watched his videos for a while now, I hope more people start watching him

  • @WaitingForYukiOnna
    @WaitingForYukiOnna 2 lat temu +21

    having disney villains at disney jail as a hidden attraction is such a cool idea!

  • @lordcy9615
    @lordcy9615 2 lat temu +63

    All through it I kept thinking, "This is Zeurel?" Then at 1:08 with the dad I KNEW. Looked in the description and sure enough. It's impressive how this guy so so distinct you can immediately tell when he's worked on something.
    Video was entertaining, I learned more about Disney and now I wish there was a Disney jail club.

  • @twinsanderson8168
    @twinsanderson8168 Rok temu +1

    Swoozie your animations has improved over time and they look so much better keep it up!

    • @spoopythings
      @spoopythings Rok temu

      Sorry to break it to you but. Zeurel made it.

  • @roofs817
    @roofs817 2 lat temu +10

    Despite having the personality of a razor blade Sarah’s design is so awesome

  • @faiaflrt
    @faiaflrt 2 lat temu +2

    As a retail manager, my guess is that you don't let people sit on stairs because it's a fire code violation; they could get trampled in an emergency. She probably should have just explained that to you and let your lie about your trainer pass. Maybe she was worried you would get the trainer in trouble, eventually? Idk, devil's advocate.

  • @JellyJessYT
    @JellyJessYT 2 lat temu +6248

    I 100% agree with Swoozie, Disneyland food really does hit different :O

  • @VermilionMage
    @VermilionMage 2 lat temu +17

    I like that Swoozie tells stories both about times where he got the W and times where he got the L. He's real.

  • @rimorres
    @rimorres 2 lat temu +7

    I just can't get over how well the shots are organized and how buttery smooth the animation is! Real quality content, Great job!

  • @Primal_aspid.
    @Primal_aspid. 6 miesięcy temu

    7:47 how you animated those charachters in their respective styles is really impressive

  • @Jarod-vg9wq
    @Jarod-vg9wq 4 miesięcy temu

    This animation is incredible it’s better then on tv shows I’ve seen.

  • @TheMightyKinkle
    @TheMightyKinkle 2 lat temu +11

    I nearly spat my tea out at 8:14 . Bloody funny 😂😂😂

  • @NostalJackMusic
    @NostalJackMusic 2 lat temu +1384

    Honestly had me laughing all throughout, this was a straight sWooZie banger

  • @brainstorm623
    @brainstorm623 2 lat temu +459

    Mickey: "I'm a self made billionare with a B!"
    Me: (Yells back) "Bitch, you ain't self made shit! You inherited everything from your daddy Waltz!"

    • @richiebankich
      @richiebankich 2 lat temu +18

      Facts though! I guess he was the favorite out of Julius, Amelia, and Oswald! 😅

    • @crystale5625
      @crystale5625 2 lat temu +4


    • @quinnholloway5400
      @quinnholloway5400 2 lat temu +3

      Walt left him a big company
      It only makes sense he'd go crazy with power
      Espically with EINZER

  • @AndiAlex_Th3YoungRadRapper

    I don't know if any one has noticed but your content / animation is improving 👏🔥🔥😎

  • @theguy8594
    @theguy8594 Rok temu +2

    3:42-3:56 - Had me almost dying out here 😂🤣😆

  • @locomastero
    @locomastero 2 lat temu +9

    The animation is so smooth I can't even, love it!

  • @KeaganLegit
    @KeaganLegit Rok temu +5

    I worked at Disney world for a month. I was on the verge losing my mind from standing for 12+ hours a day, rude customers, dick head staff and that god awful rule of smiling for hours on end.
    If you love yourself, do not even think about getting a job there.

    • @gardensofthegods
      @gardensofthegods Rok temu

      Believe it or not I couldn't deal with this video ... it was just so juvenile and I just wanted to know the truth about working there .
      I would like to hear more adult like straightforward talk like yours about what really goes on there .
      If you could tell more you might be saving some people aggravation from getting hired there and then hating themselves , knowing they're going to have to look for another job all over again .
      You really should write a nice long thing for people to read with a lot of details and you would be giving a great gift to your fellow humans who thought they might want to work there .
      Also this guy did not really tell the truth about Disney jail did he ?
      Instead he went into some entertainment cartoon about it but I really wanted to know what's the deal with Disney jail .
      I couldn't watch the last minute or so of this it's just too irritating with all the cartoons .

    • @gardensofthegods
      @gardensofthegods Rok temu

      So what would happen if you tried to sneak somewhere and sit down for a minute ?
      Did you ever get caught sitting down ? ... God forbid .
      What about bathroom breaks ? Do they tell you you can only go to the bathroom so many times per shift ?
      How long is a normal shift is it 8 hours or 12 hours ?
      Do they actually pay you over time or do you have to fight to get paid if they force you to work extra hours ?
      How long is your lunch or dinner break ?
      Do employees get a discount on their food there ?
      Can you tell us how many sick days you get per year if you're full-time ?
      How many weeks paid vacation when you first start ?
      Can you explain more about how staff treat the workers poorly ?
      Can you please give some examples .
      What happens if they see you not smiling ? I'm sure they say something to you but do they have a way to punish you ?
      I just think of you can answer a lot of these questions and talk about them you will really be helping a lot of people

    • @gardensofthegods
      @gardensofthegods Rok temu

      Can you also talk about the rude customers and do your bosses tell you you have to just put up with it ?

  • @panchoaguirre3860
    @panchoaguirre3860 2 lat temu +2052

    Zeurel's art style is like freakin' candy for my eyes, it's so good.
    P.S: I love the Vinesauce animations!

    • @BlockingTheSunOut
      @BlockingTheSunOut 2 lat temu +19

      I absolutely fucking knew the animation style looked familiar

    • @SentinelHirsc
      @SentinelHirsc 2 lat temu +6

      It reminds of a way more refined version of Egoraptor's old style

    • @CuackTheDucks
      @CuackTheDucks 2 lat temu +5

      THE SKELETON................. ITS COMIN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @kiricappuchin
      @kiricappuchin 2 lat temu +1


    • @kbarts316
      @kbarts316 2 lat temu

      Ikr? Every single frame is perfect! 🤩

  • @awesome_monke3902
    @awesome_monke3902 2 lat temu +2

    Sometimes you just need to give those annoying people a one-two if you know what I mean. Just think of it as giving the parents a show they will enjoy.

  • @justj9737
    @justj9737 7 miesięcy temu

    I worked at Disneyland as a merchant but didn’t have to do a math test. Of course when they brought me in for an interview they forgot about me and I think I got the job out of guilt lol. My only warning is that we put on the facade that cast members are perfect and never to sit while in the park. Broke that rule several times.

  • @QhagunullForster-we6el
    @QhagunullForster-we6el 3 miesięcy temu

    I suppose it's only fun to visit Disney as a customer but not as an employee. I'm learning from your videos that they're two different things

  • @MidnightSonnet
    @MidnightSonnet 2 lat temu

    Hilarious story and the animation is top notch. The artist deserves so much praise. :) I hate to rain on your parade, but...... you're not allowed to sit on steps at attractions or movie theaters because it blocks emergency exit ways. Not only that, but anyone sitting on steps might get brutally trampled if there were an emergency. Panicked people rarely ever consider the well being of others.
    But anyway, excellent vid, as always. :)

  • @ethangonzalez9039
    @ethangonzalez9039 Rok temu +2

    I really like the animation style that he used for the video hope that he uses it again

  • @mrfancygoat
    @mrfancygoat 2 lat temu +1273

    I haven’t watched swoozie in years, when did his art drastically change?

  • @mammadragon8108
    @mammadragon8108 2 lat temu +7

    Holy shit it’s been a few years since I’ve watched you, your animation has improved so much!!!!

  • @WaxyLT
    @WaxyLT 2 lat temu +1

    Dang this is some of the best storytime animating I've seen in PLclip! Great job!

  • @maxproductions8399

    Not gonna lie I would pay to see Swoozie in stand-up the dude's story telling is on point. Idk if he has but it would be fun to see

  • @Dmanbradley
    @Dmanbradley 2 lat temu

    Yo, I lost it at the Black meetings part. 🤣🤣🤣
    That sounds like something my wife would do; meanwhile, I'm always saying "I got my own life to worry about, I don't care what celebrity X just did."

  • @thesonicfan2176
    @thesonicfan2176 2 lat temu +14

    That part with Flanders gets me every time 🤣

  • @maverickRice
    @maverickRice 2 lat temu +1582

    “It’s the Mickey Mouse, jailhouse, come inside there’s fun inside” that was a bop

    • @nerdgeekcosplay909
      @nerdgeekcosplay909 2 lat temu +30

      That’s what they sang to me when I was born…the day I was born I swear to god Mickey Mouse said “ welcome to the world kiddo I will own you and your wallet. “

    • @oninaru
      @oninaru 2 lat temu +5

      But don't drop your soap

    • @leevicker8274
      @leevicker8274 2 lat temu +4

      Meet all the villains! I wanna go there!

    • @armasandoval52
      @armasandoval52 2 lat temu +5

      M-i-c-k-e-y j-a-i-l-h-o-u-s-e

    • @Animatty
      @Animatty 2 lat temu +5

      "Come inside, you'll die inside."

  • @Its-Lylah
    @Its-Lylah 8 miesięcy temu

    7:32 I love the animation and drawings of the characters at this part. especially the part when the disney characters are singing.

  • @prons_gaming5083
    @prons_gaming5083 10 miesięcy temu +1

    Your mom using a blacklight on your bed was hilarious🤣

  • @TetsuTeito
    @TetsuTeito Rok temu

    Dang, I wanted to hear more about the guests. I'm sure he's got some crazy stories.

  • @blueiswonderful
    @blueiswonderful 2 lat temu +5

    Will you make more animations as smooth and funny as this? It’s literally so fun to watch. You’ll rake in so many more views

  • @starsofskies2328
    @starsofskies2328 2 lat temu

    Love this animation Zeurel did a great job

  • @thebigrobbyzhang
    @thebigrobbyzhang 2 lat temu +390

    I love how you can see the improvement in the animation through each Disney confession video

    • @killakam3600
      @killakam3600 2 lat temu +17

      Is it weird that i prefer the old Disney confession animation?

    • @Diamond-cg4jo
      @Diamond-cg4jo 2 lat temu +3

      @@killakam3600 I do too

    • @lolajones7600
      @lolajones7600 2 lat temu +22

      Check the description. I think he worked with Zeurel on the animation which is why the style is different…still lots of people improvement tho

  • @DemonicRemption
    @DemonicRemption 2 lat temu +1

    1:17 - 1:21
    As a former Pizza Hut employee, I used to think the same thing, and I learned there is some truth to this.
    Well it started out as free, then they implemented employee discounts for employee meals. Though we also got free food from returned or cancelled orders.

  • @MonicaPmomo-chanongoogle246

    Actually that’s a really cool concept for Disney jail and would prob have its own dedicated fan base 🤔 If they end up doing this tell them to run you your bag 😤

  • @animetedfangirl
    @animetedfangirl Rok temu

    Imagine Sarah watching this video and seeing this portrayal of how she acted 😭 embarrazzing

  • @suspiciousspaghetti8579

    Zeurel back at it again with the quality animation

  • @Zurenza
    @Zurenza 2 lat temu +13

    My experiences with every company, except one, is that. The company is great! The store you work at? Depends.
    99% Of people quit their Retail/Service worker job due to Management and Environment NOT the job itself.

  • @CadieCat
    @CadieCat 2 lat temu +1784

    Fun fact: Crying at Disney results in being given a free slushie drink thing, but it only works if you’re a pathetic 8 year old like I was when we went there :,)

    • @Redlionreal5649
      @Redlionreal5649 2 lat temu +46

      God dammit, I should knew this

    • @ceoofceos5834
      @ceoofceos5834 2 lat temu +90

      Does it work on 13 year olds if you were extra weak and pathetic?

    • @DakuGamer98
      @DakuGamer98 2 lat temu +63

      Should've started with the 8 year old part. Now I look like an idiot crying at disneyland being my pathetic 23 year old self trying to get a fucking slushie

    • @f_sam
      @f_sam 2 lat temu +11

      I read the first half and was already getting ideas, damn it

  • @luxluther436
    @luxluther436 Rok temu +4

    As a previous choir kid, standing buckling my knees for long periods of time is second nature

  • @randomfandomcreator2376

    Dude this is hilarious! Also the animation is amazing! Disney should have hired you to animate instead lol!

  • @powerpeteranimations340
    @powerpeteranimations340 3 miesięcy temu

    1:43 Omg the attention to detail! I just noticed when she slides the paper she's covering all the other options only leaving "attractions"😆

  • @brandnewday1058
    @brandnewday1058 2 lat temu

    You were my first favorite utuber because of these disney sketches...your hilarious and quite famous now!!! Happy for you....you have amazing talent...thankyou!

  • @Gunni4091
    @Gunni4091 2 lat temu +10

    It's sad and hilarious that I knew that the art was Zeurel before I even got 30 seconds into this video. Great content in this video, more like this pls.

  • @RyanSoltani
    @RyanSoltani 2 lat temu +1245

    “Toodles is over there sharpening his tooth brush making a shank”
    One of the funniest things I’ve heard in this entire video

  • @537monster
    @537monster Rok temu +1

    That “Disney jailhouse” idea where you meet all of the villains and get to see all the villain themed stuff actually sounds kinda fun.

  • @flippykawaii4030
    @flippykawaii4030 2 lat temu

    this video has clear explanation and comedy, and i love the vivziepop lookin animation style, it really reminds me of her

  • @samanthalott1672
    @samanthalott1672 11 miesięcy temu +3

    I need to make these videos for what it was like working at Amazon.😅

  • @moniibunny
    @moniibunny 2 lat temu

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    I, oddly enough, would still have liked to work as a cast member. I remember when the college i went to had this program you could study abroad and work at disneyland, and i was super psyched because that sounded fun. I know there are alot of bad stories, but id just be super happy to create magic memories to the guests. Its easy to say "yea i can smile 24/7 and stand all day", but honestly i think i could. Lack of patience isnt a problem

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