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Komentarze • 2,8K

  • @theycallmegray947
    @theycallmegray947 2 lat temu +7457

    Petition to get a billion dollars so Swoozie can talk about bad experiences

    • @2nd_Hokage
      @2nd_Hokage 2 lat temu +10


    • @2nd_Hokage
      @2nd_Hokage 2 lat temu +45

      We NEED to know the bad experiences 馃檭

    • @carlwheezer3960
      @carlwheezer3960 2 lat temu +4


    • @LoomiYT
      @LoomiYT 2 lat temu +1

      this been pinned for a week but is one of the most unpopular comments

  • @swoozie
    @swoozie  2 lat temu +2366

    You have any stories of meeting any celebs? Let鈥檚 hear it. Especially if they were cool. Cool celebs deserve some props

    • @fitalwashere
      @fitalwashere 2 lat temu +259

      Never met any yet, hope I can meet you one day 馃憤

    • @sweat3526
      @sweat3526 2 lat temu +20

      Swoozie is the best

    • @maliksmommi
      @maliksmommi 2 lat temu +10

      Nice video

    • @nycclexi1726
      @nycclexi1726 2 lat temu +49

      Ive had the chance to meet you when you came to new york but i was in the hospital like now but you always chere me up

    • @no-ji4to
      @no-ji4to 2 lat temu +29

      i met the person who climbed mt. everest and he was very nice who offered me food ?? and to stay by him for some reason ?? but 15/10

  • @blodripa8684
    @blodripa8684 2 lat temu +7721

    Stan Lee will forever be a legend. RIP.

  • @ONE_shot_GURL
    @ONE_shot_GURL 2 lat temu +1297

    Can鈥檛 wait for Swoozie to drop that video about the bad experiences he had with celebs..
    i鈥檓 sure he鈥檒l be a billionaire in a few years so we won鈥檛 have to wait too long 馃槍

  • @DDWilliamsYT
    @DDWilliamsYT 2 lat temu +1014

    I've met Swoozie before at California Adventure and rating is 10000/10. He was so nice and fun. We got a picture together, thanked me for supporting and it was all good. I was so happy that he was so nice in person. Thank you Swoozie!

    • @dannyv2230
      @dannyv2230 2 lat temu +8

      Great story I would love to meet Swoozie!

  • @TheJessicaLy
    @TheJessicaLy 2 lat temu +185

    I met Swoozie back in 2014 at VidCon, 5000/10 experience I鈥檒l never forget! There was a big line and he was there meeting everybody in the hot sun, and he was so nice, took all the pictures I wanted, and even gave me the best hug! Didn鈥檛 even have to ask, he just gave me one :)

  • @vesh
    @vesh 2 lat temu +2681

    3:23 鈥渢he square root of pie is carrots鈥 - A wise man

  • @smhhazel8119
    @smhhazel8119 2 lat temu +990

    Out of all the celebrities I鈥檝e met, swoozie was easily the best experience. He was so personable and has such a great personality. It was clear how much he cared about his fans and he was honestly just the nicest ever. He let me wear his hat for the picture and everything. It鈥檚 been YEARS and I never forget it.

    • @yumpusgrumpus6921
      @yumpusgrumpus6921 2 lat temu +19

      Ma鈥檃m,come with me.You鈥檙e comment made me shed a tear.You鈥檙e going to jail for a LONG time.

    • @Jay-tx2wz
      @Jay-tx2wz 2 lat temu +7

      @@yumpusgrumpus6921 for what sir

    • @Jay-tx2wz
      @Jay-tx2wz 2 lat temu +8

      @@thatonesmallchannel3534 i was tryna continue the joke but nvm

    • @dannyislame
      @dannyislame 2 lat temu +5

      @@thatonesmallchannel3534 guess that means you are the confused one...

  • @MrRarerlyfound
    @MrRarerlyfound 2 lat temu +434

    I met swoozie at D23, overall 1000/10. He will go out of his way to get to know you and is extremely humble. I spotted him eating and while the convention itself was not the most organized or fun, meeting him was one in a million and made the entire thing worth it. Would pay the price of admission to meet him again. Not sure if he would remember but it's Jeremiah!

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  2 lat temu +114

      I鈥檒l see u at the next d23 Jeremiah! Lunch is on me

    • @nazerrandrazerr8717
      @nazerrandrazerr8717 2 lat temu +15

      @@swoozie mans rlly just what鈥檚 up homie

    • @PrederNationteam74
      @PrederNationteam74 2 lat temu +3

      *Wow, you are super lucky.*

    • @MrRarerlyfound
      @MrRarerlyfound 2 lat temu +9

      @@swoozie I'll see you there!

    • @moony2543
      @moony2543 2 lat temu +10

      @@MrRarerlyfound BRO YOU GUYS ARE ON A FIRST NAME BASIS 馃槶

  • @pearlescent1557
    @pearlescent1557 2 lat temu +46

    I'm fascinated by Swoozie's life. IMO it shows how far extraversion can get you -- being able to interact with people and communicate effectively/in an entertaining manner is a skill, and homeboy has lived a life of partying, celebrities, popularity, etc because of it (not that he didn't work hard for it).

  • @zachzabala
    @zachzabala 2 lat temu +292

    I just wanna know how swoozie was born to be so funny and genuine. He's 1 in a million. He's a celebrity I wish I could meet and speak to in real life:)

    • @yumpusgrumpus6921
      @yumpusgrumpus6921 2 lat temu +2

      Ma鈥檃m come with me. I know you鈥檙e outside his house,so don鈥檛 act like you鈥檙e not. 馃槖

  • @jordana8864
    @jordana8864 2 lat temu +13

    Met swoozie at a comic con in 2016. I was pretty nervous at first but he was very warm and inviting, almost as if we knew each other. Definitely a 10/10.

  • @GreatestOfAllTimeSK
    @GreatestOfAllTimeSK 2 lat temu +4647

    Everyone, let's make this dude a billionaire so we can hear those stories

  • @A2hleyH
    @A2hleyH 2 lat temu +236

    sWooZie was 1000/10. I met him at Vidcon during a creator chat, which was me, my mom, brother, and about 10 other people. It was so relaxing and fun! At the end he took selfies with everyone and chatted with all of us individually before he had to leave.

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  2 lat temu +70

      I remember that! I was actually filming for that production I mentioned during the Anthony Anderson part of this video and carved out days to miss the production so I could go to vidcon. U guys are my boss and the best bosses I鈥檝e ever had tbh!

    • @kaizen5407
      @kaizen5407 2 lat temu +9

      Ok, that's wholesome as hell dude

  • @zxsand
    @zxsand 2 lat temu +343

    I met Swoozie at the Grove years ago. My shirt was inside out and no one told me. I felt like Hannibal's Dad from the Eric Andre Show.
    Meeting swoozy 10/10

    • @loturzelrestaurant
      @loturzelrestaurant 2 lat temu +1

      PLclip has P0rn AND a report-button...
      I wonder why i mention those 2 facts in particular... hm... its a mystery...
      ...A Mystery it is...

    • @wondering9557
      @wondering9557 2 lat temu +6

      @@loturzelrestaurant What... on Gaia's Green Earth......

    • @loturzelrestaurant
      @loturzelrestaurant 2 lat temu +1

      Sorry for being Random,
      but Randomness is Spicy, aye?

    • @wondering9557
      @wondering9557 2 lat temu

      @@loturzelrestaurant Aye indeed 馃槍

    • @loturzelrestaurant
      @loturzelrestaurant 2 lat temu

      @@wondering9557 Hope i wasnt too unclear though.
      If you have questions, just ask.
      Point in case though: I made it my hobby, trained, and eventually became an Expert at reporting toxic and/or racist and/or s-ual and or l-wd and/or sexist and/or scammy Content.
      You may join.

  • @ISBuckley8
    @ISBuckley8 2 lat temu +6

    Every story I鈥檝e heard about someone meeting Stan Lee is awesome. Guy seemed like someone who made everyone feel cool

    • @richardfitzwell4618
      @richardfitzwell4618 2 lat temu

      Even though his entire career was built off of fraud. It's funny when you learn the truth about someone and how "honest" all their careers were.

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks 2 lat temu +2732

    the animation in the end was amazing

  • @starwarsfan729
    @starwarsfan729 Rok temu +1

    I鈥檝e met a actor and writer by the name of Stephen fry. It was at a book festival in Britain in a place called hay. He was promoting his new book odyssey. I really liked his other Greek mythology books and he had a talk about it and people could ask questions. I put my hand up to answer a question but he didn鈥檛 pick me but one of his agents was near and said I could ask him my question face to face at the signing area. He was the nicest person ever. He genuinely seemed interested and signed my book. 9/10. I wish I could have talked to him more. He鈥檚 also quite funny

  • @OurKindofEntertainment
    @OurKindofEntertainment 2 lat temu +9784

    Never met you sWooZie, but I'm sure it will be a 1000/10 if that day ever comes!

  • @bobblethot3185
    @bobblethot3185 2 lat temu +604

    I feel like when celebrities have a few bad experiences with fans too that taints them ever acting normal or nice towards fans again sometimes.

    • @Rinsuki
      @Rinsuki 2 lat temu +33

      Yeah I know fame brings that kind of thing but some fans don't know to stop crossing certain lines. It's just weird how obsessive people get over others and then basically feels like they owe them or that they own certain celebrities. At the end of the day, just be kind to one another.

    • @raymondjames4594
      @raymondjames4594 2 lat temu +8

      @@Rinsuki yup just look at the girl that was waiting outside of Justin Bieber's home and when he explained why it wasn't ok her response was "can I get a hug"

    • @lessgetit4841
      @lessgetit4841 2 lat temu +3

      i would want to die if i had dream stans as fans

    • @KydLives
      @KydLives 2 lat temu


  • @ComicalRealm
    @ComicalRealm 2 lat temu +587

    "Being famous on IG is basically the same thing as being rich in Monopoly" - Homer Simpson

    • @eo4345
      @eo4345 2 lat temu +11

      I鈥檓 sure in the 20s they said being a actor on tv is like getting Kinged in Chess, there will always be a new platform that is knocked down by the 鈥渙gs鈥 馃檮 first Hollywood tv stars couldn鈥檛 compare to New York Broadway stars, magazine models to runway models, Sitcom/series actors to Movie Actors, Cable to Theatre, Netflix to TV, PLclip to TV, Insta to PLclip, Tiktok to Insta, Google to the Library, who cares the new is new and does not attempt to be the old so that鈥檚 just that

    • @yumpusgrumpus6921
      @yumpusgrumpus6921 2 lat temu +3

      Sir,come with me.You鈥檙e everywhere and that鈥檚 *sus*

  • @ImNunzio
    @ImNunzio 2 lat temu +1

    The whole steph rating should be way higher that was hella cool what he did. He straight up made sure that he was giving the person he was talking to his full attention throughout the entire conversation. Not many people do that and that means something.

  • @plantadaisy6568
    @plantadaisy6568 2 lat temu +3

    Okay so back in 2013-15 I met over 100 youtubers at a ton of events like vidcon and playlist live, and swoozie was hands down the most genuine of them all! I met swoozie at playlist live in 2014 when my two friends and I just happened to see him walking around the convention center floor. We said hi, took pictures, and usually when I used to meet a youtuber at these events, that鈥檚 where the interaction typically ended. But swoozie REALLY had a conversation with us. He proceeded to lead me and my friends to the merch table across the room and told us to pick out whatever we want and he鈥檒l buy it for us. My friends and I were all so shocked, but swoozie just shrugged and said the same exact thing to us that he said in this video- 鈥淵ou guys are my boss, and I have to keep my boss happy.鈥 Can鈥檛 believe it鈥檚 been almost 7 years since then! Still a super genuine guy.

  • @MohammadTaher
    @MohammadTaher 2 lat temu +80

    Swoozie was the first "celebrity" I met. It was at a PLclip meetup in London Westfield. I asked him to draw one of his little stickmen animations, just to make sure it was him. Can confirm. It was him. 12/10 Would recommend

  • @finnie4394
    @finnie4394 2 lat temu +3521

    Rest in peace Stan Lee. His Heros could never be as super as Him.

    • @madderthanever
      @madderthanever 2 lat temu +27

      *THE MAN*

    • @rip_blud
      @rip_blud 2 lat temu +42


    • @loturzelrestaurant
      @loturzelrestaurant 2 lat temu

      @@rip_blud PLclip has P0rn AND a report-button...
      I wonder why i mention those 2 facts in particular... hm... its a mystery...
      ...A Mystery it is...

    • @oneinbillions-8293
      @oneinbillions-8293 2 lat temu +4

      @@loturzelrestaurant well why did you mention those two things

  • @Secarious
    @Secarious 2 lat temu +178

    Swoozie has 7 millions subs and yet I scroll down and see so many comments he's responded to. *That's* worthy of some respect points.

  • @jennatheleo5199
    @jennatheleo5199 2 lat temu +77

    I've only met one celeb my dude and that was you! Recently snapped a pic with you when you came down to FL. I gotta say, I've been hella depressed recently. Had a lot of family stuff going on thats really got me down. But when I saw you while waiting in line for the velocicoaster . . . It made me happier than I've been in a long time. Every time you come down here I feel like I've missed you by two seconds. My siblings and I have been trying for years to meet you. And when I got to take a pic with you, you were so amazing and nice! I was smiling for the rest of the day. Definitely 100000/10

    • @daya5516
      @daya5516 2 lat temu +4

      Hope you鈥檙e doing well God bless you 馃槉馃檹馃徏

  • @hermionegranger1096
    @hermionegranger1096 2 lat temu +7

    one thing I'm glad this pandemic has brought to light r celebrities who don't care about others or their fans. For me, that whole Vanessa Hudgens controversy where she said "yeahhh people will die" during the pandemic, I would've thought she was like Gabriella from HSM my entire life. Since then, I made sure to never think of a celebrity other than another person since we don't know how they actually r

  • @glamgloss164
    @glamgloss164 2 lat temu +3

    Your videos bring smiles to my face every time with no hesitation. I love all the work that you put into your videos.

  • @michellelee8933
    @michellelee8933 2 lat temu +2102

    Damn, I don鈥檛 even follow star wars, star trek and such, so I didn鈥檛 give 2 sh*ts bout jj abrams, but just someone being genuinely caring about another person鈥檚 story? And that someone being a celebrity themselves? That was just affection +1000.

  • @RanBelGaming27
    @RanBelGaming27 2 lat temu +2

    It鈥檚 been a pleasure watching Swoozie for almost a decade.. got me through so much growing up -it鈥檇 be an honor to meet Swooz and let em know how many lessons he taught me through the years. What an incredible guy!

  • @fireemblemaddict128
    @fireemblemaddict128 2 lat temu +6

    Always had a feeling with Ellen. She is the only celebrity where everything my subconscious brain picks up tells me she is actually a nasty, bad person. This was long before the controversy, I just knew. It was obvious she got off to having power over people, and that her negative characteristics were buried by the fact that she was famous and most of her needs were met.
    I don't judge too often but the more I hear from her the more I know it to be true.

  • @cryptic6917
    @cryptic6917 8 miesi臋cy temu

    I met Stan Lee too at supernova which is a pop culture event in Australia and he was such a genuinely awesome person. All it was was a quick minute long interaction but it was the greatest minute ever, I was also at LAX coming back home after a holiday in the US and luckily had another interaction with Stan. Idk why but I kept referring to him as mr Lee, so it was like 鈥淗ey Mr Lee, I met you at supernova in 2014 in Australia鈥 and he laughed and said that I could call him Stan and we talked about spiderman and my nanna told Stan about how much I loved spiderman as a kid. He was such a genuine person, and for the people that weren鈥檛 able to meet him he was exactly as you think he is: a sweet, genuine man who carried himself like a 鈥渘ormal鈥 person not like a celebrity.

  • @msthecommentator2863
    @msthecommentator2863 2 lat temu +33

    When I worked at a movie theater, John Green was there one night for the premiere of TFIOS to sign posters/books. I loved that book, so me and my friend wanted posters. I waited all night (because I was working a shift), but he was still there when we closed up, and me and my friend walked up to the table. The bodyguard with him stops us a few feet from the table like, "Sorry, ladies, Mr. Green was done signing twenty minutes ago." We were upset, but we didn't want to cause a scene, so we turned to leave. But as we did, we hear John Green say, "Man, don't do that to them. Look, they're wearing uniforms, they've probably been working all night hoping to meet me." And he gestured for us to come up and get autographs, and he even chatted with us for a bit as his crew packed up to leave. Super amazing dude, clearly one who loves his fans. 鉁岋笍

  • @LazerPotato7
    @LazerPotato7 Rok temu

    I just wanna say how swoozie has been able to make jokes with people and has had dirt kicked on him by other people, yet he is still so nice and adds a moral to almost every video. It very uncommon if you see a youtuber as awesome as swoozie nowadays and I think everybody should take a second to appreciate him.

  • @theeditor2899
    @theeditor2899 2 lat temu +1246

    I鈥檒l always be sad that I鈥檒l never get to meet Stan Lee. Rip. excelsior

    • @26mic
      @26mic 2 lat temu

      Yurr I create entertaining vids just like Swoozie. I bet 100% it鈥檒l make u laugh. If not u can come to tell me

    • @sebaslikesanimations1447
      @sebaslikesanimations1447 2 lat temu +22

      @@26mic bro pls stop spamming, this doesn't even have anything to do with the comment

    • @k.a.tproductions2713
      @k.a.tproductions2713 2 lat temu +9

      Same dude I always thought I was gonna get to meet him at Comic Con one day missed one opportunity to really pursue going and it also had a lot of my fav marvel stars that year too鈥 regret that a lot. But ya know life first, still though gonna miss such an inspirational and amazing person like him.

    • @Pazaliniii
      @Pazaliniii 2 lat temu


    • @bobsingh6249
      @bobsingh6249 2 lat temu

      Same 馃様

  • @dunestar29
    @dunestar29 2 lat temu +4

    I appreciate that you seem to put a positive spin on all of your experiences, it鈥檚 refreshing. Thank you for sharing!

  • @kevinwilliams9651
    @kevinwilliams9651 2 lat temu +28

    sWoozie at Vidcon... GOAT level. Who was there when sWoozie stood out by the fountain in a In and Out hat and signed 5 gazillion autographs for literally.... hours and hours and hours until everyone who wanted to got a chance to meet him. Never seen anything like it - the best!

    • @swoozie
      @swoozie  2 lat temu +11

      Aye! Good memory! My first pic was at 10am and my last pic was 2am! No pee pee breaks

  • @gianellaruiz
    @gianellaruiz 2 lat temu

    I met you in Orlando at playlist live in 2013. Have to say that it was a 100/10 because you were sooo sweet and even complimented my hair! You made my whole weekend! Lol I need to meet you again to give you a 2000/10 rating. 馃

  • @notsoberoveranalyzer8264
    @notsoberoveranalyzer8264 6 miesi臋cy temu

    Man, it鈥檚 so badass that Stan Lee towards the end was still cool as fuck.
    No wonder he created so many heroes with indomitable wills.
    My man was facing death, but instead of letting fear/anxiety get the better of him.
    Going from having to deal with the darkest of humanity (war) to
    To create something in his head, then pen to paper, and then have actors bring it to life must鈥檝e been wild.
    And though personally I tend to prefer darker, and realism.
    I鈥檓 genuinely so glad that guys like him exist, who write hopeful stories, to inspire the good in people.
    I鈥檇 feel kinda bad making him go through a scene of everyone wanting pictures, but then again maybe it was assuring to him.

  • @Ddddddddddd381
    @Ddddddddddd381 Rok temu +1

    It鈥檚 really refreshing hearing people talk about the nice things that celebrities do

    @BUTTRUU 2 lat temu +4473

    I actually thought meeting Jaden would be weird too

    • @hemlo1913
      @hemlo1913 2 lat temu +5


    • @Kaiden-9226
      @Kaiden-9226 2 lat temu +7

      Where鈥檚 your check mark 鉁

    • @z3nithflame
      @z3nithflame 2 lat temu +1

      wsg tru

    • @skizzler1232
      @skizzler1232 2 lat temu +34

      Bruh I think when I was young I played with Jaden on xbox 360 best experience ever 500/10

  • @eddielowenheim2702
    @eddielowenheim2702 2 lat temu

    Most of the celebrities I met are local ones and the global ones are footballers/soccer players (biggest name is Sadio Mane from Liverpool) but the funniest one has to be a singer who I share my name with. Was at a show she did with the band she's apart of and they let people go backstage after the show, I went in and told her that we have the same first name and she loved it! The biggest name I met though is Usain Bolt, it's not really meeting him though but I'll tell the story anyway. It was after Soccer Aid at Stamford Bridge (stadium of Chelsea) and he went over to the stands to take pics with the fans everybody put their phones out and shouted his name and he took pics and seemed quite friendly, then as he got closer to me he just skipped over me. What a dickhead...

  • @theadventurerstyle9306
    @theadventurerstyle9306 2 lat temu +25

    I have a friend who said they met you Swoozie and said you have the sweetest and most genuine soul.

  • @Apocalypticnick
    @Apocalypticnick 2 lat temu +7

    7:38 I feel the same way, I always believe that
    your fanbase is the pillar of your success and
    that's why I personally care about anyone who supports anybody
    in their dreams and goals to me a community means a lot to not just
    the creator and celebrity but the fanbase a well.

  • @pillarrox01
    @pillarrox01 2 lat temu

    Technically never met them in person, but 10 years ago or so I got a phone call from a fairly famous person I'm a fan of named Adande. Turns out a friend of mine I met in my Spanish class in college was a friend of his too, and while they were playing a game of Uno around Thanksgiving she had him call me up on her phone. I answered expecting to talk to her, but ended up talking to Adande for half an hour or so while he lost to our mutual friend (who may have been cheating). I would give him a solid 100/10.
    Not sure if you or her remember (no worries if you don't), but it meant a lot, and I won't forget it. Hope you're doing well!

  • @jamess3424
    @jamess3424 2 lat temu

    I've met a lot of celebrities, the majority of them are so cool. A lot of people really think because somebody is famous that they will be stuck up when in reality they're normal humans, just like everybody else. I've met hall of fame boxers Roberto Duran & sugar ray Leonard, multiple NFL & NBA athletes(ex athletes as well), Jorge masvidal, Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few but the list goes on. I've never really had a bad experience meeting any of them, but at the same time I've seen how fast & big somebody's ego can get when they're getting too bothered & their head is big/overinflated. Ultimately, the stigma of celebrities being stuck up is basically bullshit, its all up to how they hold themselves accountable towards their actions & reputation.

  • @BrooksHolt
    @BrooksHolt 2 lat temu +4372

    Pausing life to watch the latest Swoozie

    • @AxxLAfriku
      @AxxLAfriku 2 lat temu +1

      Do you want to hug me? Then I have to shatter your dreams: I am in a relationship with TWO females! They are also huge fans of me, YT Megastar AxxL! Please don't be too disappointed, dear bro

    • @creepydie2326
      @creepydie2326 2 lat temu


    • @LiveLXStudios
      @LiveLXStudios 2 lat temu +1

      You mean to make an advertisement with a dumb post on a bigger channel than your鈥檚 new video

    • @michaelcrawford6899
      @michaelcrawford6899 2 lat temu

      Pretty much

  • @Dan-Black
    @Dan-Black 2 lat temu +1

    Part of me would love to hear the dirt on the bad celebrities -- especially the ones who were definitely hating on their own fans -- but kudos to Swoozie for keeping it positive and realizing that everyone has an off day now and then and won't go around making assumptions based on one encounter and smearing them publicly.

  • @zacariah0761
    @zacariah0761 2 lat temu

    My only "interaction" with Stan Lee was I had to spend 200 bucks at a convention to stand next to him for 10 seconds, get a photo and go. Didn't get to talk to him or anything. Had to wait an extra 2 hours for it too because he was at the autographs booth first and giving people full 2 minute interactions when they paid half the price that the photos costed. Everyone in line leaving the convention definitely had a bad taste in their mouth after that because everyone in our line that also paid 200 bucks each got the same experience I did.
    Still have mad respect for all of Stan Lee's work but that experience was just quite disappointing. Rest in peace, Stan the man

  • @Ricecakes520
    @Ricecakes520 2 lat temu +2

    1000/10 for keeping it positive, you're a classy man Swoozie

  • @HPLA25
    @HPLA25 2 lat temu

    I became a fan of you because of meeting you at Vidcon. You were so nice and funny.

  • @viroz6562
    @viroz6562 2 lat temu

    Steph a cool guy for not letting another fan interrupt his current interaction. One of one with a fan is cool, of course it was just a misunderstanding but it shows character.

  • @baguette_tt9601
    @baguette_tt9601 2 lat temu +345

    Remember first finding swooz years ago talking about barbie horse adventure. Glad to see he's still going strong.

  • @groovycarlitos
    @groovycarlitos 2 lat temu

    I met Ariana Grande at a meet and greet at the Americana in Glendale, CA. Woman was so cool, my homie wanted to get her a sis an autograph but her assistant wasn鈥檛 letting her do personal autographs. Ariana did not care and wrote a personal autograph to my friends sis. 10/10 experience, she was super friendly too.

  • @ThatZidaneGuy
    @ThatZidaneGuy 2 lat temu

    Meeting Celebs can be a great thing. I met Will Smith many times and met Jada. Can confirm what he said about her skin. It's insane! Hope to meet or collab with you someday Swoozie! You are definitely high on my list!

  • @SaraNightfire1
    @SaraNightfire1 2 lat temu

    My mom met Caroline Rhea and used to work for the Bush鈥檚.
    She did alterations and she fixed their clothes for weddings.
    Tom Hanks she sold blueberry pies to and she met him again when watching fireworks at a private functions. He put an arm around her and asked where his pie was.

  • @BlueRoses11
    @BlueRoses11 2 lat temu

    I had the chance of meeting some cast from Harry Potter and completely lost it in my head. Lol The way I had a chance to meet them and how they where was amazing. Will never forget. But I don't think I would be able to walk up to celeb out of nowhere to get a pic and chat. Too shy.

  • @alternategeo3351

    Moment of silence for Stan lee. Dude was a legend and probably one(in my opinion) of the best celebrities, especially for marvel. He the G.O.A.T!

  • @agent_w.
    @agent_w. 2 lat temu +91

    imagine these celebrities giving their own ratings of what they think of Swoozie

    • @26mic
      @26mic 2 lat temu +2

      I make entertaining vids just like Swoozie. I bet 100% it鈥檒l make u laugh. If not u can come to tell me G

    • @AnArtGirl
      @AnArtGirl 2 lat temu


    • @WARnTEA
      @WARnTEA 2 lat temu +2

      It鈥檇 be impossible to be any less than 10/10 for swoozie. Dude worked at disney, he knows how to make people happy.

    • @KydLives
      @KydLives 2 lat temu

      That would be so hilarious and entertaining

  • @bunniesayrawr
    @bunniesayrawr 2 lat temu

    I might never see swoozie irl but he replied to my comments before and he's really good at interacting with his fans. Always humble. 10000/10!

  • @samestroff-liberti1030
    @samestroff-liberti1030 2 lat temu +26

    Swoozie is one of the most profound people ever, even when he鈥檚 talking about the simplest stuff

  • @taylor7772
    @taylor7772 2 lat temu +1

    My Sis works at a very nice lake resort and occasionally works on some boats. Just recently she was on her boat with Post Malone and Snoop Dogg and she was invited to one of their upcoming concerts. Before she worked there she worked at this fancy ski resort she met James Taylor and actually skied with him. My other sister met Adam Levine (lead of the Maroon Five) and Russel Wilson.

  • @onigiri2032
    @onigiri2032 2 lat temu +1

    I'm happy to hear Stan was super nice to all his fans. Another reason to love him. Rip

  • @FigureAlchemist
    @FigureAlchemist 2 lat temu

    Great video Swoozie, I'm sure you would be super awesome to meet in person! Keep up the great content!

  • @zayshairjourney5499
    @zayshairjourney5499 2 lat temu +8

    Swoozie is 鈾/10. Dude responds to IG DMs from his fans and equally as cool privately as he is publicly. He legit helped me make a life decision of mine. Would love to meet him in person one day

  • @braydenkinghorvath4650

    I love how everyone whose met him is saying what a great experience it was, which says alot....i hv to say tho celebs wldnt be celebs without fans

  • @MrPonytron
    @MrPonytron Rok temu

    I wish I was able to meet Stan Lee. I've heard so many people say how much of an awesome guy he was

  • @mirawindows7301
    @mirawindows7301 2 lat temu +1

    I just got it in my head that I鈥檓 terrified of asking for a picture for the same literal reason that they might really hate it if I ask so I never bother to ask. I do love your videos and some of your words sometimes make my day feel better though so thank you. :) You is a real one haha

  • @perrytheplatypus5047
    @perrytheplatypus5047 2 lat temu +1

    I鈥檓 a simple man. I see Stan Lee, I click. I鈥檝e met the guy before at a Comic Con in my state. Waited in line for 4 hours. 100% worth it, would not trade that experience for anything

  • @raceea
    @raceea 2 lat temu +76

    Dude Stan Lee was ALWAYS the coolest that's how he treated people all the time, he was just a really fun and friendly person and you could tell he really loved meeting his fans, we had him at con I think 3 years in a row I got his autograph the last year we had him.

  • @schooled9617
    @schooled9617 Rok temu

    let's take a moment to appreciate how he always gets straight to into the video

  • @DoveCalderwood
    @DoveCalderwood 2 lat temu

    You're so lucky to have met Stan Lee before he passed. Not ever getting to meet him is something that will always make me a little sad

  • @emmeoliver5007
    @emmeoliver5007 2 lat temu

    I can鈥檛 believe Swoozie has the balls to go up to these people I just feel like I鈥檓 bothering them so I鈥檇 never go up to a celebrity unless I was like formally introduced. Although I would absolutely go up to Swoozie and ask him for a picture cause I know he鈥檇 be chill.

  • @SeamusMcP
    @SeamusMcP 2 lat temu

    I鈥檝e met sWooZie! Met him at K-Con back in 2016. He was super, super nice and took a picture with me. Thanks for giving me a good celebrity experience

  • @jayantiraphael8655

    Swooozie!!!! I haven't seen your channel in years I just saw you interviewing Obama... You've come so far. It's so good to see. Keep it up man. Hopefully you're still doing video game tournaments. Go swooz, go swooz

  • @sol-i7544
    @sol-i7544 2 lat temu +161

    "Did you know the square root of pie is carrots?"
    I died right there lmao

  • @PhatomWarrior
    @PhatomWarrior 2 lat temu

    I only seen celebrities at conventions so outside of that I haven't had any types of interactions with them. I get a quick second to say hello, take photo and bye as assistants keep the line moving. Maybe one day I'll see a celeb and have a conversation with them if they allow me to. Hope to meet you one day!!

  • @cannenchiu
    @cannenchiu 2 lat temu

    Swoozie is definitely a 10000/10. I didn't even meet him in person but my brother did at SXSW and swoozie told him to call me since he mentioned I was a huge fan. I could barely hear his voice bc I was at universal studios about to get on a ride but dude is a str8 G for that.

  • @RaphaConrad
    @RaphaConrad 2 lat temu +1

    Love this!!! I am really inspired to create and post my own video of rating celebs I've met.

  • @qu33nkyky42
    @qu33nkyky42 2 lat temu

    My bestie and I met Swoozie at Anime Expo years back (pre pandemic of course). We were super shy but managed to take a picture with him. For some reason our anxious brains walked away without getting him to sign our little anime autograph books so we looked for him AGAIN throughout the convention. We felt horrible bugging him to sign it when we JUST saw him minutes ago, but he signed anyways and said 鈥淚t鈥檚 fine. You guys are what got me here.鈥 馃槶 so yeah 2000/10 for meeting Swoozie.

  • @fraggerlagger
    @fraggerlagger 2 lat temu +1

    I wonder how much time some celebrities take to think of excuses for not taking pictures compared to the actual time it takes for a picture

  • @carliewilson2741
    @carliewilson2741 2 lat temu +5

    I have never met sWooZie, but I have talked to him on snap chat before and I can 100% say he is a genuinely great guy who truly cares about his fans!馃挍

  • @aviananash
    @aviananash 2 lat temu +56

    I like how Swoozie humbled himself and said thousands as if he doesn't make millions of views per video

  • @joannetteJ25
    @joannetteJ25 2 lat temu +2

    I saw you once at Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs馃槀) and it looked like you were on a date. I worked at Haagen Dazs, and I was making an order when I heard your voice. (I鈥檓 a fan馃槀) so I turned around and saw you and got so excited, made your order and gave it to you but didn鈥檛 say anything. You seem really nice and humble but I was so shy! Regret not saying hiiiii! 馃槀 this was YEARS ago 馃槀

  • @cablewaffel7957
    @cablewaffel7957 2 lat temu +1

    All I can say is that Swoozie is probably the celebrity I'd want to meet the most just because of how nice he is.

  • @SpidermanFan92
    @SpidermanFan92 2 lat temu

    Mad respect giving celebs their space while bringing up the fact their fame is their paycheck.

  • @Dariushellstrome
    @Dariushellstrome 2 lat temu

    Jeri Ryan, 7 of 9 from Startrek Voyager used to come into the Barnes and Noble I used to work at because her parents lived near by. I always felt that was her time, she wasn't at a convention and didn't need to have somebody talk about her work. This goes for my general attitude for famous people. She asked for a book and at the time we'd walk the customer to the section find it and hand it to them (increased chances of purchasing if item in hand) the book she wanted was in the section right next to the end of SF with Star Trek novels right there. I said let me get it for you, she said she wanted to browse other things. While walking there I'm thinking do I say something or not I don't know.... We get there I hand her the book she's looking around realizes where she's at says thanks and she's gtfo

  • @zyber-tube8930
    @zyber-tube8930 2 lat temu +3

    Barack Obama, Reggie (Nintendo), and Stan (Creator of Marvel) will ALWAYS be a 10/10!

  • @BlackSmith-yp5eh
    @BlackSmith-yp5eh 2 lat temu +123

    Swoozie. You missed your chance to say 3000/10 for Stan Lee. I expected better馃槶馃槶馃槶

  • @princeapoopoo5787
    @princeapoopoo5787 2 lat temu +20

    I'm surprised that Kim was a positive encounter and that Jaden was so normal. What I'm not surprised about is that Stan Lee was the best.

  • @ainsart
    @ainsart 2 lat temu

    While they're not exactly celebrities as someone who goes to conventions a lot, and loves the heck out of cosplayers, you learn to respect it when people don't want photos! Even if they're kinda rude when they tell you no. They're probably tired af

  • @mariahharrison8898
    @mariahharrison8898 2 lat temu

    Use to work at the cheesecake factory at the Grove in LA. Meet a few celebrities there including Swoozie, twice. Both times he was extremely cool. Was very nice and even tried to invite me to meet other famous PLcliprs at his table, but my social anxiety kicked in and I went to go do "busy work" instead 馃槀. Despite that he made my day each time and I still love watching his videos 4 years later

  • @caspirence4938
    @caspirence4938 2 lat temu +2

    That sneak peek for the upcoming Disney video looked AWESOME! Love the animation style, it looked so smooth!

  • @stefandewgong6170
    @stefandewgong6170 2 lat temu

    Those are awesome experiences.
    I gotta disagree with the whole 鈥渇ans are like your boss鈥 thing. Sometimes people have a lot going on and you don鈥檛 know what they鈥檙e going through. Just because they don鈥檛 want to take a picture or spend time with you don鈥檛 make them bad folks who do not appreciate their fans.

  • @MrBurns-lb7qs
    @MrBurns-lb7qs 2 lat temu +582

    Swoozie is the only notification that gets a priority click

  • @arandomweeb1890
    @arandomweeb1890 2 lat temu +36

    It makes me sad to know how many people will never meet Stan Lee now, he was one of the best, 鈥淜eep moving forward, and if it鈥檚 time to go, it鈥檚 time. Nothing lasts forever.鈥 - Stan Lee

  • @splitsite
    @splitsite 2 lat temu

    Met Swoozie in 2014 at PAX East. Walked past him and turned to my friend and said "Hey is that Swoozie?" This man heard me and turned around and came up to ME for a picture. Will never forget it. 500/10

  • @TheBlackGamer666
    @TheBlackGamer666 2 lat temu

    As someone who was bullied a lot at school, superheros like iron man, thor, capt. america and spider-man especially, made me want to help others and keep going. I might never had the pleasure and the honor to meet him, but he touched my life and was my lifeline for a lot of moments in my life. He might be gone, but he鈥檒l live forever as only legends will. A genius in what he did and loved, others might come along but he鈥檒l be the G.O.A.T until the end of humanity

  • @nicholasmanginelli8225
    @nicholasmanginelli8225 2 lat temu +16

    I met Weird Al Yankovic at my first ever concert. DUDE WAS MID SONG DOWN THE AISLEWAY AND GAVE ME AN HIGH FIVE. 1000/10